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Electric Lamps

Electric Lamps


What lamps are used for decorative lighting?

Floor lamps, table lamps, etc. are some examples of portable decorative lights that are electric lamps. These lights deliver ambient, task, and accent lighting. In addition to that, they also give you the flexibility to move the decorative light from one spot to another. Koh Living have large 30cm lamps, but also 3 tier and 6 tier decorative light lamps. The three tiered and six tiered electric table lamps have LED lights in them and make a stunning addition to any home décor.

What is the use of decorative lights? Decorative lighting is all about creating a mood and adding interest to a room. An electric lamp may highlight various objects such as a painting on the wall. Or a 3 tier or 6 tier lamp may be the stunning highlight of the room.

What is considered decorative lighting? Interior decorative lighting fixtures include ceiling fixtures like chandeliers or table fixtures like electric lamps. It can also include wall fixtures like paintings, medals, trophies etc. with LED lights.