World Kindness Day Giveaway


Wow! We are overwhelmed by the amount of entries we have had for our World Kindness Day Competition. We already knew you were a kind and giving bunch of humans, but we are seriously humbled to see it. 
 So without further are our 50 winners!
  • Diana Di Pietro
  • Angela Taylor 
  • Sharron Wright
  • Elaine White 
  • June Porter 
  • Andrea Hayman 
  • Susan Eather
  • Cheryl Lunnon
  • Michael Hughes
  • Sharon Engel
  • Jane Repper
  • Donna Watts
  • Emily Dryza 
  • Maree Mitchell
  • Shiree Bladwell
  • Greg Robeille
  • Yvonne Markowski
  • Darryl West
  • Emily Curran
  • Diane Christie
  • Kate McDonnell
  • Lorraine James
  • Maree Swanson
  • Margaret White
  • Carolyn Van Duijne 
  • Leanne Turton
  • Steven Foster
  • Jennifer Craig
  • Tess Howard
  • Maureen Kelly
  • Lisa Azzopardi
  • Karen Hodson
  • Tanya Russell Thomson 
  • Jessie Newton
  • Gillian Markham
  • Maggie Smith
  • Alexandra Gustin
  • Wendy Hanmer
  • Bianca Post
  • Deb Sinclair
  • Melly Legiman 
  • Janice Hammill
  • Andrew Sparrow 
  • Sarah Masson
  • Amanda Smyth
  • Gail O'Toole 
  • Renee Beasley
  • Djurida Widjaja
  • Kim Morgan
  • Ann Sculley


IMPORTANT: If your name is listed above please email us directly at using the email address you entered with. We will not accept Instagram or Facebook messages. Please include the following: 

- Full name and postal address

- Phone number if you would like to receive parcel tracking

- Which 2 designs you would prefer for your keyrings (Koala, Kanga, Cockatoo, Wombat or Kookaburra.) 

Koh x

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