Why Choosing Australian Gifts Is Best For Your EOFY Corporate Gift Strategy

Why Choosing Australian Gifts Is Best For Your EOFY Corporate Gift Strategy

EOFY (End of Financial Year) is approaching fast and this year, choosing Australian business gifts is an approach that is growing in popularity for good reason. EOFY corporate gifting is a significant annual event for many businesses, and we're here to take a look at why Australian corporate gifts are the best choice for most businesses.

While EOFY is known as a time to delve into business financials, analyse income, performance and set updated goals for the next financial year, it is also the perfect time to show appreciation to employees, staff, clients and suppliers with a gift to represent your appreciation for them and their connection to your business.


Business gifting has a long standing tradition as a way to stand out, show appreciation, and develop all important relationships. Businesses who use corporate gifting as part of their marketing and sales strategy find that they create a lasting impression that results in a more stable client base and happier employees. While a business gift doesn't need to be expensive, it is much more important to gift quality, useful and unique gifts that stand out.

We know how hard you work to create success in your business, so we're here to help you navigate the perfect business gift strategy for the end of financial year, so you can connect with your valued stakeholders and end this financial year on a true positive.


Choosing Australian made, or to align your business with other Australian owned small businesses is a choice about your own business values and the way you'd like to represent your business to staff, clients and suppliers. By aligning your business with another that takes pride in creating and supporting Australian industry, you're showing your dedication to supporting Australian economic growth, jobs and Australian industry as a whole. 

  1. Australian Connection & Professionalism: Working with a fellow Australian company allows you to develop a professional image for your business that is based on care, collaboration and quality. We know Australia, we know Australian business, and we will always do our best to represent your brand with the utmost professionalism. Trusting your corporate EOFY gifting to a promotions company that relies on cheap imports could spell disaster for your reputation so it always pays to partner with an Australian corporate gifts company or wholesaler who cares about your business as much as you do.

  2. Align Your Business Values: Australian owned or Australian made products as corporate gifts shows your dedication to supporting all that is Australia. There is an inherently expected increased level of quality with Australian products, which shows your care and investment in corporate gifts that matter rather than just cheap promotional gift ideas.

  3. Increase Positive Brand Awareness: EOFY gifting is the perfect way to keep your brand and company top of mind when decisions are being made for next year's sales, marketing and supplier contracts. By staying top of mind, you increase your business chances of maintaining contracts and relationships with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders by showing them they matter.

  4. Australian Gift Versatility: Whether it's corporate hampers, or Aboriginal Art gifts like we specialise in at Koh Living, There's so much versatility in choosing Australian made and owned. Just in the Koh Living range we offer everything from Aboriginal art drink bottles, Aboriginal art travel mugs, right through to Aboriginal art journals and candles to ensure that there's something for everyone.

Australian corporate gifts for end of financial year


It's no secret that 2024 has been challenging for many Australians as the cost of doing business increases, personal income struggles are faced by many, and job security and employment challenges have been intensified. By gifting a corporate present you forge a stronger connection and bring joy to others, aligning your business with a positive feeling that stands out among the stress.

  1. Corporate Gifts Boost Your Employee Morale: EOFY gifting is the perfect way to boost employee satisfaction within the workplace. As business owners, we know that it's the hard work and dedication of great staff that makes our business success possible. A staff gift for end of financial year helps to foster positivity and increase employee loyalty. By choosing Australian gifts for staff, you're showing them that quality matters, and that they're worth investing in.

  2. Strengthen Business Relationships: While much of the corporate gifting that we're all familiar with features cheap promotional gifts, when you choose Australian business gifts, you're choosing to invest in quality, Australian industry and show your business stakeholders that they're worth investment.  Choosing quality Australian business gifts is a wonderful way to show that you are committed to investing in business partnerships and continued mutual respect.

  3. Differentiate Your Business Gifts Through Quality: Differentiate your business from competitors with Australian business gifts. High quality corporate gifts that are Australian owned or Australian made help your business stand out from the cheap imported promotional gifts that have flooded the market in years gone by. When you partner with an Australian gifts business like Koh Living, you're partnering with a business who cares about commitment to ethical products, sustainability and attention to detail. Why trust your EOFY corporate gifting to any less?

When done correctly and with relationship building in mind, EOFY gifting for your business offers a simple yet impactful way to stand out for all the right reasons. As a corporate gifts wholesaler, we can help create unique corporate gifts for your business that are branded with your logo for a truly impactful result.