Lightweight, high-quality, thoughtful, art-inspired gifts that are perfect for posting! The best Australian gifts for overseas friends, family and travellers, celebrate the rich tapestry and beauty of Australian art and culture. Whether you're sending Australian gifts overseas, or taking souvenirs to gift during your own trip overseas, with Koh Living, you're not just buying unique Australian gifts; you're investing in stories, traditions, and the beauty of Australian culture.

Choosing the best Australian gifts to send overseas is about more than just finding a gift that's lightweight and cost effective to post or travel with. As you explore our collections, you'll uncover a diverse array of Aussie gifts to send overseas, each thoughtfully designed to capture the spirit of this magnificent land.

Our talented team has curated the Koh Living range of unique Australian gifts to celebrate the diverse stories and traditions of Australian flora and fauna, and to celebrate Indigenous culture. Our Aussie gift range celebrates all that is unique to this spectacular country, with something special to suit any recipient. For the most fabulous gifts for overseas that share the heart of Australia, the Koh Living range is the perfect choice.

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Every Indigenous gift comes with a story & connection to the artist and country

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How To Choose Unique Australian Gifts to Send Overseas

What does Australia mean to you? What is most special to you about our vast land and brilliant landscapes? What takes your breath away when you experience it? If you were to receive a gift to remind you of Australia, what would it be? Those questions will help you uncover the perfect present to send overseas and celebrate Australia.

The true joy in exploring unique Australian gift ideas for overseas, is to look for items that celebrate culture and resonate with you personally. Whether you want to help a homesick friend feel more connected to home, inspire new friends and colleagues you meet while on your own travels, or you're looking to infuse your home space with Australian decor, we're confident you'll find the perfect gift at Koh.

What to Send Someone Overseas From Australia - The Ultimate Guide

Authentic Aboriginal Art Gifts

Australian Gifts To Take Overseas

Lightweight Gifts and Practical Australian Souvenirs

Eco-Friendly Australian Gift Ideas

Our Most Popular Australian Gifts For Overseas

Aboriginal Art Christmas Decorations

Authentic Aboriginal Art Tea Towels

Journals With Indigenous Flair

Scented Candle Gifts Australia Loves

Unique Australian Themed Coasters

Recycled Plastic Bottle Tote Bags With Aboriginal Art

FAQ When Sending Aussie Gifts Overseas

What are some unique Aboriginal Art gifts for overseas friends?

What lightweight and practical souvenirs can I bring back from Australia?

What are the most popular Australian gifts for Christmas?

What gifts can you send internationally?

How much does it cost to send gifts overseas from Australia?

Embrace The Magic of Australian Made Gifts

Authentic Aboriginal Art Gifts

One of the most popular gift ideas to send overseas from Australia is Aboriginal gifts. Australia boasts a deeply rooted, diverse Aboriginal culture, with artwork that is as varied as the landscapes it captures. For those travelling to Indigenous communities, sometimes local artists showcase their exceptional talent and offer artworks for sale directly to the public. More commonly, Indigenous Art is celebrated through modern decor, clothing, accessories.

As members of the Indigenous Art Code, we feel strongly about the ethical sale of Aboriginal art, and treatment of artists. Ethically sourced and purchased Aboriginal art and art-inspired products are some of the best souvenirs from Australia. When you shop our Aboriginal gifts range, we guarantee you're shopping ethically to support Aboriginal artists and their communities.

Australian Gifts To Take Overseas

Embark on an adventure of authentic Australian discovery without leaving home, and experience the warmth and magic of Australian gifts from Koh Living. We're not just an online gift shopping destination; our store offers a journey through art and culture that celebrates the very heart of Australia.

Whether you need gifts from Australia for friends and family, or you're wanting Australian made products to celebrate the brilliance of our nation, or you'd simply like to take some small souvenirs to gift to those you meet on your journey. Our range here at Koh Living is second to none for its beauty, its vibrance, its celebration of Aboriginal art and culture and all that it means to be Australian.

Our range of light weight gifts is perfect to take on your next adventure. We're here to help you find the perfect presents that you can pack in your suitcase and share with love.

Lightweight Gifts and Practical Australian Souvenirs

When choosing gifts from Australia to take with you on your adventures, we recommend lightweight and easy to pack products that aren't too big or fragile. Wanting something special to send home with a letter or postcard? You'll find lightweight gifts to send overseas in stock now at Koh.

If you're looking for Australian souvenir gifts to take with you when you travel, our lightweight and practical Aussie souvenirs are also the perfect size to pack in your suitcase. Our specially curated range of Australian gift ideas includes stunning tea towels, gorgeous journals, eco-friendly tote bags, coasters and more. Beautiful gifts for friends no matter where they are in the world, or where you're travelling.

So, whether you’re visiting Australia or sending a lovely gift from afar, lightweight and practical souvenirs are an excellent gift for friends and family abroad.

Eco-Friendly Australian Gift Ideas

Given the growing environmental consciousness, eco-friendly Australian gifts are a considerate and responsible choice for international gifting. Friends who appreciate art and design will find reusable drink bottles and travel mugs to be a useful gift that we're sure will be appreciated.

Similarly, our eco-friendly tote bags are a brilliantly practical gift idea. These convenient bags feature stunning Indigenous artwork and are made from recycled bottles, ensuring they help the environment in more ways than one.

For celebrating an eco-friendly Christmas, our Australian Wooden Ornaments are a wonderful reminder of the rich and vibrant talent of Australia's Aboriginal artists, featuring story-filled Aboriginal art from our talented partner artists.

At Koh Living, we're dedicated to offering you more than just products; we're here to provide an immersive experience, a connection to the Australian way of life, and a piece of our nation's heart. Each item in our collection is a testament to the skill and creativity of our indigenous artists and talented team. To help you find the perfect gift to send overseas, or a practical gift to take overseas on your next holiday, here are the most popular Australian gifts for overseas from our range, curated just for you.

1. Aboriginal Art Christmas Decorations:

Infuse your holiday celebrations with a dash of beauty and centuries of story and culture with our hand-painted Aboriginal Art Christmas decorations. Each ornament is much more than just a Xmas decoration; they're exquisite pieces of art that weave a compelling narrative to add a new level of connectedness to your Christmas experience this year.

Crafted from laser cut wood, each ornament is adorned with striking indigenous designs, to create a unique and captivating representation of Australia. Gift someone special the perfect reminder of home during the festive season this year. Such a unique gift idea for family and friends abroad.

2. Authentic Aboriginal Art Tea Towels:

Transform your kitchen with our stunning tea towels featuring vibrant Aboriginal art. Not only are they absorbent and durable, but they also serve as a constant reminder of the Australian landscape's unparalleled beauty. Each time you use one of our Aboriginal art tea towels, you'll feel the heart of Australia, the perfect alignment with the kitchen being the heart of the home.

We offer a range of tea towel gifts. Australia flora and fauna is beautifully portrayed on a range of designs, from Australian wildflowers, to the wondrous animals of the ocean.

3. Journals with Indigenous Flair:

Our journals are more than just notebooks; they're canvases showcasing the beauty of Indigenous storytelling. Perfect for capturing your thoughts, dreams, and creative ideas, they are a unique and meaningful addition to your life. Each journal features authentic Aboriginal art, making them a blend of functionality and artistry.

Whether jotting down your travel experiences or sketching your dreams, our journals become companions on your personal journey. Our journals also make a beautiful easy to pack gift idea for the soon-to-be-traveller in your life. Leave a note on the first page to wish them well to add a truly personal touch to your gift.

4. Scented Candle Gifts Australia Adores:

Fill your home with uniquely Australian aromas with our beautifully presented Aboriginal candle tins. A wonderful gift idea for birthdays or Christmas, choose from a variety of Aboriginal art designs, each telling a unique, culture inspired story.

Not only are our candle tins unique because of their stunning art, they feature Australian ingredients, including Native Frangipani, Finger Lime and Lemon Myrtle. A wonderful way to set the mood, add ambience and fill their senses with the aromas of Australia for a wonderful sensory experience.

5. Unique Australian Themed Coasters:

Protect your furniture with flair using our coasters. They aren't just functional; they're also conversation starters that reveal the beauty of Aboriginal Art. Each coaster is a miniature work of art, celebrating the indigenous heritage of Australia. Not only do they safeguard your tabletops, but they also spark discussions about the incredible stories and traditions behind the designs.

6. Recycled Plastic Bottle Tote Bags With Aboriginal Art

Step out in style, when it comes to choosing a lovely gift for someone special, or lightweight gifts for your next trip overseas, there are few Australian gifts to send that are more practical and adorable than our range of recycled plastic bottle tote bags.

This will become a must-remember accessory when out and about thanks to the generous size, affordable cost, the best Australian Indigenous art from our favourite artists, send a gift from Australia that they'll not only think looks spectacular, they'll use every day.

Frequently Asked Questions When Sending Aussie Gifts Overseas

How to buy gifts for family overseas?

We make sending overseas gifts so easy. One of the main benefits of shopping for gifts to send, online with Koh Living, is that you can take advantage of our fixed rate international shipping and send Australian presents affordably.

Simply browse our unique range, add your favourite products to your cart, and complete the checkout process as you normally would. You'll need to have the international address on hand, and we'll take care of the rest. It's truly that easy.

What are some unique Aboriginal art gifts for overseas friends?

Our commitment to highlighting the beauty and significance of Aboriginal art goes beyond just offering beautiful products. We believe that every piece in our collection is a bridge to Australia's vibrant Indigenous culture. When you choose one of our Australian gifts or homewares, you're not only bringing a touch of Australia into your life, but you're also contributing to the preservation and appreciation of Indigenous art.

As part of the Indigenous Art Code, Our artists are paid ethically for their artwork and the items that we sell featuring their designs. Whether it's one of our Australiana gifts, or our Aboriginal art gifts, our souvenirs for overseas, our stunning scented candle tins, beautiful journals, or our Australian made skincare range, these are just some of the bestselling favourites in store that are so much better than the aussie souvenirs of the past that you may remember.

What lightweight and practical souvenirs can I bring back from Australia?

Bringing back lightweight souvenirs from Australia is easy. With a range of options including tea towels, coasters, tote bags, journals, and at Christmas time, our Aboriginal art Christmas ornaments are always a favourite. If you're hoping for something that's easy to send rather than easy to pack and you'd rather not fill your luggage with gifts and souvenirs, you can shop online through our store and take advantage of our fixed priced international shipping and we'll deliver your souvenirs for you.

Our Indigenous Christmas decorations are our most popular Christmas gift idea year after year. This soulful artwork brings a truly unique addition to Christmas, and celebrates all that it means to live in this vast country. We offer a range of wooden Xmas ornaments, all featuring our talented Indigenous artists. These can be sent internationally or domestically, and are light weight and easy to pack in your suitcase.

What gifts can you send internationally?

You can send any Koh Living gifts overseas, and know that by choosing Koh, you're choosing thoughtful, uniquely Australian themed, practical, Australian designed presents that celebrate the true spirit of Australia.

We've created an easy to use landing page showcasing our products that are perfect for sending overseas. Whether it's a gift for the home that's lightweight and easy to pack, like our Indigenous tea towels, or gifts from Australia that showcase many layers of culture and kindness like our scented candles in a stylish Indigenous art tin.

How much does it cost to send gifts overseas from Australia?

We make it easy to send a beautiful gift from Australia, thanks to our flat rate international shipping fee. We feel so passionate about the beauty and connection to country and culture that our range brings, that we've made gifting our products as affordable as possible so that you can choose Australian gifts to send to everyone you know overseas.

It's our goal to not only bring beauty to homes within Australia, but also provide an affordable way for you to purchase unique Australian gifts for overseas friends and family, or those who might be feeling homesick while abroad. The Koh living gift range is perfect for sending overseas, and our flat rate international shipping makes it even more wonderful.

Embrace the Magic of Australian Made Gifts

So, why wait? Immerse yourself in our Australian gifts for overseas and embark on a journey through the wonder and beauty of Aboriginal Art. Join us in celebrating the culture, stories, and traditions that make Australia truly exceptional. Let's make your home, or the homes of your loved ones, a little more special with a touch of joy. We can deliver unique gifts Australia wide and we're so grateful that you're here choosing ethical, quality gifts, perfect for sending overseas.

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