Take a moment to pause and enjoy a cuppa from our truly colourful Australian mugs. They really are a little piece of art in your hands.

Everyone has a mug. There are tea mugs and coffee mugs, beautiful mugs and colourful mugs, then there are pretty mugs and sturdy mugs, china mugs or if you want to be specific, a fine bone china mug! 

The mug you use really does speak to who you are, your daily rituals, and personality. It is for this reason, gift mugs, and indeed our Aboriginal mugs, travel mugs, make great gifts. Beautiful mugs are more than a practical gift, they are a meaningful and personal gift, particularly if you choose an artwork mug that reflects the distinct style of the recipient. 

Koh Living’s collection of tea mugs, gift mugs and china coffee mugs feature artwork from many artists, including talented Indigenous artists. 

Our storytelling Aboriginal mugs are a collection of colourful mugs that tell of Dreamtime stories, traditions and the land, while illustrated Australian flora mugs showcase delicate wildflowers and native Australian animals. An Australia coffee mug like these make perfect gift mugs for friends and family living overseas.  

Our quality china mugs are all microwave and dishwasher safe so reheating and cleaning up is as easy as that piece of cake you just ate with your Australia coffee mug!

Want those tea mugs ‘to go’? Check out our colorful travel mugs and flasks decorated with Aboriginal art-inspired patterns by our Aboriginal Artists; Melanie Hava, Jacinta-rai Ridgeway and Anna Blatman . These pretty mugs maintain our signature artwork mug look whilst keeping your drink hot for 12 hours.


How many mL in a tea mug?
Tea mugs usually have handles and hold a larger amount of fluid than other types of cup. Typically, a china tea mug holds approximately 240–350 ml (8–12 US fl oz; 8.3–12.5 imp fl oz) of liquid.

Is a mug a good gift?
Everyone favours gifts that are personal to them and there's always room for a beautiful tea mug in someone's life. Choosing a pretty gift mug with a meaningful design that supports Australian artists is a great gift you'll be sure to impress your gift recipient with.

Is a mug a good gift for a guy?
Yes! Gift mugs are a great gift for a guy especially the unique mugs with Australian artwork on them. Typically we find that the aboriginal coffee mugs are great for guys, and the Australian flora mugs are great for women.

What are your mugs made of?
Our unique coffee mugs are made of fine bone china so they are light weight, and microwave and dishwasher safe.

I would like to buy your products, where can I find them?
We have a range of stockists around Australia and New Zealand - click here to locate stockists close to you. We always recommend you telephone before visiting if you’re after a particular item to avoid disappointment should it be out of stock in-store or not carried by that specific retailer.

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Every Indigenous gift comes with a story & connection to the artist and country

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