about melanie

Melanie's art is influenced by her unique home landscapes; tropical rainforest wilderness and the spectacular Great Barrier Reef. Her "Kinship" and "Under The Sea" stories are unmistakable in her passion, her paintings, and on these delightful gifts.


Melanie Hava is one of Tropical North Queensland’s (TNQ) most recognisable First Nations artists. Also named Winden (green pigeon), Hava is a Mamu woman of the Dugal-barra and Wari-barra clans of the Wet Tropics (the Johnstone River catchment), on her Mother’s side.
Hava also has ancestral heritage to Austria in Europe, in particular the country’s oldest city, Enns; on her Father’s side.

In reflecting the vibrancy of her rainforest and reef, maternal Mamu homelands, Hava draws inspiration from the storytelling of her people, the landscapes and indigenous flora & fauna. Hava is a generous artist inviting audiences into works of great intricacies (and, at times, of large scale) which depict magical and tropical landscapes and marine life tableaux—as well as scenes from red-dirt Country. With a careful and detailed use of colour and depth, Hava creates glimpses of areas and stories linked to nature, which are important to her. Hava’s works bear a hyper-reality quality to them, as she produces artworks which capture the dreams and mystery of her [mostly] untouched Country; in doing so she is highlighting the fragility of these places due to Climate Change and human encroachment.

A mother of three, Hava is now an established artist in Gimuy/Cairns, boasting an incredible string of exhibitions from 2005-2024. Celebrated, Hava’s works are beloved by galleries, collectors and art lovers from across the globe.