These delightful little lanterns are adorned with designs that speak to the heart. The intricate artwork comes to life when the candle within flickers and glows.

Koh Living is your destination for stunning Minikins. These modern day lanterns are a beautiful way to light up a room or set the mood. Minikin lanterns are moulded using fine porcelain. The porcelain ‘lantern’ sits on a round wooden base. A tea light candle sits inside the wooden base, and when lit, creates a warm glow through the fine porcelain.

Our Minikin lantern collection ranges in style. Our popular white Minikins are moulded with Koh Living’s signature wildflower designs. The beautiful flowers burst to life when a candle burns within the Minikin lantern. The embossed porcelain creates depth and shadows that dance around the room. This neutral style Minikin makes a wonderfully unique gift.      

An artwork Minikin is perfect for those who crave colour in their life. Each lantern features vibrant artwork from prominent Australian artists. Original artwork is featured on the outside of the porcelain Minikin lantern. This style of Minikin adds a pop of colour by day and glows dramatically in the evening. In a similar way to the white porcelain Minikin, the artwork Minikin comes to life when the candle within flickers and burns.

A Minikin is the perfect addition to any room or dining table and a gift that speaks to the heart. 


What is a Minikin lantern?

Our Minikin lanterns are a gorgeous porcelain candle holder sitting on a wood base. The wooden base holds the tea light candle and illuminates the design when the tea light candle is lit. You can use scented tea light candles, or electric tea light candles (led tea light candle) in the Minikin lantern. We have an amazing range of Australian scented tea light candles that are made locally in Melbourne Australia.  The Minikin lantern base has a sunken tea light candle holder cup to ensure your tea light stays in the one position while burning.

What is the difference between a Minikin lantern and tea candle holder?

A Minikin Lantern is a tea light candle holder. Minikin lantern is simply the term we trade marked to describe our beautiful porcelain tea light candle holders.

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Every Indigenous gift comes with a story & connection to the artist and country

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