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The Art of Apreciation and Meaningful Brand Presence

We proudly partner with many private and public sector clients to deliver thoughtful, authentic, ethical and high quality sustainable corporate gifts for every occassion. We work with talented Aboriginal Artists to showcase their unique and meaningful artwork across our range of products; each design with a story to be told of connection and country, and each purchase contributing directly to the artist behind the design.

Our unique 360 approach offers our clients a practical approach to awareness, appreciation, preservation and celebration of Aboriginal art and culture through a stunning range of considered corporate gifts which will deliver more than just appreciation to all recipients.

Please reach out to one of our team for a conversation about how we can help re-imagine your corporate gifting requirements and join us in celebrating and preserving the cultures at the heart of Australia.

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Please complete the short form below and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your needs. Or please call 1800 811 598 and ask for Corporate Sales.

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DO YOU want to offer CLIENT GIFTS that are something a little different?

Partner with Koh Living for your client gifts and staff appreciation gifts while waving your flag of support for the Aboriginal cause.

Aboriginal communities have always been an integral part of Australia's rich history. Our mission is to celebrate and preserve the vibrant world of Indigenous art and culture – which we’re bringing to life through beautiful art made by our talented artists.

Gifting Aboriginal art-inspired products with Koh Living goes beyond beautiful items providing an opportunity to forge connections with culture, country, show respect, raise awareness and foster storytelling traditions.
We provide our clients with an official pathway to show support for Aboriginal cultures and communities, and a percentage of every gift is returned to the artist behind the design. In partnership we can continue to make a significant difference.

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    Koh Living is a proud member of the Indigenous Art Code.

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    Talk to us about discounted corporate pricing structures depending on your requirements.

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    We have many impactful co-branding ideas to present your brand alongside your gifts.

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    Koh Living gifts provide eco- alternatives for single use plastics. Our packaging is 100% recyclable.


    Look out for the Made in Australia logo on our gift solutions.

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Our Australian-designed corporate gift range is filled with captivating and unique gifts for staff, clients, customers, suppliers, events, promotions, Christmas or simply thank you! The Corporate collection includes Aboriginal Art journals & notebooks, Water Bottles, Travel Mugs, Bags, Candles, Pamper sets and more. Talk to us about co-branding ideas to amplifiy the presentaton of our gifts.

We present a uniquely Australian promotional gift brand that can be customised to include your own logo and branding with the help of our specialised corporate gifting team.
Whether it's branded conference gifts, Australian gifts for swag bags, or executive gifts with a difference, we're the choice when you need quality, and a beautifully unique Australian branding design.


What's the process of ordering Australian Corporate Gifts?

We make every step of your corporate gifting journey easy. Our team is here to help you at every step of the way iwth advice on branded promotional products that are suitable for staff gifts, client gifts, corporate gifting, appreciation gifts or any other business gift idea you're inspired by.
Simply fill in the form below, our sales team will contact you to give you the full rundown of the next steps.

Do you offer bulk discounts for corporate gifts or special pricing for bulk client gift orders?


We offer special pricing for brands and organisations partnering with us.

This will depend on the type of product you'd like and the quantity needed, however we'll work with you to consider your busdget, your recipients and how betst to represent your business so that you can wow your recipients whether staff, clients or customers.

As a wholesale corporate gift business, we offer unique pricing opportunities so that you can choose quality promotional gifts that are stunning, affordable and uniquely Australian.

Who are you already partnered with?

Other Australian well known brands, businesses and Corporates who already partner with us for their corporate gifts and Australian promotional gifts include:

  • Mazda Australia
  • Tourism Australia
  • TAFE 
Why should I choose Koh Living For Australian Corporate & Client Gifts?

So many reasons!

We’re all about authenticity at Koh Living, and our incredible artists help make that a reality. We're specialists in quality Australian giftware, with our own supply chain, as a manufacturer and wholesaler, we work with you to control the entire process and ensure your branded promotional gifts are as impactful as they are beautiful.

Indigenous communities have always been an integral part of Australia's rich history. Partnering with us allows you to support Indigenous artists and communities with authenticity in an ethical way.

When you join forces with Koh Living, you're not just providing invaluable support to our Indigenous artists and their communities; you're also playing a pivotal role in amplifying their artistic presence.

For most artists, having their creations featured on products is a dream, and your partnership helps turn that dream into a reality.

Furthermore, by purchasing these products you're actively contributing to our mission of celebrating & preserving Aboriginal art & culture. In essence, your support is helping to keep these important stories alive, for future generations to learn from. Such a wonderful choice for aligning your business gifts with a great cause.

How can I find out more about the artists, their work and products with their artwork?

Please follow the links, or click here, to view all the information about our Aboriginal artists, their backgrounds, artwork, and the stories behind their designs. We also have video and written interviews that are interesting, as well as direct links to the products available in each of their designs.

How do I choose the right corporate gift?

We have a variety of corporate gifts and Australian themed promotional gifts to suit any occasion. Our team are here to help guide your decision on budget, recipient and products that align with your business.

Please call us on 1800 811 598 so that we can learn more about what you're after.

How can I see examples of Corporate Gifts?

Discover Our Collection.
Explore our range of corporate gifts, including journals and notebooks decorated with stunning Aboriginal-inspired designs. Each item is meticulously crafted, ensuring a blend of artistic greatness and functionality. 

Whether in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or Perth, our unique corporate gifts are available Australia-wide, bringing the essence of Indigenous art to every corner of the country. With every meaningful gift, we aim to leave a lasting positive impression on the receiver, opening doors to new opportunities.

Our mission is strengthened by our Affiliations

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