The ambience of a candle, and the charm of a lamp. These illuminating Candle Lamps are a unique hybrid celebration of colour, mood, and reflection. A truly stunning decor addition to complement to every room. With a range of designs to suit every home, from our inspiring Indigenous Art lamps to beautiful floral designs. Whether you choose the gentle glow of the LED base, or add the elegance and atmosphere of one of our Australian made scented tealight candles, these spectacular lamps add a warmth and glow like no other.

The Illuminating Candle Lamp Set is a stunning creation brand new to Koh Living. Each lamp comes with a metal LED base and features the breathtaking artwork of our inspirational Aboriginal artists along with our most popular Australian Wildflower and Vintage Botanica designs. 

This hand-made candle lamps double as a candle holder making it super versatile and illuminating stunning Aboriginal and Botanical art when lit. A unique and practical addition to any home.

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Every Indigenous gift comes with a story & connection to the artist and country

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Indigenous Art Candle Lamps: Celebrate Culture & Style

Our candle lamps are beautifully crafted featuring stunning Aboriginal Artwork from collaborative Indigenous artists who are compensated for each item sold that features their artwork. We're part of the Indigenous Art Code, that means you can shop with confidence that you're choosing ethical Aboriginal Art products to adorn your home. Our Australian Candle Lamps are the perfect blend of LED lamp and mood-enhancing candle lantern, with the option to use this stunning art piece as either LED lit or candle lit.

What is a candle lamp for?

Candle lamps are for adding ambiance and soft light to any room of the home. Our stunning Aboriginal Art Candle Lamps are perfect for pairing with our hand poured, Australian made candles featuring the most fabulous of fragrance. Our candle lamps are ideal enhancing the atmosphere of any room, by producing beautiful shades of light, as it passes through the artwork design.

Place your candle lamp on display as a conversation starter or statement piece of decor in any room.

Can I use Scented Candles In Your Candle Lamps?

You absolutely can use scented candles in our Candle Lamps. Our Koh Living Australian made candle range features stunning aromas of Australia to delight your senses. Not only will the aromatic joy of these scents fill the area, leaving your home smelling divine, so too will the beautiful display of light and colour that shines from your candle lamp.

Are your Candle Lamps LED?

Yes, Koh Candle Lamps feature an LED light base, giving you the option of whether to use a candle, or electric light source. Marvel at the beautiful shades created by each artwork on the candle. It's no wonder customers can't get enough of these beautiful art pieces to display in their home.

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