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As members of the Indigenous Art Code, Koh Living practices ethical trading of Aboriginal art.
Each of the Aboriginal artists we collaborate with receive royalties from the sale of the products which feature their art.
Add intrigue and a little bit of Australia to your home, or delight friends with a beautiful art-inspired gift.

Discover your perfect artistic piece of home decor

Discover Koh Living’s range of home décor that infuses any space with ambience, interest and style. Our home decoration items are the perfect way to transform a house into a home with pieces that have stories to tell. Home décor shouldn't be generic; it should echo your individual aesthetic and personality, creating spaces that are as comfortable as they are charming!

 The Art Of Home Décor

There's an art to selecting home décor items that harmoniously blend what’s en vogue - earthy desert home décor or quirky retro trinkets - with your unique style. Experiment with smaller pieces like tealights, candle holders, candle holder stands, minikins, and candle lamp sets to subtly modify the look of your space. 

Koh Living’s home décor features art from celebrated artists, including Jacinta-rai Ridgeway-Maahs and Annette Nungala Peterson and features collections including Beautiful Journey and Sacred Country. Draw inspiration from history and culture and choose pieces that feature Indigenous art. 

Set The Mood With Koh Living

Our curated home décor pieces make practical gifts that set the right mood in any space. Designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, they make all who enter a home feel comfortable and welcome. Featuring exceptional art and Australia’s rich Indigenous culture, our home décor gifts demonstrate genuine care and appreciation.

Browse our collection and transform a house into a home today.  

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Every Indigenous gift comes with a story & connection to the artist and country

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Home DÉcor to suit your personality

Beautiful home decor gifts any space with mood, interest and style. It’s the perfect way to transform a house into a home. But house décor shouldn’t be cookie-cutter, it should reflect your aesthetic and personality and create spaces that are as comfy as they are charming!

There’s an art to choosing home décor that blends what’s in vogue – think earthy desert home decor, or quirky retro trinkets – and your style. A safe bet is to experiment with smaller pieces like candle holders, minikins and candle holder stands to play with the look of your space. Another is to take inspiration from your surrounds and choose pieces that celebrate Australia’s unique flora, fauna and culture to give your home a strong sense of place.

The most important thing to consider is that your home décor sets the right mood. Your chosen pieces shouldn’t just look good, they should make you and your guests feel good. Think about the way strategically placed candles and tealights can be used to create a glowing ambience. A beautiful space isn’t just a look - it’s a feel. Your house décor should create a warm and welcoming space that makes you feel right at home.



What is home decor? 

Home Decor refers to the aesthetics that make a home feel beautiful. Home decor is all about the physical items, such as  furniture, decorations, and the placement of those items in your home. 

Are candles home decor? 

Yes! Candles and candle holders play a huge part in home decor. Not only are candle holder decorative, they also bring a lot of ambience to home decor. 

What are the must have home decor items? 

There are so many accessories and home decorations that can beautify your home. However, an absolute must would be candle holders, candles, artwork, house plants, and decorative homewares. 

What is on trend for home decor? 

Artwork, bringing the outdoors indoors meaning lots of light and plants, handmade artisanal decorative pieces, retro from the 70s, active bright colours, and sustainable choices are all on trend this year. 

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