In every family, grandmothers hold a special place, a treasure trove of love, wisdom, and family stories. We understand the unique bond you share with your grandma and have curated a collection of grandmother gifts that celebrate this special relationship. Our "Gifts for Grandma" collection is not just about presents or about objects; it's about moments, memories, and the unspoken words of love and respect.

Nothing says 'I love you' Grandma more than a beautiful gift for grandma made with love.

We know the stories behind our artwork and artists bring much delight!

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Every Indigenous gift comes with a story & connection to the artist and country

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Cherished Gifts for Grandma - A Collection of Heartfelt Treasures

Koh Living’s "Gifts for Grandma" collection is filled with a unique range of gift ideas that pay homage to a life that's rich in story, beauty, and emotion. It's about giving something that not only delights her but also speaks volumes of your love, respect, and appreciation for the matriarch of your family. Find the perfect gift for grandma for birthdays, christmas, mother's day or any occasion with Koh and we'll even include free deliver Australia-wide for all orders over $120.

How To Choose The Perfect Present For Grandma?

When selecting the perfect present, it’s all about choosing a gift that aligns with your grandmother’s personality, style, and interests. For grand-mothers who value both functionality and art, our range marries practicality with visual appeal. Each item in our collection is more than just a gift; it’s a celebration of cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship.

By choosing from Koh Living, you are not only selecting a beautiful and practical grandma gift, but also supporting sustainable practices and Indigenous artists. We thoughtfully designed our products to be cherished, with each design in our Aboriginal Art range representing a story, place, or journey from the artist. The Koh Living gift range combines practicality with cultural significance, ensuring your gift to your nan is both useful and heartfelt.

If your nan enjoys to cook and bake, then our tea towels are a sweet way to add style and design to her kitchen, so next time she feels inspired to bake, she’ll think of you. If she loves to write, our journals are beautifully designed, printed and presented so that she can capture thoughts, ideas, notes on life, or anything else that she desires.

If she loves hanging out with the grandkids, why not gift her a reusable coffee mug, or a gorgeous stainless steel drink bottle, so that she can stay refreshed on the go? The best gifts for grandma Australia finds most popular, are all about what she loves, and what will bring value and happiness to her life.

Artisanal Homeware: A Homely Gift For Grandma

The perfect gift ideas for grandma’s help to add warmth and beauty to her home that will forever remind her of the love and bond you share. Whether it’s a beautifully designed mug, a ceramic coaster with vibrant Indigenous Australian art, or a soothing scented candle, each item in our gift range blends functionality with a touch of artistic elegance.

Our scented candles, available in a variety of fragrances, offer more than just a pleasant aroma; they create an atmosphere of tranquility and warmth, turning any room into a serene sanctuary. Paired with the visual beauty of our candle holders, gorgeous tea towels or our art inspired ceramic coasters, each will inspire her days and remind her of you.

Every piece in our Aboriginal art range is a celebration of Indigenous Australian art, each artist’s story woven into their work, offering a unique glimpse into their rich cultural heritage. When you choose a gift from our range, you’re not just selecting a homeware item; you’re embracing a piece of art that carries with it the spirit and stories of its creator.

Indigenous Art Pieces: Connecting with Cultural Roots

Grandparents in all families have passed down stories and teachings through generations, and so it is fitting that our collection features Indigenous art pieces that are steeped in history, story and cultural significance. These items, ranging from decorative plates to stunning candle lanterns, are not just visually captivating; they are a bridge to the rich heritage and legacy that grandmothers weave into their families.

At Koh Living, our commitment to ethical practices ensures that each purchase supports the Indigenous communities that inspire our collections. By choosing our artisanal homeware for your grandmother, you’re not only gifting her a beautiful and practical item, but also contributing to the preservation and promotion of Indigenous art and culture.

Best Gifts For Nans, That Are Sustainable

Our curated range of grandma presents is chosen with consciousness at the core. For grandma’s, who have seen the changing tides of life over time, they’ll appreciate the conscious act of gifting eco-friendly products that are crafted and delivered with the utmost respect for the environment.

By choosing from our range of ethically sourced products, you’re not just giving a gift; you’re also making a statement about the importance of preserving our world for future generations. Our presents are eco-friendly and ethically sourced. We ensure each product reflects Koh Living’s dedication to reducing environmental impact, supporting local communities, and upholding fair trade practices. She’ll love that your token of love is also a gesture of responsibility towards the Earth.

Spending time with grandkids and loved ones, caring for others, it’s at the core of what your grandma does best. She’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness behind a present that not only looks stunning, but also aligns with her lifelong values of caring for others, her grandchildren, and community.

Best Grandmother Gifts For Making Her Feel Special

Every Nan holds a special place in our hearts, and finding a gift that reflects her uniqueness is essential. At Koh Living, we understand this sentiment deeply.

Our range of personalised grandma gift and decor items is designed to make her space, and her day, feel truly special. The best gifts for grandma are so much more than just presents. They are personal tokens that say, ‘You are cherished’. They are a practical gift choice for grandmas who appreciate quality, practicality and thoughtfulness. The most wonderful gifts for grandma are ones that come from the heart, just as she deserves.

By choosing a gift from Koh Living, you’re not only honouring her individuality. Each product in our home decor range is a blend of beauty, functionality, and personal significance, ensuring your gifts for grandma will sit alongside her favourite family photos and be treasured for years to come.

Garden-Inspired Treasures: For the Nature-Loving Grandma

For the grandma who finds joy in her garden, our garden-inspired gifts are a perfect choice. Our Indigenous Art range will deeply connect with her love of nature. Each piece is carefully crafted to encapsulate the stories, meanings and beauty of the natural world.

These art-inspired gifts for grandma include candle holders, candle lanterns, scented candles, tea towels, coasters, journals and so much more, and we guarantee there’s a gift to suit your nan. If she enjoys the outdoors, she’ll adore our range that showcases the natural beauty of Australian landscapes, flora and fauna.

Whether it’s for birthdays, Christmas gifts or any other occasion, the perfect gift for her is waiting in our online store. From vast desert landscapes and the animals and plants that adorn this unique eco-system, through to the connection of spirit and ancestor, through to our native flora and fauna range that showcase truly stunning Australian plants and animals, there’s a colour, a story, an item that will suit her home.

When you think of the best gift ideas for your grandmother, gifts that celebrate the things she enjoys doing are the ideal option, and if she adores the garden, she’ll love our nature inspired designs. Inspiring design from our Indigenous art partners is not only visually pleasing but also functional, making them ideal for a grandmother who appreciates the utility as much as the aesthetics.

Mother’s Day Grandma Gifts Australia Loves

She deserves to be pampered on mother’s day, and our collection includes gifts for her that offer relaxation and comfort. Our range of beautiful, aromatic scented candles, or our Australian made skincare range are the perfect way to show your grandmother you care and to encourage her to indulge in moments of tranquility that are all about her.

Finding the perfect gift for grandmas can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Our stunning range offers a style of gift to bring joy to every Nan. Whether it’s our range featuring the beauty of native flowers, or our Aboriginal Art range that shares stories and culture from some of Australia’s most talented Indigenous artists, spoil your nan with something special for mother’s day.

A Gift For Grandma Delivered Directly

Looking for last-minute gift ideas for grandmas who have everything? Whether it’s a gift from the grandkids, something special for birthdays, or a beautiful mother’s day present for nan, we deliver gifts for grandmas Australia-wide no matter where she lives.

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