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Indigenous and Australian Art-Inspired Decorations for Year-Round Festivities

Inspired by the rich Indigenous artistry, every piece in our Year Round Christmas Collection is crafted with passion and heart. From baubles that tell tales of ancient traditions to gorgeous and delightfully different wooden decorations that invite intrigue and storytelling.
Our offerings are more than just decor; they're a tribute to heartfelt moments and cherished memories.

New!  Welcome to our year-round Christmas collection inspired by rich Indigenous and Australian artistry, each piece crafted with passion and heart. From Aboriginal art baubles that tell tales of ancient traditions, to delightful different wooden decorations. Our Christmas collection is more than just Australian themed Christmas décor; it’s a tribute to heartfelt moments and cherished memories.

Uniquely Australian, exquisitely beautiful, delightfully different Christmas décor. The Koh range features Christmas tree decorations, festive table centrepieces and stunning art inspired Christmas presents for gifting. The perfect combination of Aboriginal culture and festive celebration.

Immerse yourself in the world of authentic Indigenous art and unique Australian gifts and décor that celebrate the beauty of Australia. This year’s Australian bauble collection features designs from talented Aboriginal Artists, including Melanie Hava’s Under The Sea Collection, and Our Sacred Country artworks from Aboriginal artists Michelle Possum, Khatija Possum and Pammy Foster.

Christmas décor to bring magic and delight, our Minikin tealight holders, Candle Holders, Votives and Carousels with enchanting heat and wind motion bring a whimsical sense of festive joy to any room.

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Every Indigenous gift comes with a story & connection to the artist and country

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Celebrate Christmas with Authentic Indigenous Christmas Décor and Australian Gifts

Our ethically sourced Aboriginal art is transformed into a series of unique Aboriginal Christmas decorations and art-inspired Christmas gifts that celebrate the true beauty of Australia.

Our Australian themed décor embraces the beauty of Aboriginal culture, the elegance of a traditional Christmas, and provides our customers with stunning products they can purchase with confidence. We take pride in being part of the Indigenous Art Code and ensuring that our artists are treated fairly and ethically, so when you purchase our products, you can be confident you’re also directly supporting each artist.

Australian Christmas Decorations: Infuse Your Home with Indigenous Art

Our collection of Australian Christmas decorations is a tribute to the stunning landscapes and Indigenous culture of Australia. From intricately designed baubles adorned with Aboriginal art to ornaments featuring iconic Australian animals and plants, our selection allows you to decorate your home with Christmas decorations that celebrate the magic of our unique country, its landscapes and its peoples.

Our Aboriginal Christmas decorations feature extremely talented artists, each with their own unique stories to share, and their own unique art style. Our Christmas decorations range is available as individual baubles and wooden decorations, or in sets that come ready for gifting in a beautiful box; both baubles and wooden christmas decoration. These provide safet storing of your decorations throughout the year when not in use.

Australian Christmas Decorations With a Difference

Whether you choose a real or artificial tree, say goodbye to decorating your Christmas tree with generic Christmas decorations like tinsel, glittering baubles and sparkling tree lights and tree toppers. For 2023, be inspired to create true beauty with our Aboriginal Christmas baubles that showcase the depths of culture, and beauty of Indigenous art and the rich colours of Australia.

Make your Christmas decorations a reflection of your personal style, a reflection of the unique experience it is to have Christmas in Australia during the Summer months, and a celebration of the beauty of our landscapes, our flora and fauna, and the complex beauty of the ancient stories shared by our amazing Indigenous artists.

Adorn your Christmas tree with Australian Xmas ornaments to create a unique and captivating display. Whether it’s our stunning Aboriginal baubles or our rustic wooden Indigenous Christmas decorations, there’s something in our range for every tree at home or the office this festive season with our Aboriginal Christmas decorations range.

Aboriginal Xmas Decorations: Ethical And Exquisite

At KOH Living, we are committed to ethical sourcing and collaboration with Aboriginal artists. Our Aboriginal Christmas decorations not only add artistic beauty to your home, but also empower Indigenous artists and their communities.

Our Aboriginal Christmas decorations feature a unique blend of tradition and modernity, with a fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary design. Intricate designs adorn our baubles and our wooden Indigenous decorations. Our artists design from the heart and take pride in sharing their culture and their art to be displayed on products delivered to people across Australia and the world. When choosing to shop online for Christmas with Koh Living, you’re supporting ethical small business in Australia. This Christmas our baubles and wooden decorations feature the artists; Pammy Foster, Jacinta-rai Ridgeway, Michelle Possum, Khatija Possum

What Are Some Australian Christmas Decorations Ideas?

Australian Christmas decorations are unique for each family home. While some Aussie families enjoy the fun, glitz and glamour of shimmer and glitter, others prefer a more natural, understated approach to Christmas decorations. Families might create a custom Christmas tree decoration that’s personalised for each family member, choose farmhouse style decorations, or fill their home with uniquely Australian themed products and decorations.

Here at Koh, we aim to provide a range of Australian Christmas decorations and décor that help create an atmosphere in any home or workplace that’s uniquely Aussie. We love nothing more than to celebrate Australia’s distinct flora, fauna, and Indigenous heritage, and most of all, we want you to have fun with your Christmas decorations this year. Some of the most popular Australian-themed Christmas decorations we’ve heard of for this season include:

Aboriginal Art Christmas Decorations
These exquisite ornaments feature intricate Indigenous designs, paying tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Australia’s First Nations people. The Koh range of Aboriginal Christmas decorations are the perfect choice as a secret Santa gift, or corporate gifts for clients and customers who appreciate beauty and Australian art and culture. Our Indigenous Christmas decoration range features a selection of art styles, colours and wooden ornaments along with stunning baubles to give you gifting options to suit any recipient.

Native Christmas Decorations
Choose native Christmas decor that features Australian flora or fauna to celebrate the true natural beauty of the country. Christmas Decorations in this style usually showcase iconic Australian native plants or animals that are unmistakably Australian.

Nature Inspired Christmas Decorations
Wooden Christmas decorations bring a natural, earthy feel to Christmas. Seek out colours and tones that pay homage to the breath-taking variety of the Australian landscape. From rich, deep reds to big sky blues, there’s sure to be the perfect choice for Australian-themed Christmas decorations to suit your personal style and decorate your home in a way you’ll love.

What Date Do You Put Up Christmas Decorations In Australia?

Families put up their Christmas decorations at all different times in Australia. Many Australians start decorating their homes and putting up Christmas lights and their tree in early December. However, the exact date may vary from family to family, with some starting as early as November.

Christmas goodies seem to hit the stores from October onwards, so who says you can’t celebrate and enjoy Christmas festivities early? Don’t feel bad if you aren’t quite on the ball and organised for gift shopping and decorating. The key is to ensure that everything is ready to embrace the festive spirit by the time Christmas Day arrives.

What Are Aussie Christmas Colours?

Like other countries, the popular Christmas colours often change with the year or changes in popular styles, but when it comes to celebrating a truly Australian Christmas, the colours of choice should reflect the vibrant and diverse landscape of the country. While traditional red and green remain popular, along with gold and silver and dashes of purples and blues, we believe that the most beautiful way to celebrate an Australian Christmas is to introduce Aboriginal decorations into your styling.

Our range of ethical Aboriginal Christmas art products features the most beautiful imagery, filled with colours inspired by the vibrancy of Australia’s landscapes from the ocean to the outback. Unlike mass-produced commercial Christmas Gift decorations, the array of colours in our Aboriginal Christmas decorations is beautifully inspired by the country’s natural surroundings and painted by respected Indigenous artists.

Our Aboriginal decoration and ornament range features a veritable rainbow of beauty. From deep greens, rich reds and earthy browns, through to vibrant hues of pinks and blues, all reminiscent of landscapes, native flora and fauna.

Australian Indigenous Décor: Gifts With Meaning

Our gifts go beyond the ordinary, allowing you to share the spirit of Australia with your loved ones, family and friends, near and far. Our unique and meaningful Australian Christmas gifts celebrate Indigenous culture and the natural wonders of Australia with beauty and style. Whether it’s our range of kitchenwareor skincare, or perhaps our Christmas decoration gifts, we’ve got the perfect gift ideas for loved ones, family, friends, corporate gifts, and all gift recipients during the festive season.

Our Australian inspired gift ideas include Aboriginal homewares, Indigenous décor or our stunning Australian Christmas decor range that celebrates the beauty of native Australian flowers and Indigenous artworks.

Unique Australian Christmas Gifts

Our Australian Aboriginal decor range is filled with pieces that carry stories of connection to the land, ancestral traditions, and spiritual heritage. We are extremely proud to work with each Indigenous artist in a way that is ethical and transparent so not only can our customers enjoy such beautiful artworks in their home, our artists can also support themselves and their communities. When supporting Indigenous artists, always aim to support businesses who sell ethical Aboriginal art gifts to ensure that artists are treated fairly.

Our Xmas gift ideas are unlike others. We believe in transparency, ethical business practices, beautiful design and, most of all, giving you the option of choosing Australian themed decor and gifts that look amazing.

Aboriginal Christmas Presents: Gift with Pride

Share the spirit of Australia by choosing Indigenous Christmas presents that reflect the depth and beauty of Indigenous culture. Each gift is a testament to the rich heritage of Australia’s First Nations people. Our Indigenous Christmas gift ideas include homeware goods and lifestyle necessities featuring the most beautiful of Australian Aboriginal art. These unique Christmas gift ideas are not only guaranteed to bring joy to your lucky recipient, but each product purchased also gives back to the artists we collaborate with. Explore our Gift Guide to find the perfect meaningful gift for your friend, family or colleague.

Australian-Themed Christmas Presents For All Recipients

Whether buying Christmas gifts for women or men, a secret Santa gift for colleagues, or something special for your friends, we’ve got a beautiful range of Australian Christmas presents. Whether it’s our glowing range of Christmas candle holders, Christmas placemats, or Christmas ornaments to help style your Christmas events. We’ve got Aboriginal homewares, Aboriginal art candles, Aboriginal art tea towels and drink bottles and a stunning range of journals, bags and skincare, all inspired by the beauty of Aboriginal culture and art.

You can shop our entire range online, with free shipping offers now available and delivery directly to your door, or the address of your recipient.

Shop Online For Australia’s Best Christmas Gift Ideas For 2023

As you prepare to celebrate Christmas, take a moment to reflect on the uniqueness of Australia’s festive traditions and the beauty of Indigenous art. At Koh Living, we invite you to explore our diverse collection of Australian Christmas art decorations and gifts that embody the spirit of this ancient land.

From adorning your Christmas tree with Indigenous-inspired baubles to selecting meaningful gifts for your loved ones, our range allows you to share the essence of Australia’s First Nations culture. Embrace the art, culture, and natural wonders of this beautiful land and create lasting memories this festive season.

Tips For Online Shopping During The Christmas Gift Season

In today’s digital age, online shopping during the Christmas season has become a popular and convenient way to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. As the holiday season magic approaches, it’s essential to plan your online shopping wisely to ensure your gifts arrive on time. With a little planning, you won’t have to shop in person during the busy period this year, but you can shop from the comfort of your phone or computer and we’ll deliver directly to your door. Here’s some Christmas shopping tips to keep in mind:

Order Early
To avoid potential delays, start your online Christmas shopping early. Postal and courier services get busy and have extended delivery delays during rush periods that are outside the control of the sender or receiver.

Check Shipping Deadlines
Be aware of shipping deadlines to ensure your gifts arrive before Christmas. Consider express shipping options for last-minute purchases.

Track Your Orders
After placing your orders, keep track of their status through order tracking systems provided by online retailers. This keeps you aware of any issues that might arise so you can solve any issues or delays quickly.

Secure Online Payment
Ensure the websites you shop from have secure payment options just as we do, to protect your financial information.

The Ease Of Buying Christmas Presents Online With Koh Living

This Christmas, make the most of online shopping to find the perfect Christmas gifts and Christmas decorations that reflect the beauty of Indigenous art and the spirit of Australia. At Koh Living, we’re dedicated to providing you with a seamless online shopping experience, so you can shop from the comfort of your own home with peace of mind and absolute ease.

With a range of shipping options, we ensure your Xmas gifts arrive in time for the festive season. Be sure to order early to avoid disappointment during the very busy Christmas rush, but rest assured our team will be working as hard as we can to get all orders out quickly to help you have the best Christmas ever. Thanks as always for your support.

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