Christmas from the heart - Indigenous art inspired Christmas gifts.

Our Christmas Gift Guide offers more than presents; it's a handpicked selection of memories waiting to be shared. Every item captures the essence of giving, thoughtful, meaningful, and deeply rooted in the rich narratives of Indigenous and Australian artistry. Navigate through this curated collection and discover gifts that echo love, appreciation, and the true magic of Christmas gifting.

Our Christmas Gift Guide offers more than Christmas presents; it’s a handpicked selection of memories waiting to be shared. Every item captures the essence of giving - thoughtful, meaningful, and deeply rooted in the rich narratives of Indigenous artistry. Navigate through this curated collection and discover Christmas gifts that echo love, appreciation, and the true magic of Christmas time.

We’ve partnered with some of Australia’s finest Indigenous artists to create a Unique Christmas gift range that will bring beauty to any room over the festive season, while celebrating the rich, cultural heritage of Australia’s Indigenous communities. Featuring heartfelt artworks, our Australian Christmas gift range celebrates the true beauty of Country, Culture and Connection.

As a member of the Indigenous Art Code, we proudly support fair and ethical trade and licensing with our Indigenous artists and communities. When you choose Koh Living for your Christmas gifts for 2023, you’ll not only deliver joy to your lucky recipient, you’re bringing joy to our artists and wider community.

The KOH Living Australian Christmas gift range features stunning home décor, beautiful Indigenous art ornaments, and curated gift collections that showcase the vibrant art and traditions of Indigenous Australian culture and history. Australia’s best gift ideas for your Christmas list are shipping now.

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Every Indigenous gift comes with a story & connection to the artist and country

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Unique Aboriginal Christmas Gifts From Australia’s Heart

Here at Koh living, we believe in unique gifts that go beyond the ordinary; they are masterpieces that tell a story, connect with the soul, and create lasting memories. By choosing our 2023 Australian Christmas gifts range, you’re making a statement of appreciation for Australia’s heritage, and the incredible talent of Indigenous artists in capturing the unique essence of this beautiful land and its history.

Embrace the Indigenous heart of Australia by choosing Aboriginal Christmas gifts inspired by the culture and heritage of our First Nations people. Our uniquely Australian range of presents is not just beautiful; it also carries a powerful message and representation of spectacular landscapes from the ocean to the desert. What better way to celebrate all that it is to be Australian?

Whether you’re choosing family Christmas gifts, Christmas gifts for grandma, or you’re looking for beautiful Christmas decoration gifts to help create lasting memorabilia to look back on year after year, we have a wonderful gift range that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of your gift recipients on Christmas day.

Unique Australian Christmas Tree Decorations

Our range of Aboriginal art decorations has been designed to enhance your Christmas tree beyond mass produced glitter and tinsel. Created by some of Australia’s most impressive Indigenous artists, our Aboriginal Art Wooden Ornaments, and Indigenous Art Christmas Baubles are guaranteed to make Xmas even more special.

Featuring stunning traditional and contemporary imagery, our Xmas ornament range is a great Christmas gift idea for families and is sure to be cherished for years to come. Choose from individual baubles and ornaments, or boxed gift sets, available in a choice of designs. They make a great present, especially if you’re looking for fabulous Christmas gifts under $50.

What Types Of Aboriginal Art Christmas Ornaments Are Available?

Choose a special ornament to decorate your tree this year - there are beautiful Aboriginal Christmas baubles featuring traditional designs and motifs, as well as wooden decorations with vibrant Aboriginal designs. Create a tree that celebrates the beauty of Australia and you won't regret it.

Aboriginal Wooden Ornaments & Baubles

Featuring intricate artwork inspired by Aboriginal culture, our wooden decorations with Aboriginal designs are vibrant yet earthy ornaments. Crafted with a combination of woodworking and painting techniques, each ornament showcases the artists’ skills in creating unique and meaningful designs featuring various colours, patterns, and traditional symbols inspired by cultural heritage. Available in single designs of your choice, or as a themed gift set, unique Christmas decorations are easy this year.

Aboriginal Art-Inspired Home Décor

Infuse any living space with the richness of Indigenous culture through Aboriginal art-inspired home décor from our favourite artists. These unique Indigenous gifts are perfect for those who appreciate art, making them an ideal husband and wife Christmas gifts for couples, or for any loved ones who appreciate the beauty and culture of Australiana.

Our unique home décor range incorporates traditional Aboriginal art and designs that tell stories, convey cultural knowledge, and represent the connection to the land and ancestral spirits, allowing you to add a unique Indigenous touch to any space during the festive season, or year-round.

The Importance Of Supporting Indigenous Artists

The support for Indigenous art and artists plays a crucial role in maintaining and honouring Aboriginal culture, spirituality, and ties to Country. Purchasing Indigenous art ensures that artists are respected, rewarded for their work, and also contributes to the growth of Aboriginal art into the future. It also helps to preserve and promote Aboriginal culture, spirituality, and relationships to Country.

To make sure that the artists and their communities benefit from the sales, only buy from ethical sources such as Indigenous Art Code-approved stores like Koh Living. Read about our artists here.

Australia’s Best Christmas Gift Store

Where can you find the best Australian Christmas gifts for 2023? Koh Living of course. We’ve curated a stunning range of décor, homewares, candles and candleholders, skincare and more, all inspired by Australia’s natural beauty and rich culture. With free shipping offers and unique gift ideas, we're here to help your Xmas shopping be as carefree and enjoyable as possible.

Our diverse landscapes, from the pristine beaches to the ancient outback and lush rainforests, are a source of endless inspiration, and much of our Australian Christmas gifts range draws from these unique natural settings.

Featuring Indigenous artworks inspired by millennia of tradition and deep connection to the land, our Aboriginal Art gifts and décor are not just items; they are vessels of tradition, heritage, and deep-rooted spirituality. It’s a way of sharing the spirit of Australia and connecting with the heart of this magnificent continent.

The Best Australian Christmas Gift Ideas For 2023

As the festive season approaches, it’s essential to remember the significance of the great gift you choose. Australian Christmas gifts, especially those inspired by Aboriginal and Indigenous culture, offer a unique opportunity to celebrate the rich heritage of this land. From authentic decorations to meaningful experiences, there’s something for everyone. Whether it's a Christmas gift for mum, or a special Christmas present for grandma, a fun Xmas gift for dad, or perhaps even a present to treat yourself.

Make this Christmas a time to remember by selecting the perfect gift that captures the spirit of Australia and the joy of the season. Whether you’re shopping for family, friends, or yourself, embrace the beauty of Australian Christmas gifts and make this Christmas a wonderful, memorable occasion.

Surprise Them In Style: Kris Kringle And Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Taking part in Kris Kringle or your office Secret Santa gifts exchange this Christmas? We have some unique and affordable Christmas gift ideas that will make you the star of the office festivities. It's hard to find impressive Christmas gifts under $30, but you’ll be spoilt for choice here at Koh Living, and not only will they be impressed with the quality of their gift, we know you’ll be impressed with the price.

Whether you’re looking for a gender neutral Christmas gift idea for Secret Santa that’s going into a lucky dip scenario, or something special for a pre-determined person, we’re here to help with our range of unique Christmas gifts Australia loves for budget-friendly gifting, especially for Christmas gifts under $50.

The Joy Of Stocking Stuffers: Small Gifts, Big Smiles

What better imagery than a stocking hung with care, just waiting to be filled with all the joy that a well-planned selection of stocking stuffers can bring on Santa’s big day? From delightful candle holders to Australian made skincare, through to the deep beauty of our Aboriginal ornaments, if you’re looking for small Xmas presents and are budget conscious, then we’ve got your needs covered.

We always recommend having a few extra Xmas presents and budget friendly gifts on hand as they can come in handy for unexpected guests and last minute Christmas gifting.

Popular Family Christmas Gifts For All Budgets

We’re so excited about beautiful, mindful gifting this Christmas season. We’ve created an impressive selection of Christmas gift ideas for 2023, capturing the essence of Australian culture, art, and beauty.

Whether it’s our beautifully designed Australian wildflower range, or our Australian Made skincare range featuring Australian botanicals and ingredients, or our whimsical candle carousels that magically spin when a candle is lit to capture the true magical spirit of the festive season.

Regardless of your budget, an array of Aboriginal Christmas gift ideas is available online to cater to everyone’s taste. From Christmas gifts under $30 to Christmas gifts under $50, you can find the perfect present for everyone on your list. Don’t forget we have free shipping offers available to make your Christmas gift shopping as affordable as possible.

Australian Christmas Gifts For Grandparents

Are you searching for something special for your grandparents’ Christmas present this year? Consider unique Xmas gifts inspired by the beauty and essence of Australia to show your love and appreciation for them.

We make it easy to choose the perfect grandparent’s Christmas gift, whether it’s an Aboriginal Christmas bauble gift set, or perhaps a stunning candle holder to bring a warm, colourful glow to any room, we’re here to make your Christmas shopping easy, with personalised gifts for all family and friends.

Christmas Gifts For Parents: Celebrate Together

Celebrating Christmas with your parents is a joyous occasion. Choosing Christmas gifts for mum and dad doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve curated a range of unique Australian Christmas gifts that can be shared to create lasting memories for the whole family.

Whether it’s gathering together on Christmas eve, or a day at the beach on Christmas day, every family is unique, which is why we’ve curated a beautiful range of gifts that allow you to shop online from the comfort of work or home and find the perfect present to have delivered directly for your unique recipients, whether to your home or theirs.

How much should I spend on Unique Australian Christmas gifts?

Your loved ones, above all else, will love spending time with you at Christmas. So rather than fill a Xmas shopping list full of expensive gifts for mum, dad, grandparents or friends, plan a visit to spend time with them for Christmas. Having a wonderful time together will be well beyond the joy that any material gift could bring them.

Don’t stress about the value of your Christmas presents, think about what your recipient loves to do, read, where they like to visit, things they like to collect, and find a gift that’s within your budget that they will know is personal and chosen just for them. Don’t forget to take advantage of free shipping offers and free gift wrapping deals, to make your Christmas shopping even more affordable.

The Best Christmas Gifts For Mum

She’s your anchor, the person in the world who loves you unconditionally, and we deliver the most beautiful Christmas gifts Australia wide to help spoil your mum with the perfect present, whether it’s Xmas, Mother’s Day or her birthday. For the perfect Christmas gifts under $30, we know you’ll find an amazing Christmas gift for mum.

Start shopping early to be sure to have your mum’s Christmas present delivered in time, from our range of stunning homewares, unique Aboriginal art home décor, Australian made skincare or Indigenous Christmas baubles.

When it comes to choosing the best Christmas gift for mum this year, no matter what she loves, what her style, or what your budget, there’s guaranteed to be something wonderful within our huge range of Australian Xmas presents and gift ideas that will make her feel like she’s the brightest star in your world.

Where Can I Find Unique Australian Christmas Gifts For 2023?

We’ve worked hard to curate a leading selection of unique Australian Christmas gifts for our 2023 range. With free shipping offers on now, our best seller range is packed full of Christmas ideas for gifting the entire family this holiday season.

We've taken the hard work out of choosing the perfect Christmas present. The best part about being able to shop online is that no matter what your schedule, our website operates 24/7 making it perfect for early Christmas gift planning, and just as magical for last minute Xmas presents or secret santa gifts for the office party you forgot about.

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