Our Christmas baubles are more than just ornaments; they’re handcrafted works of Aboriginal art, infused with the soul and stories of Australia’s First Nations people. Each bauble carries with it a unique narrative, reflecting connections to the land, ancestral traditions, and spiritual heritage.

Imagine adorning your Christmas tree with these remarkable Aboriginal art Christmas baubles, each one telling a story of resilience, culture, and beauty. Along with our traditional style Christmas baubles packs, our range of wooden Christmas ornaments is a stunning, earthy Christmas decorations range that’s simple in design, yet impactful in their beautiful appearance.

Our Aboriginal Art Christmas Baubles are available to purchase individually, allowing you to choose the artwork and style of your choice. Alternatively, we make matching Indigenous Christmas decorations easy with themed collections available in a quality gift box. Use our ornament gift box to store your ornaments when not in use, or to create the perfect ready-to-gift present. Share the beauty and joy of Indigenous Christmas decorations with friends and family for their own tree. We’re sure they’ll love them just as much as we do.

Celebrate Christmas with Authentic Australian Aboriginal Christmas decorations by KOH Living, with our range of stunning Christmas baubles featuring the most exquisite of designs.

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Every Indigenous gift comes with a story & connection to the artist and country

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Christmas Baubles Australia: A Unique Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

We make it so easy to decorate your home with authentic Australian Aboriginal artwork and decorations and say no to mainstream tacky glitter this Christmas. Our exclusive range boasts a stunning array of Christmas tree baubles, and wooden Xmas ornaments, all designed to infuse the magic of Indigenous art and culture into your Christmas celebrations.

Why be boring with shimmer and glitter and gold, silver, red and green, when you can be vibrant and interesting and celebrate the true beauty of Indigenous Australian art and culture with our Aboriginal art ornaments for Christmas.

Why Are Xmas Baubles So Important As Christmas Decorations?

We all have memories of gathering with family around the Christmas tree to place decorations one by one, or sometimes in a mad scramble against each other. Whatever the tradition, the togetherness of tree decorating and hanging baubles is one that creates family memories that last a lifetime.

When tree decorating, Christmas baubles symbolise family time, togetherness, creating, celebrating and bonding. While they may change in colour or type with the seasons, Christmas tree baubles are a feature on most Australian Christmas trees.

Hanging baubles on your Christmas tree is more than ornamentation; it’s an enchanting embrace of nostalgia and holiday magic. Our stylish Aboriginal Christmas tree baubles set or singles will be a welcome addition to any family’s traditions.

About Koh’s Aboriginal Christmas Baubles Collection

Our Christmas baubles collection is a testament to our deep respect for the Aboriginal people, their traditions, and their land. We engage directly with Aboriginal artists and communities, ensuring that our products are not just authentic, but also a heartfelt tribute to Indigenous culture. This collaboration empowers artists, enabling them to support their families and communities through their artistry.

With stunning artworks featuring the most beautiful colours and tones to reflect the dynamic nature of Australia, our history and landscapes, our baubles are unlike the red and green glitter Christmas decorations that usually feature in Australian homes, our ornaments are unique artworks that add joy beyond their role as Christmas decorations, all while supporting our partner artists.

Aboriginal Art Christmas Baubles: A Cultural Celebration

Our Aboriginal Christmas baubles transcend mere ornaments; they are meticulously handcrafted works of art infused with the spirit and stories of Australia’s First Nations people. Each of the painted Christmas baubles carries a unique narrative, reflecting connections to the land, ancestral traditions, and spiritual heritage.

Whether it’s our wooden Aboriginal Xmas decoration range, or our Christmas baubles pack, each bauble narrates a story of resilience, culture, and beauty. Hanging them on your tree is an act of celebrating and preserving Indigenous cultures, embracing the history of our lands, and of course enjoying heartfelt artworks of extremely talented Indigenous artists.

Proudly Australian Owned And Operated

KOH Living proudly maintains its status as an Australian-owned and operated business. We are deeply committed to celebrating and preserving Indigenous cultures through our exquisite art-infused products. When you support KOH Living, you’re endorsing a local business dedicated to ethical trading standards and making a positive impact in Indigenous communities.

Your Purchase Has Impact

At KOH Living, we take immense pride in the positive impact of our products for everyone involved - from the artists to our team, our partners, gift givers, and gift receivers. Our unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing, quality craftsmanship, and environmental responsibility ensures that every purchase you make contributes to a cause larger than a simple holiday ornament.

We employ environmentally friendly packaging and products wherever possible, diligently minimising our environmental footprint throughout the process. Our promise to you is simple–we will craft beautiful and unique products destined to be cherished for years to come. Embark on this delightful journey with us and discover the magic of authentic Australian Aboriginal Xmas baubles.

The KOH Living Difference

Choosing KOH Living isn’t just about creating a fabulous festive display this holiday season, it’s about making a meaningful choice. Here’s why KOH Living stands as your premier destination for Indigenous-inspired Christmas ornaments, decorations and baubles:

Cultural Respect

We engage directly with Aboriginal artists and communities, ensuring our products are both authentic and deeply respectful of Indigenous culture. Through these partnerships, we empower artists to support their families and communities, creating a positive ripple effect.

Quality Craftsmanship

Each piece in our collection is created with precision and care. Our dedication to quality ensures your Christmas baubles will become cherished heirlooms, seamlessly blending into your family’s holiday traditions. Whether you choose our wooden Christmas decorations, or the larger baubles, you’re choosing to support a business, artists and culture that adds a richness to our country that we are blessed to have.


Environmental responsibility lies at the heart of our values. We use sustainable materials and practices throughout our production processes. Our eco-conscious approach extends to our packaging, leaving a minimal environmental footprint. The packaging for the decorations multi-packs is a quality gift box that is suitable for immediate gifting, or to store your baubles when not in use.

Supporting Communities

When you choose KOH Living, you’re not just purchasing Xmas baubles and Christmas decorations; you’re uplifting the livelihoods of Aboriginal artists and their communities. Your purchase has a direct and positive impact on Indigenous communities, making a difference in the lives of those who create these magnificent artworks. Our bauble packs adhere to the same code as all Koh Living homewares products as members of the Indigenous Art Code. We take our responsibilities toward ethical business seriously.

Making Christmas Memorable

As the holiday season approaches, consider the joy and significance that can come from incorporating authentic Australian Aboriginal decorations into your celebrations. Whether you’re in search of Xmas baubles for a table centrepiece with beauty beyond the traditional ideals of red and green, Christmas tree baubles to add beautiful Indigenous art to your tree, or just simply decorations you know will warm your heart, KOH Living offers something extraordinary for every home.


Christmas tree baubles are incredibly versatile, offering creative possibilities beyond tree adornment. With such wonderful Indigenous artwork, our baubles deserve to be displayed as Christmas decorations in every area of your home and entertaining.
Here are a few innovative ideas for ways to decorate with baubles:

  • Christmas Bauble Table Centrepiece: Arrange baubles in a decorative bowl or on a tray to craft a festive centrepiece for your dining or coffee table. Don’t limit the use of Christmas decorations as a centrepiece to Christmas day, we say the whole of December is for celebrating.
  • Garland of Baubles: String baubles together to create a vibrant garland that can grace walls, mantels, or staircases. Turn these everyday Christmas decorations into an impactful art display.
  • Christmas Bauble Window Décor: Hang baubles in your windows to capture sunlight and create a dazzling display for all to admire. When you own Christmas decorations this beautiful, it’s worth showing them off.
  • Christmas Bauble Place Card Holders: Inviting the family for Christmas lunch or dinner? Use Xmas baubles as place card holders. Simply attach a card with each guest’s name. Both our Xmas baubles and wooden Christmas decorations are great to use for this idea.
  • DIY Christmas Bauble Wreath: When it comes to important Christmas decorations, can you get more important than a wreath? Add personality to your Christmas decorations with a wreath crafted from our Aboriginal Xmas baubles. Craft your unique holiday wreath by glueing or tying baubles to a wreath frame.

Decorative Baubles: Mix, Match, And Enjoy

Our unique collection of decorative baubles features a selection of traditional and contemporary designs. From our Australian Wildflowers Christmas decoration range, to our Aboriginal Grandmother’s Country decorations, there’s a design to inspire and bring joy to all. Mix and match our inspirational Aboriginal art decorations with your existing decorations to add an extra level of connection and celebration to your festive season for 2023. Indigenous art introduces vibrant colours and patterns that are captivating and reflective of the deep history and beauty of the Australian continent.

Our decorative baubles feature laser-cut wooden designs like our wooden Christmas star, wooden Christmas tree, wooden reindeer and more. We love the appearance of a wooden house Christmas decoration for the warmth and earthy feel it brings to your home décor.

Where Can I Buy Australian Xmas Baubles Online?

You can purchase Australian Christmas baubles online through the KOH Living website. Our online store offers an extensive selection of Christmas baubles, ornaments and decorations, including Australian Aboriginal-inspired designs, allowing you to explore and select the perfect ornaments for your holiday decorations from the comfort of your home.

If you love glass baubles, you’ll love our artistic bauble range, featuring a high gloss epoxy finish to show the artwork clearly. We also offer a beautiful range of wooden Christmas tree ornaments, featuring a selection of authentic Aboriginal art from our partner artists. Our Wooden Christmas decorations feature beautiful designs and add a natural, earthy warmth to your Xmas tree.

How To Buy Authentic Aboriginal Christmas Decorations

It’s important when buying Aboriginal Christmas baubles to choose an authentic product that truly supports the artists themselves. By shopping online with Koh Living, you can be sure you’re purchasing an ethical product, designed in Australia, with each artist directly benefiting from the products we sell. Our goal has always been to work with Indigenous artists who are ethically aligned with our business model and help to support and give an ethical platform to their artworks. We are members of the Indigenous Art Code, so you know the products you’re receiving are authentic and ethical.

We’ve made Christmas decorating easy, with bauble packs featuring stunning designs that will enhance your Xmas tree, making it easy to decorate in a way that’s stylish and unique. Forget mass-produced gold and silver glitter, our Aboriginal design Christmas baubles add a sense of culture and elegance more beautiful than gold to your home.

Christmas Decorations For Your Home Or For Gifting

When choosing the perfect Christmas decorations in Australia, your search concludes at KOH Living. Our collection of Christmas baubles and Indigenous-inspired decorations caters perfectly to those who appreciate art, culture, and quality. Whether for your own Christmas decorations or as a beautiful gift for someone special, our Xmas baubles and decorations will be cherished for their quality, colours and beauty beyond traditional Christmas decorations.

Celebrating Aboriginal Art And Culture

Explore the captivating giftware showcasing art from our partnered artists. Each piece carries a unique narrative, a reflection of connections to the land, ancestral traditions, and spiritual heritage. At KOH Living, our commitment remains straightforward: to celebrate and preserve Indigenous cultures through the medium of exquisite art-infused products. Our Australian-designed offerings encompass captivating and unique items, including gifts, homeware goods, and lifestyle necessities. These not only bring joy but also give back to the artists we collaborate with.

Celebrate Christmas with us and become a part of a tradition that not only embellishes your tree but also honours and preserves Indigenous cultures, one bauble at a time. Make this holiday season unforgettable with KOH Living. Explore our selection today and infuse your home with the magic of authentic Australian Aboriginal homewares.

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