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Australian Christmas Baubles

Christmas in Australia

It’s somewhat debatable, but for most of us, the beginning of November in Australia marks the official start of the Christmas season. For Christmas enthusiasts (like us!) it's time to dust off the decorations and start prepping for the most wonderful time of the year. 

Nothing puts you in the festive spirit quite like the sweet, nostalgic scents of Christmas. There’s the rich woody fragrance of a Christmas tree, the tasty aroma of Christmas pudding, and the smell of chestnuts roasting on an open fire...hang on a minute, can someone put that fire out?! This is Australia! The sun is shining and it’s +30 degrees outside! 

Forget the Christmases of Hollywood movies, Christmas in Australia has its own unique style, unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s a celebration of all that this land down under has to offer, including fresh produce, beautiful landscapes, natural wonders and summer fun. Isn’t it time our Christmas decorations reflected the magic of an Australian Christmas? We think so!

Christmas is no exception to our collection of meaningful art inspired gifts. Our range of Christmas tree baubles feature artworks and painted designs by local Australian artists. Beautifully crafted and uniquely Australian, these Australian Christmas decorations will have you dreaming of anything but a white Christmas.  

Where do Christmas Tree Baubles Come From?

Ever wondered why on earth we hang baubles from a tree? The tradition of decorating a tree began in Germany where fruit and nuts were hung on tree branches to symbolise the promise of spring. In the 1800s glass ball ornaments were made by Hans Greiner and thus the tradition of baubles was born. Much like their symbolic spring origin, Christmas decorations today are still rooted in meaning. 

Personalised Christmas Baubles and Decorations

Decorations on our tree tell a story of places we have visited, family origins, children born and gifts received. Decorating your tree each year should be a time of reflection as you unbox a carefully curated collection of decorations. It’s probably fair to say that mass produced, plastic decorations from an offshore factory rarely create the same sentimental feelings! 

It’s never too late to start a meaningful, sustainable and ethical collection of Christmas decorations. Personalised Christmas baubles that reflect our unique Aussie Christmas are an ideal place to begin. 

After another rocky year, the need to support local, honour our own land and embrace the Australian spirit has never been greater. Original, Australian designed Christmas baubles invite us to think about what it means to be an Australian and will undoubtedly evoke a sense of gratitude for years to come.  

Our Christmas Bauble Collection

Our Christmas bauble collection features artwork by Australian artists with depictions of Australian landscapes, wildlife, native plants and Aboriginal art merge with traditional Christmas narratives to tell the Australian Christmas story. 

Create an entire Australiana themed Christmas tree or simply bring meaning and a sense of place with one or more well placed Christmas baubles.

Christmas Tree Baubles...Always The Perfect Gift!

In addition to building your own collection of meaningful Christmas decorations, why not help someone else? With our collection of Australian Christmas baubles you can cement your reputation as a ‘great gift giver’ without breaking the bank. Here’s why a bauble can always be the perfect gift: 

The ‘I don’t need a thing’ Gift

Mum says she doesn’t want a thing for Christmas, she just wants all the family together. Depending on how her family is spread out, she may or may not get her wish, but either way her emotions will probably get the better of her when she opens a beautiful Christmas bauble, gifted in person or sent from afar, that she can proudly hang on her tree each year. 

The Teacher Gift

Your child’s teacher doesn’t want another box of chocolates to add to their waistline, but what else says ‘thank you’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ for around the same price? Art inspired Christmas baubles of course!  

The Secret Santa Gift

The secret Santa is synonymous with gimmicky junk and tacky Christmas paraphernalia that’s usually en route to the bin before the last bit of wrapping has even been torn. Ensure your secret Santa recipient goes home with a gift that’s headed straight for the tree and not for landfill.

The Overseas Gift

“Enough with the Vegemite!” says the expat whose last five care packages have included a jar of the iconic spread. Send a little bit of Australia to your loved ones overseas with a uniquely Australian gift. Our Australian Christmas baubles are a small, lightweight option, perfect for the post box.

The Neighbour Gift

You know all about their kids, their health and their latest home improvement project, but what really makes your neighbour tick? Driveway conversations don’t reveal much about your neighbour’s Christmas list, but you see their Christmas tree in the window every year, so why not spread some Christmas cheer in your neighbourhood with a gift that speaks to the joy of where we live. 

Box It Up

A gift is as much about the anticipation as it is the gift. Have you ever tried wrapping a ball? It’s tricky stuff, even for seasoned gift wrappers. Don’t let a mediocre wrap job take away from the contents. Our Christmas gift boxes are the perfect way to wrap up one of our unique Christmas baubles. Save yourself time and ensure the gift exterior matches the beauty of what’s inside. 

Koh Living is proud to present a truly special collection of Christmas baubles that support local artists and celebrate who we are, and where we live. 

Give an incredi-bauble gift this Christmas!

Koh x