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The Ultimate Guide To Eco Friendly Christmas Decorations

Christmas is such a fabulous time of joy and togetherness. Connecting and reconnecting with loved ones, indulgent feasts, stunning decorations, gathering together around the Christmas tree, and hours of laughter and fun.

As huge fans of Christmas, over time we’ve grown more conscious of Christmas waste, but there’s no putting out our Christmas spark. Did you know you can have the most amazing Christmas celebrations, all while being environmentally conscious?

We’ve created the ultimate guide to having an eco-friendly Christmas, so you can enjoy a guilt-free, festive season, reduce your environmental footprint, be kinder to the earth, and create beautiful memories with those who matter most.

Eco Friendly Christmas tree featuring Aboriginal Christmas Baubles from Koh Living

What Does A Sustainable Christmas Mean?

Whether it’s reducing food miles, aiming for zero waste, or using recycled materials, being eco conscious doesn’t have to be difficult. Having an eco-conscious Christmas and being thoughtful about sustainability is all about focusing on our personal impact on the world. We promise it isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds.

We love inspiring our friends and family to show them just how easy a green Christmas can be. Not only is having a sustainable Christmas better for the environment, but so many of these tips will also save you money, and who doesn’t want an affordable Xmas. We hope you find our tips simple to implement for your Christmas celebrations too.

Sustainable Christmas Décor

When decorating your space for the holidays, taking a more sustainable approach to decorating is easy. Try to avoid single use decorations and choose unique Christmas ornaments that offer quality and timeless design that will be loved for years to come.

More and more commonly, ornaments, wreaths, bunting and signs are made using natural fibres that offer a better approach to sustainability. Choose plastic free decorations and decor where possible, or choose gorgeous Christmas decor that is stylish enough to be used year-round such as stunning candle holders.

Wooden Christmas decorations with Aboriginal Art hanging on the tree by Koh Living

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

Material Matters: For Eco-conscious Christmas decorating, avoid plastic, polystyrene, or easily breakable Xmas decorations. Opt for natural, organic, and recyclable materials to minimise your ecological footprint. Find ornaments that are unique and celebrate your own unique personal style, invest in quality Xmas ornaments that you’ll be proud to display for years to come, rather than replace with each new year’s trend.

Longevity Counts: Choose compostable decorations like dried orange garlands, leaves, and organic materials to add a fresh look to existing decorations each year. For signature decorations, choose durable items like glass, wooden ornaments or ceramic, with a plan to keep them and reuse them over many years to reduce waste.

Upcycling Old Decorations: Give your old decorations a new lease of life with a coat of paint or creative tweaks. Another great idea is to do a Christmas decor swap with friends and family to mix it up each year.

Shop-purchased Christmas trees are commonly made of plastic, and while cutting down a real tree generally isn’t the best alternative, introducing a potted tree as your Xmas centrepiece is a great idea. An eco friendly Christmas tree can also be as simple as a minimalistic tree of painted branches and art baubles. Get creative and have fun. Isn’t that what Christmas is truly about?

Energy Efficient Christmas Lighting: Make The Switch

Using LED Christmas Lights: LED lights have fabulous features including the ability to change colour and create patterns which make them wonderful for using at Christmas time. Not only do they look great, but they also help to reduce your energy consumption, which is great for the environment, and also great for your budget.

Other ways to save electricity include turning your Christmas lights off when not in use, and limiting the number of outdoor lighting hours by using a timer system to reduce your carbon footprint.

Christmas Decor from Koh Living Australian Christmas Designs.
Celebrate All That Matters Most

Christmas is such a special time of year. It is perfect for reconnecting with what’s most important to you. Whether it’s eco-friendly decorating, volunteering to help those less fortunate, or simply taking dedicated time to spend giving your undivided attention to friends, family and loved ones, do those things that spark joy.