Luxurious Australian Scarves, Designed for Comfort.

Affordable luxury that celebrates Australia through stunning design. Crafted from soft, luxurious fabric, our new scarves provide both warmth and style. Featuring contemporary Aboriginal artwork, this is the perfect accessory to complement any outfit while celebrating Indigenous culture and the splendor of the Australian wilderness.

We've worked hard to create a stunning new range of Aboriginal art products that are as perfect for gift giving, as they are for spoiling yourself. We're especially proud of our range of Australian art scarves, something we know will become a cherished wardrobe item of those lucky enough to receive one (or spoil themselves with one).

How To Choose The Perfect Scarf

1. Choose A Generous Size Scarf

When designing our new Australian scarves, we knew that we wanted some essentials. Firstly, we wanted to create large scarves that were generous in size. By doing this, we know that you have so many options for how to use and enjoy your scarf. 

When choosing the perfect scarf, we always recommend going with a scarf that is generous in size and allows you options for styling depending on whether you're using the scarf in hot or cold weather, for warmth or simply for styling an outfit.

2. Choose A Soft Fabric Scarf

Finding the perfect fabric for our Aboriginal art scarves took time, and we're so glad we made sure we got it right. Our Koh Living scarves are made of the softest feeling polyester. Soft, luxurious and incredibly comfortable, this is a scarf that you'll adore the look of, and more importantly the feel of whether as a style accent or to bring warmth to you on even the coolest of days.

3. Choose A Colourful Scarf You'll Want To Wear

Nothing says colour like a celebration of Australian landscapes. Our scarves feature beautiful Indigenous artworks that celebrate the diversity and beauty of Australia, creating a stunning blend of colours that are sure to bring joy to your day (or night). When choosing the right colour scarf for you, think about what will go with the clothing you wear most often, and what will bring a smile to your face each time you wear it. We think you'll absolutely adore our artistic scarf range and need to own them all!

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Every Indigenous gift comes with a story & connection to the artist and country

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