Unique Australian Christmas gift ideas

Make it a True Australian Christmas with Aboriginal Gifts

It may sound strange, but Christmas and Aboriginal art, on the surface at least, share quite similar qualities. Both enjoy a rich history, rooted in culture, and overflowing with meaning. They each tell a story, steeped in traditions both new and old. They embody beliefs passed down through generations and they are linked to personal and collective memory. But unlike Christmas, Aboriginal art is the only one that calls Australia home.

Aboriginal art is unique to Australia and a beautiful expression by the traditional custodians of our land. Celebrating the landscapes, the people and animals, the distinct style of Aboriginal art is recognised the world over. Used as a storytelling device, Aboriginal art continues to share narratives today. It is this storytelling element that makes Aboriginal gifts both meaningful and personal. 

The modern sentiments of Christmas, combined with the significance of Aboriginal gifts, create a surprisingly perfect pair, making it a great time of year for Aboriginal gift giving. So why not honour our land down under and make it a true Australian Christmas with our guide to giving Aboriginal gifts this Christmas. 

Why Aboriginal Gifts?

Aboriginal artworks have long been admired both locally and overseas, characterised by their distinct style and deep colour. Aboriginal art remains one of the oldest art traditions in the world and Aboriginal artists today continue to adapt their art to share stories and communicate culture with the next generation. 

In recent times Aboriginal art has been lifted from the canvas and reimagined in new and inventive ways. No longer confined to a painting on the wall (although such a painting would still be a jaw-dropping gift!), Aboriginal art can be appreciated in a variety of modern forms. From drink bottles and candle holders, to tea towels and journals, objects, both useful and decorative, adorned in Aboriginal artwork provide for truly unique Australian themed Christmas gifts.

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas Australian Themed Journals

Aboriginal Gift Collection

When choosing an Aboriginal gift it is important to consider the origin of such a piece. The Indigenous Art Code exists to protect Indigenous Australian artists by ensuring ethical production and fair pay. The Indigenous Art Code stamp helps buyers discern between fake Aboriginal art pieces and authentic pieces that support local artists. 

Koh Living are members of the Indigenous Art Code and all of our Aboriginal artwork products are marked with the Aboriginal Art Code stamp of approval. Our celebrated and established artists include Jacinta-Rae Ridgeway-Maahs, Melanie Hava, and Anna Blatman.

Decorative Aboriginal Gifts for the Home

What better way to celebrate Aboriginal art than in its truest form, with a piece from our Aboriginal art home decor collection. There’s something to suit every home’s colour palette with choices from Aboriginal art candle holders through to coasters, there's something for everyone. What’s more, apartment dwellers with limited space will thank you for your artistic eye and size appropriate gift.

Our stunning Aboriginal art tealight candle holders. In a variety of tones ranging from very cool colours to traditional warm hues, these small, but impactful pieces will add a splash of colour to any space. Wrapped in meaning, each holder includes a story card to share its unique narrative. Hand-made using glass and clay, a flickering candle flame in these holders allows a story to dance brightly and oh so beautifully into living spaces. 


Aboriginal gifts for the home for Christmas


Practical Aboriginal Art Gifts

There’s a practical one in every family and in every friendship circle, sometimes maybe more. They’re the ones who say things like ‘Yes, but what does it do?’ or ‘Cool. What’s it for?’ The good news is, even practical friends and family can enjoy the beauty of an Aboriginal Christmas gift. With a range of stunning Christmas ornaments, tea towels, drink bottles and more, there are practical gifts for Christmas for every recipient at Koh Living.

Aboriginal art ceramic coasters and trivets elegantly display Aboriginal artwork whilst protecting your tabletops from rings and burns. Staying hydrated has never looked so ‘uniquely Australian’ with our collection of stainless steel water bottles featuring original Aboriginal artworks. 

The kitchen is no exception to Aboriginal art, where printed Aboriginal artworks can help dry the dishes in luxurious cotton tea towel form. At Koh Living there’s no shortage of practical Aboriginal Christmas gifts.  


Aboriginal art gifts are loved, like the Koh Aboriginal Art coasters


Aboriginal Christmas Gifts

Tis’ the season to give unique Aboriginal gifts. Give a gift that reflects the festive season and where we live with our collection of Christmas baubles. These decorative pieces feature Aboriginal artworks both traditional and reimagined. Available individually or as a collection these reasonably priced Aboriginal Christmas gifts are an ideal way to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to neighbours, teachers, colleagues and your secret Santa. Place it in a Koh Living Christmas gift box and all the hard work is done for you! 

Aboriginal Christmas Ornaments


Aboriginal Gifts for the Office

Whether they’re working from home or back in an office, there’s an Aboriginal gift to brighten their working week.

The mid-morning coffee or tea is a ritual for most ‘9-5ers’ and a special mug to enjoy it in, only makes it taste better. Our collection of ‘story telling mugs’ showcase Aboriginal art and story in a special way. The perfect gift for colleagues or anyone who enjoys ‘a cuppa’.

Unique Xmas Gift Ideas that are Australian - Aboriginal Coffee Mug 


Digital notes are overrated. For most people, a paper journal is still a necessity. Pump up the style cred of your colleagues and loved ones with a journal. They’ll be noticed in the boardroom, making noteworthy notes in their notable notebook. Could it lead to a promotion? Who knows, but the plain black moleskine definitely isn’t getting a look in when compared to the beautifully rich and delicate designs on one of our Aboriginal artwork journals.


Indigenous Art Journal


Make it meaningful, make it beautiful, allow Aboriginal gifts to earn you the title of ‘great gift giver’ this Christmas.