Unique Australian designs adorn our standout stainless steel travel mugs. Keep drinks cool or hot in these beautiful art-inspired eco-friendly cups.

A travel mug or tea flask is a must-have in Australia. We’re a little obsessed with coffee culture here, but the bad news is that our habit leads to the use of 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year. Not only do travel coffee mugs reduce that rubbish, but most cafes incentivise reusable mugs and cups by offering a discount!

Make your stainless-steel travel mug a standout at the café with one of Koh Living’s Australian art designs. Australian wildflower artwork is featured on our uniquely Australian insulated tea flasks. And we celebrate artists’ work by giving a portion of sales to our artists. A waste-reducing coffee or tea flask, Australia celebrated in beautiful artwork and business that supports artists? Wins all around!

A Koh Living a stainless steel tea flask or reusable coffee mug is more than just pretty. Each double-wall stainless steel travel mug is made of high-quality, food-grade materials. This means that they are free from toxic chemicals (such as BPA and PVC) that are often used to make plastic cups and cheaper metal insulated travel mug alternatives.

Our high-quality stainless steel double walled insulated travel cups and mugs keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cool for 24 hours. Whether you need a hot drink to warm you up on a cold morning or need a spill-proof cup for a refreshing sunset wine at the beach - our reusable thermos flask for tea, coffee or wines are perfect for use as insulated travel mugs Australia-wide.


What are our insulated travel mugs made out of? 

They are made from food grade stainless steel  18/8 to ensure that your drinks always taste perfect. The mugs are designed to keep beverages hot and look great.

Do you use any toxic materials or PVC ? 

Our stainless steel travel mugs and tea flasks do not use any toxic materials, and when it comes to features to consider, being good for your health and good for the environment is a must consider. If you're looking for an insulated thermal cup that's non-toxic our travel mugs are also a piece of artwork all their own thanks to the unique Australian designs. 

How long will your tea flask and travel mugs keep my drink warm?

We have so many customers coming back to tell us how long their drink stays warm, you can buy your coffee in the morning and it will still be warm in the afternoon! Drinks stay cool for 24hrs and warm for 12hrs. Our designer thermal travel cup range is a popular travel gift idea that's designed to fit into the busiest of lives while looking amazing.

Can I wash my travel mug and tea flask in the dishwasher? 

Because we have art on the outside, we do not recommend dishwashing. You can do it, but it is possible that the art will fade. You can however, dishwash the lid with no problems at all.


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Every Indigenous gift comes with a story & connection to the artist and country

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The Best Insulated Coffee Mugs & Tea Flasks

We believe the best travel mug strikes a perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and thermal efficiency, and our range of thermal mugs have the added bonus of featuring stunning Aboriginal Art for a truly unique product. Our Aboriginal travel mug designs not only tell a story with every sip, but they keep your drinks hot and help the environment by replacing single-use coffee cups.

Our Aussie coffee mugs are the best coffee travel mugs Australia wide, made to suit even the busiest lifestyle for hot or cold drinks. The best reusable travel mugs are available now from Koh Living. The travel cup Australia is beautifully represented by, our unique Aboriginal art designs are perfect for women or as a mens travel mug. Stop the hunt, you've found the best insulated travel coffee mugs and we are so excited that our thermal cups with lids are growing in popularity for their convenience and their stunning designs.

How Do Insulated Coffee Mugs Work?

Insulated coffee mugs from Koh Living are designed to use double-walled stainless steel technology, that uses a vacuum seal to minimise heat transfer and keep drinks piping hot. Our reusable coffee cup design ensures your beverages maintain their ideal temperature, keeping hot drinks warm and cold drinks chilled, for extended periods.

When choosing a stainless steel travel coffee cup, a double walled design is the best design for thermal coffee mugs which is why we know you'll adore our Koh Living range. Don't leave our travel mug sitting in the cupboard, our stainless steel travel cup belongs out and about looking great and making life better. 

Do Insulated Cups Keep Drinks Cold?

Absolutely! Koh Living's insulated cups are designed not just for keeping your morning brew hot but also for keeping your iced coffee chilled to perfection. Whether it's a scorching summer day or a brisk winter walk, we've designed the best insulated coffee cup Australia loves to carry during their own day to day or to gift to someone special thanks to the stunning designs.

Our cute travel coffee cups ensure that your drink stays exactly how you like it, and looks great too. Perfect as travel mugs for coffee or to use as a travel tea cup, our insulated mugs and reusable coffee cups are easy to clean and offer leak-proof travel with an easy to use lid mechanism. Discover our full range of travel mugs for sale online now.

What Is a Good Tea Flask?

A good tea flask is one that complements the delicate flavours and aromas of tea, maintaining temperature without altering the taste. Koh Living's tea flasks feature a double-walled stainless steel design to create the perfect flask for hot tea. With stunning designs that are uniquely Australian, Koh Tea Flasks offer an unparalleled tea experience, ensuring that each brew is as flavourful as intended and your day is brighter thanks to the stunning designs.

Whether it's a hot morning brew, or your favourite iced tea, our stylish stainless steel flasks keep drinks hot or cold for longer. Pair our stunningly designed tea flasks with our tea travel mug. Our travel cup with lid is ideal for taking on the road, to work, to the park or anywhere you want your favourite brew on the go.

Are Tea Flasks Good Gifts For Tea Lovers?

Tea flasks from Koh Living are not just gifts; they are gestures of thoughtfulness and appreciation. With exquisite designs inspired by Indigenous art, and beautiful Australian designs that celebrate nature, our thermal tea flasks make them an ideal gift for any tea enthusiast.

Such a great option for your commute, the Koh Living tea flasks are leak-proof to keep drinks hot or cold for hours. From your morning coffee, to hot chocolate through to summer iced tea, whether it's a work day or around the campfire when you're camping, this is a stylish eco option to reduce waste and bring joy to your day.

What Are The Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers?

For coffee lovers, a gift that speaks to their passion is key. A travel mug is a great gift idea for any occasion for coffee lovers that will help them enjoy their favourite drink on the go. Our insulated tumbler range features beautiful Aboriginal artwork to create a stainless travel mug with lid that's practical and absolutely stylish. Koh Living's insulated coffee mugs, feature vibrant Indigenous artwork, offering both functionality and a deep connection to cultural stories, making every coffee on the go moment a meaningful one.

How Long Will Tea Stay Hot In A Flask?

Koh Living's tea flasks are engineered to keep tea hot for several hours, thanks to their superior insulation technology. Whether you're at work or exploring the great outdoors, your tea remains hot, inviting you to savour its warmth and richness. Whether it's tea or another favourite drink, our art inspired flasks keep hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold, and maintain the temperature for up to 12 hours.

There's a reason that the best travel mugs australia debates about are ones that offer quality, they allow you to take your favourite brew on the go and makes a morning coffee easier and more enjoyable not to mention more affordable. Our range of cute coffee travel mugs is a wonderful choice for coffee lovers and tea lovers alike.

Are Reusable Coffee Travel Mugs Good For The Environment?

Embracing the ethos of sustainability, Koh Living's travel mugs come with our ongoing commitment to the environment. Reusable and crafted from eco-friendly materials, they are a stylish rebuttal to disposable culture, reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. We make it easy to make the switch from disposable and single-use plastic and paper, by choosing our insulated coffee mugs you'll reduce the need for single-use plastic.

What Features To Consider When Buying A Reusable Coffee Cup

Our double walled insulated travel mug range will keep your hot and cold drinks at the perfect temperature no matter what the day throws at you. Hot beverages will be perfect every time, and unlike plastic travel mugs, our stainless steel coffee mugs keep your coffee tasting just the way it was intended. A travel coffee mug with lid makes the ideal gift for coffee lovers, travellers and adventurers, and we know they'll love the design as much as the practicality, because decorative travel mugs are better than plastic-ridden disposable cups. Good design, a lid, a 24 hour hot and 12 hour cold timeframe for keeping your drink at the perfect temperature are all important considerations and we think this stunning range meets all that criteria and more.

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