Unique Australian Gifts to Send Overseas

Unique Australian Gifts to Send Overseas

I don’t know about you, but my entire family lives overseas! So, when it comes to gifting, this can add an extra bit of stress to the whole process of finding meaningful gifts in time to send away. Not only do you have to find the perfect gifts, you need to wrap them, and get them to the post office in time for the gifting season.

This year we have had an extra spanner thrown into the works with covid-19. We have never experienced postal delays such as we have seen in the last few months. Domestic postal delays have been bad enough, let alone international shipping.

Postal delays for international deliveries start on the 16th of November this year, so not much time to go. If you are posting to New Zealand, you have until the 17th of November - luckily for me as most of my family are living in New Zealand.

How to save moula when posting gifts overseas

Another factor to consider when posting overseas is the cost - sometimes I pay more in postage than I do for the actual gift. BUT, amazingly at Koh Living, we can offer a flat fee. This means that no matter how many gifts you purchase, you will not pay extra for the postage! We offer such an amazing array of art-inspired gifts that you should easily find something for everyone.

Take time to browse our gift guides as it will make your life even easier. And to assist you in making a choice, we will list a few of our most loved items from each category. Whether you are buying for your partner, your grandma, a child or are just after a certain price point, you will find something in no time.

Why women will love you if you give her a Koh Living gift

If you are buying for ‘her’, you can browse our Gifts for Her guide. Women are our speciality! Women LOVE LOVE LOVE our gifts so you cannot go wrong. Whether you are buying for a colleague, friend or your wife, one of these gifts will earn you their eternal love or affection.                                                           

And why are we so certain of this you may ask? We know that most women love a surprise gift, and that they relate to this love language. We know that women love aesthetically beautiful things, they love colour, they love things that are practical and they love quality. We top the charts in all of those areas. Whether you get them a candle holder (highly recommended for women), a tea towel, or a box of baubles, you will not go wrong.

We just released our beautiful Anna Blatman floral range, so if you want to make sure she doesn’t have this gift, then this is the way to go. Anna is a well-know Australian artist. It is would be great to send a gift overseas designed by a local artist. Why not choose our top-selling product, the ‘Anna’ candle holder? This is our most loved design – when the woman in your life lights it up, she will feel warmth in her heart instantly. Just $29.95 and it comes in a beautiful gift box.

For the slightly younger woman

If the woman you are buying for is somewhat younger, we suggest offering her one of our new travel mugs or water bottles, especially now that the weather is heating up. Our travel mugs have taken Australia by storm. They are a great way to add a bit of colour to your everyday personal space.

I have been testing these travel mugs myself all year around. I was very fond of my Australian made ceramic mug so it was a stretch for me to test these new travel mugs. I have to admit that I am now unable to let go of my new Anna mug as it keeps my drink hot for hours! I can’t buy good coffee near my work so I get one from my local café, travel for 45min and drink it in middle of the day - and it’s still hot. With summer coming up, I am impatient to test it out at the beach because I know they keep drinks cool for up to 24hrs. Champagne celebrations here I come, we deserve this in 2020 more than any year we have lived! 

Anna Blatman's darcy design will make anyone smile - yellow is synonymous with happiness so should your loved one need a little bit of ‘joy’, pop that one into your cart.



Grandma needs some extra love this year

If you are buying for grandma, you are in luck. Grandma understands the concept of meaningful gifting and practicality. She will love anything you buy from our shop. This year has been an especially tough year for the elderly, so if you are able to deliver your gift personally this will add to the excitement of the moment. Of course, if she lives overseas, this may be a challenge in 2020! But, it is still very exciting to get something in the mail – the old fashioned way.

One thing we do know is that grandma does not like to collect ‘stuff’; so, make sure that whatever you give her, she will use it. If she likes to write letters, you can give her one of our new Anna Blatman writting sets, she will absolutely love them. Or if she is a cook, why not give her one of our Australian Wildflower tea towels - this would be extremely easy and economical to send overseas. And, to help you with your decision, we suggest that you choose our banksia design, our best-selling design in this collection. If she is Aussie, she will appreciate the authenticity of this artwork, and with the Australian banksia and the blue wren bird you have a bonus. Is there a grandma who doesn’t love Australian natives and birds?



Gifts for men- men do need to feel loved and appreciated too

Now on to men. Men can be really tricky to buy for. It doesn’t help that they are likely to buy what they really want, themselves. It often seems that men are a bit shy about gifting and are self-conscious receivers. But as tough as they are, we cannot forget our men. They are massive contributors to our society and while they may not show it, deep down inside they also want to feel loved and appreciated.

Perhaps a kiss, cuddle and a note to tell them how much you love and value them is enough. But why not slide something in that you know they will use, and that whenever they do, they will think of you. Any of our Aboriginal gifts would be appreciated by men. What man wouldn’t use a journal? Or how about a mug with a matching Aboriginal coaster? Now that summer is heating up you could get them a water bottle - and it’s a gentle reminder that they need to drink more water (I am sure most men don’t drink enough water.)

Why not choose from one of our gift packs. There are some great mixes and at the same time, you can save 20% when you buy this way. For a man, I would highly recommend the perentie pack - it’s a more manly design.



Kiddies love to imagine 

Children can be incredibly easy to buy for. Personally, I have always tried to limit my daughter’s gifts to things that are meaningful as well as practical. Ideally, she can use it and then throw it away, like an art set. I especially love gifts that keep children’s imaginations going wild. Last year we released the Anna Blatman Aussie animal gifts Kelly the kookaburra, Kylie the koala, Wilma the wombat, Kenny the cockatoo and Kira the kangaroo.

As soon as we released these gifts, my 8yr old daughter fell in love with Kelly the Kookaburra. Now she has a keyring on her backpack, takes the water bottle to school and she uses Kelly’s bamboo cup every day for her banana smoothie (we have a whole set of bamboo plates and cups in our kitchen). AND, it must be that one or nothing! We find that children love these animals and they love their names – their imaginations run wild as they create stories about them. There is nothing more amazing than watching your child talking to Kira at the breakfast table.

All these gifts are super popular but this year we added the keyrings, journals and zip bags. What kid wouldn’t love and use these items? The bonus is that if you are sending them overseas, they are small and lightweight and will not cost the earth in freight.



You will also be pleased to know that Koh Living is committed to raising $20,000 for The Smith Family to help Australian children living in disadvantage get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.

If you are on a tight budget and need to consider the cost of sending gifts overseas, you have come to the right place. We not only have the most amazing gifts and offer the best prices without compromising on quality, but we also offer a flat rate postage of $29 to send anything to New Zealand and $49 anywhere else in the world. How can you can you do better than that?

We have a selection of gifts under $30 and under $50 - these price points are our specialty. In other words, we rock at these price points. You will not find gifts of better quality, meaning, beauty and usefulness anywhere else in Australia. And why not show off Australia to the rest of the world? It has been a tough year for Australians – this is the moment to support Australia and promote its beauty.

If you are trying to show off a fun aspect of Australia, why not send someone this pack of useful, colourful animal magnets, designed by artist Anna Blatman. I cannot imagine anyone not using these, can you? To top it off, they come in a beautiful gift box, dressed to impress! $24.95


Or, how about showing off our amazing Aboriginal culture? I was not born in Australia but I am completely in love with Aboriginal art. I love being able to bring Aboriginal culture into every aspect of my life, whether it be a water bottle or a mug. Personally, I love the journals the most. I jot down my thoughts for the day almost every night when I go to bed. At $19.95 you cannot go wrong. These journals have so much more to offer. They are a journey into the life of the Aboriginal artist. Open the journal and you will enjoy her drawings, art, and life quotes. Check out the video here

If you are after a popular design, you can’t go wrong with Finke River or the new Desert Frogs’ design. They have been at the top of the charts for nearly all of 2020. Your loved ones will be delighted to know that a portion of each sale goes towards the Aboriginal artist and the Aboriginal communities. $19.95



If you are happy to spend a little more for your gift, you can check out our Gifts under $50 guide. There is an array of unique art-inspired gifts to choose from. We highly recommend almost everything in this guide for sending overseas, but as Christmas is just around the corner, why not send them a box of our new Anna Blatman floral baubles. You cannot go wrong with these as they are our number one best-selling item at the moment. Not only will you find gorgeous colours and designs, but they also come in a beautiful gift box which will also keep your gift well and truly protected.  $39.95



Whether you are buying for friends or family, you will find the perfect gift. It is nice to find something that is not only unique, but also beautiful and practical. And remember that with most of your purchases, you will be giving back to underprivileged Australian communities. ALSO - you can request free gift-wrapping, and trust me when I say, our gift-wrapping is out of this world. We don’t do anything half-way at Koh Living.  You can be sure that with these colourful, art-inspired gifts, your loved ones will remember you for years to come.