How to Have the Perfect Summer Picnic With Koh Living

How to Have the Perfect Summer Picnic With Koh Living

Ahhh summer...the season of sun, barbeques, swimming, and of course...picnics! 

Picnics in the park, picnics on the beach, picnics in the backyard, picnics in the bush, the best place for a picnic is almost anywhere, at any time. Picnics for breakfast, picnics for lunch and picnics for dinner, there are no rules when it comes to enjoying a picnic. 

The humble picnic has had a recent renaissance of sorts, as friends and family have gathered in this way amid the pandemic. When hospitality venues were closed, groups took to the outdoors to share a meal together and catch up. Australians fell in love with picnicking all over again, and as we move out of lockdown, it seems the picnic love is here to stay.   

While there are no picnic rules, there is certainly an art to picnicking well and behind every successful picnic is a well equipped picnic basket. Today we share summer picnic ideas and show you how to have the perfect summer picnic party with Koh Living’s collection of picnic, and indeed life, essentials.

Make it Sustainable

Once upon a time picnics were a landfill nightmare. Disposable plates, cutlery and bottles, and a bunch of other single use plastics were staples of the classic Aussie picnic. All designed to make picnicking ‘easier’ these disposable items and cute, itty bitty, over packaged foods may have been convenient at the time, but they certainly didn’t serve our environment.

It’s somewhat ironic, that nature, the very thing we are enjoying when we have a picnic, is actually the thing we are destroying when we use all those nasty plastics.   

We know better now and plastic fantastic picnics are a thing of the past. Just as we’ve all made adjustments to the way we live, be it reusing, composting, buying less or even just living consciously greener, the picnic is no exception.

Ditch disposable plates and bottles for good and create the best backpack picnic set or picnic basket by investing in some quality reusable picnicware


Plate Up

A summer picnic party ranges in style and mood. You may not need a plate for that cheese board picnic by the lake, but you’ll certainly want one when it comes to eating your sausage and salad. A simple set of plates and cups will serve your needs well and fit nicely into a picnic basket or backpack. 

When choosing a set of plates and cups opt for lightweight materials that won’t easily break. Koh Living’s collection of bamboo plates and cups are made from eco-friendly materials and are perfect for picnics. Available in two sizes, and showcasing the vibrant work of Australian artist Anna Blatman, this collection will be right at home on the picnic rug. 

Each plate and cup features an iconic Australian animal set against a beautiful floral backdrop. Choose from Kenny the Cockatoo, Kylie the Koala, Kira the Kangaroo, or mix and match a collection of all three

Drink Up!

What is a summer picnic without cool drinks? Fresh juice, iced tea, wine or even a sneaky cocktail all come to mind when we think of a perfect summer picnic party, but what do all these drinks have in common? They taste better when they’re chilled! Save space in the cooler bag and transport liquid refreshments in Koh Living’s stainless steel water bottles

These food-grade stainless steel bottles are double walled and insulated which means they can keep your drinks cold for 24 hours. Artwork by Melanie Hava, Kathleen Buzzacott and Anna Blatman make these bottles both practical and incredibly stylish. With a capacity of 500 ml and a leak proof lid, you’ll be able to fill everyone’s cup or simply sip refreshing cool water all day.

If you can’t start the day without your morning coffee, a breakfast picnic shouldn’t mean you go without, and even in the summertime, some like it hot. Home baristas can enjoy a hot coffee while picnicking with one of Koh Living’s stainless steel travel mugs.

It will keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours and iced coffees cold for 24 hours. Cafe-goers can pick up their favourite coffee en route to the picnic and even if the best place for a picnic is some distance away, it’ll still be piping hot when they sit down to enjoy the serenity.

Keep it Cool 

So the drinks are taken care of, but what about the food? A bag of fresh prawns is no match for the hot Australian weather. To keep food cold and crisp, insulated bags are a must for summer picnics. Koh Living’s insulated lunch bags can be packed individually or filled with snacks for the whole crew. They’ll keep your food cold for 6-8 hours so you can certainly enjoy a long picnic lunch. With a handy carry handle, these bags are easy to take to the beach or on a bushwalk. 

Featuring Anna Blatman signature artworks, these insulated lunch bags again feature Kenny, Kylie and Kira, with the addition of Wilma Wombat and Kelly the Kookaburra. The colourful and fun designs will appeal to both adults and children. 

Take it There, Take it Home 

Organisation is key to creating the perfect summer picnic. Packing your picnic well ensures an easy set up, simple clean up and avoids chaos when you unpack on the other end. To do this, we like bagging up similar items (in order of when you’ll use them if you want to get really fancy!) and always having a few extra bags on hand. 

Koh Living’s recycled plastic bottle bags are lightweight and perfect for transporting and organising your picnic. Designed to fit a lot in and fold down into a handy size, we suggest filling a few and packing a few folded so you don’t leave anything behind. Each of our recycled plastic bottle bags feature artwork by Aboriginal artist Melanie Hava.

More than a bag, each tells a story and celebrates unique Australian landscapes. 

Celebrate the beauty of where we live with a summer picnic party that reflects the unique landscapes and wildlife around us and looks after it at the same time.

Koh Living’s collection makes it easy to enjoy the perfect summer picnic!