Koh Living Wildflowers

Koh Living Wildflowers

In Australia, we’re blessed with truly unique flora, and our wildflowers are no exception. What they might lack in billowing Peony-like petals, they make up for in peculiar shapes and forms that induce a sense of wonder.

Think of the glorious blooming Waratah that glows like a deep red flame. There are the brushy bulbs of Banksia and bright red Bottle Brush with bristles that are more delicate than they appear. Then there’s the vibrant black and red Desert Pea flower and the long and slender Kangaroo Paw flowers with out-of-this-world beauty.

We have our fair share of classically-pretty flowers too. There are bright blue Brunonia’s that are just as gorgeous as a globe of Hydrangea; wispy little Flannel flowers, and our dainty red and yellow Christmas Bells.

Australian wildflowers are featured in the vibrant artwork that adorns the Koh Living Wildflower Collection. Our flowers are paired with beautiful native birds in the artwork to create stunning pieces that celebrate Australia’s unique ecology.

The collection includes a wide array of high-quality items like glasses cases, tealights, flasks, stationery, mugs and coasters to brighten up your everyday. They make the perfect gift for those that love a bit of bush beauty.