Sentimental Gifts

Sentimental Gifts with Lasting Meaning

The psychology behind gift-giving has been the subject of study for centuries. What is evident, though, is that it is a gesture that has a lot of social benefits. Gift giving is a way of strengthening relationships between families and friends. When we choose a sentimental gift that has meaning for the receiver, then that person feels that you know them well, that you have been thinking of them and, in that way, you are also giving a part of yourself. By choosing a sentimental gift they also realise how much you appreciate them. In turn, this can help boost the receivers feelings of self value.

Most people who buy gifts, receive an enormous, if not equal, amount of pleasure from giving, especially if the gifts have touched a sentimental chord in the gift receiver. This can become a precious memory that will be recalled in nostalgic moments many years hence.

Although most people are happy to give gifts, especially if it is for someone we love or admire, the biggest issue is often exactly what should we buy. Sentimental gifts are ideal as they are “gifts that keep on giving”. Do you know someone that is really fond of gardening and may love Australian Wildflowers and would love this Bottle Brush design

How about someone who is very Aussie proud ? or has travelled in Australia and wants to reminisce once they get back home?  Do you or your love one enjoy Indigenous art? Even better if they also like cups of tea - maybe give them some Australian tea with a Finke River Indigenous mug

Is your friend going through a difficult time? how about inspiring them to go within?  Our Mindfulness Minikin Lantern will inspire them to take some time out and go within. 


Do you know someone who is not feeling very grounded, and needs some inspiration to go outdoors? Whatever it maybe, just remember that a gift is something from you to them. This means that it pays to clear your mind, close your eyes and for a few moments think about that person. Think about their lives, and the people in them. Think about the things they surround themselves, Think about the activities they enjoy in life. Imagine them completely. This will give you some great inspiration as to what to give them that THEY will love. There is nothing better than the feeling of belonging and this is what we feel when we give something to someone that matters to them - we feel that we know each other; that we belong. Koh X