Send a Meaningful Gift To Show Someone You Care

Send a Meaningful Gift To Show Someone You Care

This is an incredibly difficult time for thousands of Australians. Show you care - a meaningful gift Remote work is our new reality. Thousands of people are isolated at home, trying to come to terms with new procedures, being away from colleagues and the usual routines that go along with office life. CEOs, managers and team leaders are working hard to find new ways to bring teams together, keep everyone motivated and reduce stress and anxiety. Employees are worried about the future, isolated and alone. Some employees have partners who are now out of work and highly stressed.

Employers are dealing with a double whammy; fear for the future of their own business, concern for their employees and their families as well. Then we have the children, home early on school holidays or home schooling. They are separated from their friends, trying to cope with uncertainty, isolation and an unfamiliar routine – and they are bored! At Koh Living, our business was built on the simple idea of creating gifts with meaning. We want to reduce isolation, improve connection and help you bring joy to those who need it most right now and show you care You can help make the people you care about feel special right now and show you care - send a meaningful gift – a care pack from Koh Living.

  • Say ‘thank you’ for their efforts to cope with change in uncertain times.
  • Send good wishes - ‘we are thinking of you’ while employees support their partners.
  • Show you care about the entire family - surprise and delight the kids.
  • Spoil someone who is doing it tough right now with a thoughtful, personal surprise gift.

Stress Care Pack 100% pure, natural and botanical essential oils perfect for stressful moments, just roll on your skin and feel the stress go away within minutes. Add to that our gratitude Minikin lantern when having a bath and contemplating everything you are grateful for right now. What a wonderful way to show you care. $49.95 (valued at $64.85)

Women’s Care Pack Blue Wren and Banskia Mug and matching Coaster - a lovely new desk accessory. Bring some peace and tranquillity with a Banksia and Bergamot scented candle. $29.95 (valued at $41.85)

Men’s Care Pack Dreamtime Stories Perentie Journal, Mug and matching Coaster. $29.95 (valued at $42.85)

Kookaburra Care Pack What child doesn’t love a keyring for their bags, and let them run their imagination wild with Kelly the Kookaburra. They can use the organic cotton zip bag to put their phone, pencils and anything else in they cherish. Good to know that a portion of the sales from this also goes towards the Smith Family Foundation. $19.95 (valued at $27.90)

Kids Care Pack The ultimate kid's pack which has the a journal we call a ‘journey’ as every other page it takes you through the journey of the artist’s life, drawings and inspirational life quotes. $49.95 (valued at $62.85)

Kylie the Koala Journal - Great fun for the kids to write down their thoughts, stick stuff in, draw and colour!

Kylie the Koala Bamboo Cup - perfect for when the kids are sitting at their desk, why not bring some bright colour to their daily lives!

The Famous Four Friends- Kirra (Kangaroo), Charlie (Echidna), Kylie (Koala) and Wilma (Wombat). These guys can go anywhere with the kids - in the car, on the fridge, in dad’s shed, on the lawn mower, or watch over the kids as they sleep. These perfect new collectable, magnetic friends will stick with you like real buddies. Visit our website and check out special offers on delivery