Best Summer Decor Ideas From Koh Living

Best Summer Decor Ideas From Koh Living

Summer living had me a blast

Summer living happened so fast

I met a season crazy for me

Met some decor cute as can be…

Nothing says ‘summer’ quite like the sound of Grease’s Summer Nights, but we know summer living, especially down under, is about much more than sound. The summer season is an all encompassing time of year that influences the way we live, move and feel. It’s a complete lifestyle shift, so when the weather gets hot and the sun stays up, it makes sense for our decor to follow suit.

Today on the blog we bring you our best summer decor ideas and introduce you to some ‘cute as can be’ decor to ensure those summer days blissfully drift away into summer nights.

Let’s start with those summer days…relaxing by the pool or perhaps enjoying a picnic in the park. Make it ‘summer’ with our collection of bamboo plates, cups and trays. Featuring Anna Blatman’s vibrant artwork, these illustrated pieces showcase Australian flora and fauna.

There’s Kylie the Koala, Kenny the Cockatoo, Kirra the Kangaroo, and Kelly the Kookaburra. Each animal sits in a landscape of bright florals, blue skies and fresh green foliage. 

It’s not just the summery designs that make these bamboo plates, cups and trays ideal for summer days. Made from eco-friendly materials, and unlike glass, they’re a safe and practical option for cool drinks around the pool or on the picnic rug.

Juicy summer fruit and fresh salads will be right at home on this serving ware.

Sold individually, you can mix and match designs or build a collection with your favourite animal character to create your perfect outdoor summer decor. 

Well-a well-a well-a huh

Tell me more, tell me more you say?


Ok, moving on to the house. Koh Living’s collection of decor makes it easy to introduce a splash of ‘summer’ into your home. Koh Living’s electric lamps are an easy summer decor addition.

These 30cm lamps channel the summer vibes with bright colours and fresh floral designs. Made from glass and a layer of clay, they are beautiful by day and stunning at night.

Again, Anna Blatman brings that summer feeling with her vivid floral illustrations, while Koh Living’s own native floral designs will suit the summer decor of more neutral palettes. 

Koh Living’s electric tiered display lamps feature 3-6 of our signature glass and clay tea lights. LED globes within the tealights create a warm glow and bring to life the Aboriginal designs of Kathleen Buzzacott, beautiful ocean illustrations from Melanie Hava and Anna Blatman’s radiant florals. These lamps are well suited to the corner of a living room or as an impressive sideboard piece. 

Summer decor doesn’t have to be fancy, and indeed some of the best summer decor ideas are very simple. We love the idea of seasonal tea towels. It’s a very cheap and easy way to transition your kitchen from one season to the next. Koh Living is lucky to partner with Australian artists who even lend their talents to our tea towels, which means everyone can enjoy an art gallery feeling in their kitchen. Kathleen Buzzacott’s dreamtime tea towels feature original Aboriginal artwork in warm summer tones, while Anna Blatman’s signature artwork once again delivers on the summer brief. All Koh Living’s tea towels are 100% cotton so they look good and do the job too. 

Coasters are another simple and cost effective summer decor idea. Change up coasters according to the season and you’ll always feel a sense of harmony with your morning cuppa or evening drink.


Summer is the perfect time of year for parties and barbeques that kick off in the day and continue well into the night. The good news is, there’s no shortage of summer entertaining decor to set the mood at your place. 

Start by setting your table with Koh Living’s ceramic trivets. These unique artworks, on a practical non-slip cork base, reflect the warm tones of the Australian landscape. Use as placemats or position along the table, ready for a delicious summer smorgasbord.

Year round, candles are an obvious choice when it comes to hosting and setting the mood, but did you know candles can be distinctly ‘wintery’ or ‘summery’? For example, an intimate candlelit dinner inside feels quite ‘wintery’. Make it ‘summer’ by using candles outside to create a very different ‘candlelit’ feel. Summer is all about outside entertaining and alfresco dining. A candlelit dinner outside screams ‘summer’ and Koh Living has an abundance of candle options that you can add to your summer entertaining decor. 

When it comes to summer table decoration ideas, our tealight candle holders are always a favourite. Featuring a range of colourful illustrations from our gifted Australian artists, there’s something to suit every summer entertaining decor style. Their warm glow, resulting from the composition of glass and clay, means they lend themselves well to balmy evenings outdoors.

One tealight candle holder in the centre of a table is enough, or use a collection to create a striking look from one end to the other. 

Tealights can also be displayed on Koh Living’s iron stands. In both tall and long designs, these stands can be used to create height and depth on a dining table or as part of a decorative display. Other summer table decoration ideas include tealights amassed on a tray or simply scattered down the table.

In addition to traditional white tealights, Koh Living has a collection of colourful, scented tealights. With summery scents like ‘Coastal Retreat’, ‘Lemon Myrtle’ and ‘Coconut & Lime Punch’ they’re a clever way of bringing summer to all the senses. 


Candles can also be included in your arsenal of small front porch decorating ideas for summer. Mimicking fireflies, candles arranged in clusters or rows on a front porch or back verandah are a great outdoor summer decor idea. Koh Living’s Minikin lanterns are particularly suitable for decorating a front porch or back verandah. Giving off a lantern-like glow, these tealight candle holders are moulded in fine white porcelain and really come to life when a flame flickers within them. 

If you’re worried about leaving candles unattended, swap out traditional tealights for battery tealights to achieve the same look. Candles also come in handy when it comes to summer door decoration ideas. By placing candles either side of the doorway you can create a warm and welcoming entrance. We recommend lighting candles before dusk so their glow encourages an easy flow into the night. 

So before it turns colder and that’s where it ends, get your hands on some summer decor from Koh Living and make the most of the summer days drifting away to, oh, oh the summer nights.