What are the Benefits of Buying Wholesale with Koh Living

What are the Benefits of Buying Wholesale with Koh Living

Who doesn’t want to be a great gift giver? At Koh Living it’s been our mission to create great gift givers with our collection of art-inspired gifts. Over the last 16 years we’ve helped millions of people across the world become great gift givers, and since 2019, we’ve helped people give over 1 million great gifts!

We take the frustration out of gift shopping with meaningful items that recipients will actually appreciate and use. What’s more, our art-inspired gifts represent great value for money and are produced with sustainable and socially compliant practices in mind.

Our mission to create great gift givers, starts with creating great gifts, and who doesn’t want to stock great gifts in their store? This is why Koh Living’s range of art-inspired gifts can be bought wholesale by retailers across Australia.  

Are your customers ready to become great gift givers? Fancy stocking our collection of art-inspired gifts in your store? Let’s take a look at the benefits of buying wholesale, and indeed the benefits of wholesalers like Koh Living


We supply GREAT gifts

Great gifts are in our DNA. It’s what we do. It’s our thing. When you buy wholesale with Koh Living, great gifts can be your thing too. 

We are dedicated to producing meaningful, art-inspired gifts so you don’t have to. Producing and designing meaningful gifts at the right price doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a hard-working and experienced team. When you buy wholesale through Koh Living, this dedicated team works for you too.

We understand that business owners don’t have time to deal directly with manufacturers and manage shipping logistics, not to mention the large unit minimums. Cutting out this extra work is certainly one of the benefits of using a wholesaler. 

When you buy wholesale from us, our great gifts can be available in your store, making it a destination for great gift givers. It’s that simple.



Koh Living offers a wide variety of gifts so it’s easy to find things that will suit your store and customers. 

Lifestyle products include art-inspired drink bottles, bags, glasses cases, journals and stationery. Our collection of home decor products includes candles, candle holders and stands, carousels, Minikin lanterns, and electric lamps.

In the kitchen we offer a range of coasters, cups, lunch bags, mugs, plates, tea towels, trays, and trivets. If you’re not sure what to order, our experienced team is always happy to suggest gifts that will suit your store. 

Our products are grouped in collections too so you can stock a range of products in a cohesive and attractive way. When you start a wholesale journey with Koh Living we’ll spend time working with you to create a story that fits your store and your budget.

Australian artists

We collaborate with renowned Australian artists to produce original art-inspired gifts. These established artists lend their artistic talents to our products, allowing our pieces to tell meaningful stories. Our artists include Kathleen Buzzacott, Melanie Hava and Anna Blatman. Koh Living works hard at building and maintaining these relationships and this is another benefit of using a wholesaler like Koh Living. 

As members of the Indigenous Art Code, you know that Koh Living’s art-inspired gifts showcase genuine Aboriginal art. Our Aboriginal art collection distinctly features the Indigenous Art Code stamp on the packaging so consumers know the product is genuine. The stamp also communicates to consumers that the production process was ethical. This means the artists were paid fairly and involved in the production process. With the Indigenous Art Code stamp, your customers will know they are supporting Indigenous Australian artists. 

Koh Living is 100% Australian owned and operated

Deal with a 100% Australian owned and operated business. As an Australian business we want to see other Aussie businesses thrive. We understand what’s happening in our country and can tailor our products and systems to suit local events, the environment and culture. 


Price is on point

There’s no use delivering a great gift if your customers can’t afford it. Our gifts are great because so is the price. We know that customers appreciate value for money which is why we pride ourselves on creating quality gifts without the expensive price tag. 

Our customer friendly price point doesn’t mean we compromise on quality or our values either. We aim to exercise sustainability practices, using environmentally friendly packaging and products where possible and ensuring all our factories are socially compliant. 

Benefits of wholesalers are ideal for small businesses

At Koh Living, we are geared towards small, local businesses. We can produce great gifts in bulk to keep costs down and help you avoid minimum orders that would be unattainable for most small businesses. This is one of the huge benefits of wholesalers

With an initial investment of $1,000 we can set you up with great products and a creative, eye-catching display. Subsequent orders have a minimum spend of just $250. We know that your customers will love our great gifts, but we also take the pressure off small businesses with our 4-week guarantee period. If your stock simply isn’t selling, we can take it back which means you can order with confidence.

Buying wholesale with Koh Living is simple

Starting a wholesale relationship with us is easy. You can apply for a trade account directly through our website. Simply fill in your details and we’ll process your application. Our application process includes a check on existing customers and their proximity to your store, confirmation of your ABN and whether you’re a brick and mortar retail store. 

When your application is approved we’ll set you up with a trade account so you can log in and shop conveniently through our online wholesale store. 

Support for retailers

We stand behind our gifts and our retailers. Access to resources is another one of the benefits of using a wholesaler.  

Get to know our products and understand their meaning with our retailer training. It’s easy to sell products when you know what makes them special and unique. 

We also know that even bricks and mortar stores need an online presence, but finding content for social media channels and websites can be challenging. We provide our retailers with access to professional imagery of our products, including beautiful lifestyle images. 

The benefits of wholesalers don’t end with the products. In store, we can provide merchandising stands, light displays for candle holders and other engaging displays. 

So what are you waiting for? Join the 600 retailers across Australia selling great gifts and start enjoying the many benefits of using a wholesaler like Koh Living!