Autumn Decor Tips From Koh Living

Autumn Decor Tips From Koh Living

As the leaves begin to drift from branches, we too drift away from the heat and activity of summer and into the steady, often slower pace of autumn. Doors open less, and windows remain closed, as we snuggle into blankets and embrace earthy fall tones.

At Koh Living we love celebrating the changing seasons and leaning into what that means for our lifestyle and living spaces. As the weather gets cooler and we begin to hibernate inside, it’s time to start thinking about how to decorate for autumn. 

In this blog we’ll show you how to decorate for autumn with light, colour and a little help from our art-inspired decor of course!


How to decorate for autumn

We always say that changing your home decor to reflect the season isn’t reserved for interior designers or celebrities. Small changes in decor can have a huge impact on your living space and the way you feel.

When decorating for autumn, think about how you live during the cooler months. For most of us, cold weather is an invitation to bunker down in the comfort of our home. Consider autumn decor that is warm and inviting, such as cosy throws and soft pillows. 

Autumn signals the end of long days and extended sunlight. With the sun setting early, it’s time to think about how lighting can create that warm and inviting atmosphere. If you’ve got a fireplace then you can light it up, but flickering candles reminiscent of a crackling wood fire and glowing lamps are just as effective (and often easier!) in setting the mood.  

Introducing some earthy autumn colours is another easy way to decorate for autumn. Think burnt orange, shades of brown, muted red and mustard yellow. You don’t need to repaint entire walls, a thoughtful splash of colour is more than enough.


Autumn home decor ideas

Autumn home decor ideas don’t have to be entirely decorative. In summer, our focus is often outward, consumed by social events and activities. Autumn presents a time to slow down and turn our attention inwards. Encourage self-reflection and stillness with a collection of carefully placed journals, ready to be used by the whole family. 

Our art-inspired journals can be displayed on a coffee table, writing desk or on the corner of a shelf. We love Kathleen Buzzacott’s Aboriginal Bush Tucker A5 journal, featuring shimmering gold and warm hues, this dreamtime journal tells a story of families gathering bush tucker together. 

Coasters are another easy and cost-effective way to change up your autumn decor. Autumn brings an increase in the consumption of hot drinks, but you can protect your table and add a pop of colour with our ceramic coasters. A beautiful addition to your coffee or dining table, we love the deep tones of Kathleen Buzzacott’s Aboriginal Perentie ceramic coaster. Autumn decor vibes are also felt in her Aboriginal Desert Frogs artwork, inspired by the dry creeks and rivers that are filled with life after rain.

Steaming cups of tea, hot chocolate and freshly brewed coffee are a simple pleasure on cold mornings and evenings. Featuring artwork from renowned Indigneous artists, Koh Living’s collection of mugs are a beautiful way to enjoy these peaceful moments. Displayed on hooks, these mugs also double as autumn decor. 

Autumn bedroom decor

As we move into autumn we begin to retreat to the bedroom more often. Early nights with the company of a good book lead into lazy mornings under comforting covers. Dark evenings and cold mornings are best met with the light of a warm lamp.

Koh Living’s art-inspired lamps are a great way to introduce colour by day and create homely light at night. Hand-made from glass and a layer of clay, these lamps are perfectly suited to bedside tables. They are a ‘must’ on your autumn bedroom decor list! 


Autumn wall decor

If you can’t tell, we love all things art. We often wish we had unlimited wall space so we could hang all the artwork that we fall in love with each day. We’ve shared the idea of seasonal artwork before, but in case you missed it, here it is again.

Have you ever thought about changing the art on your walls according to the season? It may seem unconventional, but it is actually a great way to transition your home from season to season and enjoy more of the art that you love. 

Available in a range of seasonal shades, our A4 wall prints make it easy to introduce some autumn wall decor. Identical in size and with a similar aesthetic, it’s easy to change these artworks to reflect the season. 

While technically not autumn wall decor, our tea towels do enjoy a hanging position in our kitchen. These items present another easy swap when it comes to ushering in a new season. Koh Living’s collection of art inspired tea towels are an inexpensive way of embracing the darker autumn tones and bringing them into your kitchen.


Autumn table decor

The autumn season inspires a whole new menu, and a new way of eating. While alfresco dining, fresh salads and picnics are summer signatures, autumn invites us to enjoy roast dinners by candlelight and lovely warming soups. 

Kathleen Buzzacott’s ceramic trivets are just the thing for your autumn table decor. Featuring original paintings in rich, autumn tones, these cork based trivets can be used under piping hot dishes or as placemats. More than a painting, each artwork tells a unique story, just the thing to spark engaging dinner conversations. 

You can’t have a candlelit dinner without candles. Koh Living’s signature clay and glass candle holders will illuminate your table with all those warm, earthy tones. Traditional Aboriginal art, reflecting Australia’s unique landscapes, comes to life as a candle burns within. These candles are perfect on their own or grouped together on one of our iron stands.

Enjoy the flicker of a traditional candle or opt for a battery operated tealight to achieve the same look. Create an experience for all the senses with our scented tealights. Autumn inspired scents include vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood and amber. 

Autumn is certainly in the air! It’s time to have fun with your autumn decor and embrace all that the new season has to offer.