Unique Birthday Gift Ideas From Koh Living

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas From Koh Living

Birthday gifts are always dynamic, informed by things like age, interests, living arrangements, relationship status and gender. Unless it’s a regular old box of chocolates (we’re all trying to be healthy these days anyway aren’t we?) one can rarely give the same gift every 12 months when another birthday rolls around. Regardless of life stage, gift-givers want to give something special, something meaningful, something unique.

You may wonder, what is a unique birthday gift? Indeed, what is a great birthday gift? At Koh Living we’ve got the answer to both those questions! We’ve made it our mission to make gift-giving easy. That means creating birthday gifts that are both personal and practical at just the right price. When it comes to unique birthday gifts for her or him, our collection of art-inspired products tick all the boxes.

Consider this blog your guide to birthday gift ideas. We’ll show you our favourite birthday gift ideas, starting with small tokens, right through to more substantial gifts.

Something small…

The saying goes ‘good things come in small packages’ right? Never underestimate the power of a small gift. A small, well-timed, and thoughtful birthday gift can be just as valuable as the most expensive jewels. If you’re looking for something simple to say “I’m thinking of you, you’re special and happy birthday”, then we’ve got you covered. These birthday gift ideas are perfect for work colleagues, neighbours, along with both new and old friends.

Let’s start with our art-inspired journals. Featuring artwork from local Australian artists, these are great birthday gifts for office notetakers, ‘to do’ list makers and starry eyed dreamers. Choose from Anna Blatman’s vibrant Australian animal illustrations or Kathleen Buzzacott’s earthy Indigenous paintings. Personalise your journal gift with a handwritten message or inspiring quote inside the cover. 

Can you ever have enough bags and pouches? We don’t think so! Koh Living’s recycled plastic bottle bags are just the thing for groceries, or books, and they fold up neatly into a little pouch. Store them in a handbag or the car and never use a dreaded plastic bag again. Our cotton zip bags are also small, but handy. At 19cm x 13cm these sustainably made organic cotton pouches with wrist strap will easily fit a phone and keys. 

Make it useful…

Practicality meets style with Koh Living’s art-inspired glasses cases. This birthday gift is just the thing for someone who is always losing their glasses, rummaging to find them in their bag or someone who simply wears glasses. Cases and lens cleaners feature stunning artwork that will brighten up even the dullest parts of the day. When they find their glasses with ease they’ll thank you for this oh so useful gift!


Remind them how much you care with a quality drink bottle they’ll sip from each day. Koh Living’s stainless steel drink bottles are double walled and insulated with a leak proof lid. They can keep beverages cold for 24hrs or hot for 12 hrs. With a huge range of art-inspired designs, there’s something to suit every taste and style.

Light up their world…

There’s no shortage of candles on the market, and candles do indeed make a great birthday gift. But your average candle isn’t exactly unique these days and once they’re burned through they go straight to the bin. Give something that lasts, something they can light up and appreciate time after time. Give them a Koh Living signature art-inspired candle holder and really set the mood at his or her home. 

What makes our candle holders a unique birthday gift? Our colourful candle holders are hand-made from glass and a layer of clay. It is this material composition that allows the light from the tea light candle to illuminate through the stunning artwork. Illustrations of wildflowers, native Australian animals and Dreamtime stories are brought to life by the flickering flame within. 

These candle holders are easily re-used and enjoyed again and again with inexpensive tealights. A Koh Living candle holder doesn’t mean giving up the joy of a scented candle either. With our collection of scented tealights a stunning Koh Living candle holder can be enjoyed with the sweet scents of wild jasmine, French pear and salted caramel, to name a few!

Koh Living’s candle holders are beautifully boxed, making them a perfect little gift on their own. If you’re looking to really light up their world then a single candle holder or group of Koh Living candle holders can be elegantly displayed on one of our iron stands. 

For a timeless birthday gift, look no further than our Minikin tealight candle holders. These modern day lanterns are moulded using fine white porcelain, which sits on a round wooden base. Illustrations of wildflowers and animals are moulded into the porcelain and when a candle burns within they are illuminated. Minikin lanterns allow light and shadows to dance beautifully around a room. 

Spoil them… 

When it comes to spoiling the special people in your life, it’s often the thought that really counts. A birthday gift that says “I really thought about this, and I thought about who you are and what you enjoy” always makes a great gift. 

We love the idea of collecting items that you know the birthday person will appreciate and enjoy. It’s even better if you can theme a collection of special things. For example, when it comes to the ‘hostess with the mostess’ you may like to put together a collection of entertaining items so she can host her parties in style. Perhaps a couple of Koh Living candle holders, some tealights, and a collection of art-inspired trivets with matching plates for the table. 

Those who like to get outdoors will appreciate some Koh Living bamboo cups and plates that are perfect for picnics. Make it personal with a handwritten note explaining the intentions behind the gift. You may even like to arrange a time that you can enjoy their gift together. If you’re pressed for time, but still looking to spoil, we’ve done the work for you and put together a range of care packs

For more birthday gift ideas, shop the entire Koh Living collection. Happy gifting!