How to best light up a room

How to best light up a room

Lighting that doubles as art

When deciding how you will light up your home space, consider something that doubles as an art piece. Light can accentuate, amplify and add a whole other dimension to art. A lamp or candle holder can add colour, shape and pattern to a space as well as illumination. Steer away from boring old desk lamps and consider art-inspired lighting! Let me show you some wonderful options if you’re not quite sure where to start. 

 Art-inspired lamps are a winner!

Through a wonderful process involving polymer clay, commonly known as ‘jeweller’s clay,’ an Australian homewares company Koh Living, has been able to collaborate with local artists and transfer their wonderful artworks onto glass lamps! The result is absolutely stunning. The 30cm glass orb lamps have the artwork transferred onto them using the polymer clay, a little heat and some skilled hands. The lamps showcase artworks from a myriad of artists such as Melbourne’s own Anna Blatman! When the lamps are turned on, the artwork comes to life, making the colours pop and the floral designs come to life! These orb-shaped lamps are excellent feature pieces that will brighten any space and create a real talking point. Guests will marvel at it and be prepared for a peppering of questions, asking you where you got such a unique lamp!

Choosing the right art-inspired lamp for your space: The artwork

When considering what lamp to add to your space, the artwork is the most important feature. The colours and patterns should speak to you and make you feel joy every time you look at it. This is completely personal and should be a reflection of yourself. You will find that, more often than not, the design that jumps out at you on first glance, will be the design that actually blends the best with your existing home décor. Your home is often where you feel the most relaxed and yourself, so your decor should enhance this. If bright colours and cheerful florals bring your joy, consider some of artists Anna Blatman’s floral design lamps. The Vibrant ‘Anna’ or ‘Mia’ 30cm lamp would be perfect! Or perhaps you feel completely Zen when surrounded by the Australian bush and its native floras tonal palette. If this sounds like you, consider the ‘Flowering Gum’ or ‘Banksia’ 30cm lamp for your space.

Choosing the right art-inspired lamp for your space: Shape

Another very important factor to consider when choosing lighting for your space is shape! Depending on the area you want to illuminate, different shapes can be much more effective. For example, Koh Living’s 30cm round lamps will not fill a tall corner space very effectively, but rather will come into their own on a bed side table, a side table next to a couch, or even on a books shelf! For a taller space like a corner of a room or even a space with high ceilings, a taller lamp will provide the right proportions. Consider Koh Living’s 3 or 6 tiered lamps. They create a tiered platform to showcase each individual smaller art-inspired glass orb, creating a cascading effect that will make your jaw drop! The best part about these babies, is you can choose your own adventure, or rather choose your own design combination! You can select any of Koh Living’s glass tea light candle holder designs, from Aboriginal art, to Aussie natives, to vibrant sunflowers, to European city scapes to be included in your lamp! And if you want to change them out later down the track for something new and fresh, you can!

Lighting options that aren’t lamps

If you’re looking for something a little smaller than a lamp, why not consider art-inspired tea light candle holders for some seriously gorgeous ambient lighting in your home! Koh Living have an expansive range of stunning orb shaped glass candle holders with all manner of artwork and design on them. Similarly to the lamps, when a tea light candle is placed inside, the artworks colours come to life, creating a gorgeous glow in whatever room you decide to put them. Try combining two of your favourite candle holder designs and using the Tall iron stand next to the Short iron stand, to create height and a tiered effect when displaying your candle holders. These are also a wonderful and inexpensive gift idea for a loved one that will be adored for years to come.

Why lighting is so important

Lighting has a profound effect on our mood. Have you ever walked into a room with harsh fluorescent lighting and felt instantly uneasy. Or contrastingly have you ever entered, say a day spa with warm ambient lighting that has made you feel instantly calm and at home? This is the power of thoughtful lighting. Especially now that we are spending so much time in our homes, working from home etc. it is so important to make it feel inviting and restorative. Having warm, ambient lighting such as a lamp or candle can create such a wonderful feel in your space. Combining this with art that makes you smile every time you look at it, will have double the positive effect on your mood! That is why Koh Living’s lighting products are so wonderful, they do just that!

Where can I get art-inspired lamps?

Simply go to Koh Living’s online store and browse their entire range of magical lighting choices. Lamps, candles, candle holders and so much more! It’s time to spruce up your home space with lighting! Orders online can be delivered straight to you or a loved ones address with no hassle at all! Tomorrow is already looking very bright for you.

Happy shopping!

Koh x