Gifts for loved ones in lockdown

 Gifts for loved ones in lockdown

Thankyou! Yes you…the world needs more of people like you.


First of all, if you are reading this…thank you. Thank you for thinking of others and trying to spread some love during these crazy, sometimes lonely times. We may not be able to hug our loved ones or sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with them…be that because one of you is in lockdown or perhaps, they are far away…however there are still ways to connect. Gift giving is one of the best ways we can connect with our loved ones during lockdowns. Now let me tell you why…and give you my top picks for lockdown gift ideas!

Thoughtful gifts spread love


Surprise gifts especially are one of the most powerful ways to show someone you care. It shows you were thinking of them, not because it was the expected acknowledgement of a birthday for example, but because you genuinely have them in your thoughts. I can honestly say for myself, that some of the best gifts I have ever received, have caught me completely unaware.

I was sitting at home on yet another Zoom meeting (when will it end?) with totally acceptable appearance from head to waist, with pyjama bottoms to complete the working from home look…when I heard a knock at the door. The delivery man was hardly visible behind the huge colourful bunch of poppies he was holding, with a note from a dear friend of mine saying ‘I hope these brighten your day.’

Not only was my day brightened, but I was beaming from ear to ear for the rest of the week! I didn’t even realise how much I needed that thoughtful gesture, until it literally arrived on my doorstep. I think we all get pretty good at dealing with the crapness of lockdowns, getting on with day-to-day tasks, putting one foot in front of the other…but it’s draining, it takes effort…and so we might not realize how much we need to be thought of. But we all do need it.

Gift giving in lockdown will make you feel good too


It’s 100% true! Not only does gift giving make the recipient feel loved and appreciated, but the giver will also get a kick out of making their loved ones happy! Not only is this something we just know is intrinsically true, because I’m guessing we’ve all felt that ‘warm glow’ when your loved one is ecstatic over your thoughtfully picked out gift…but it’s actually got some science behind it too! We literally get an endorphin hit when we give to others…I won’t go too much into the fascinating details, but I encourage you to look up ‘gift giving psychology’ if you need something else to do in lockdown after sending some wonderful gifts off.

What is the perfect gift for a loved one in lockdown?


Now this is going to be personal, after all you know the person, not me. But I can certainly give you some foolproof ideas to consider, and then see what fits your needs! So, when I think ‘lockdown gifts’ I instantly think gifts based around self-care and home-décor…because everyone needs a bit of TLC at the moment, and let’s face it…we are spending inordinate amounts of time in our homes, so they should be full of things that bring us joy and remind us of our friends and family. So here are some fab gifts based around those ideas!

Candles to uplift and relax


Scented candles are an excellent way to uplift the mood in any home. Perhaps you know someone who loves candles and anything that smells divine! For them, I would recommend a Local Essential Oil Soy Candle from Koh living. They are locally made on the Mornington Peninsula and use only 100% natural essential oils, no synthetic fragrances! They will burn beautifully for 60hrs…that’s 60hrs of bliss that your loved one will get to enjoy. Choose from 5 different fragrances; Purify Your Home, Rejuvenation, Meditation, Calm Baby and Breathe Easy.


Journals for reflection


Journaling is such an invaluable tool in these tough times. It can be used to reflect and gain helpful insight into ourselves and the world we inhabit. The journal does not have to be a place for metaphysical musings though, perhaps it is just the place where a daily ‘to do’ list is written down. Small senses of achievement, such as crossing of a task on your ‘to do’ list can be so important during lockdowns…to create some structure and a feeling of moving forward amongst the often-repetitious world of lockdown.

Gifting someone a beautiful art-inspired journal might be the perfect way to show them you care. Choose from journals designed by Indigenous artist, Kathleen Buzzacott. Or perhaps the cute outback animals painted by Melbourne artist, Anna Blatman.


A mug holds coffee and coffee = sanity


Whether coffee or tea or even chai is your go to comfort drink, drinking it out of a beautiful mug makes it all the more delicious! So why not gift your loved one an art-inspired fine bone china mug? Every time they use it they will be reminded that they are loved. Choose from dainty Australian wildflower designs. Or perhaps the gorgeous floral designs of artist, Anna Blatman.  You can get her beautiful artwork on fine bone china mugs, or travel mugs! There are even a wide range of genuine Aboriginal art mugs from artists such as Melanie Hava and Kathleen Buzzacott. All Koh Living Aboriginal art gifts are made under the Indigenous art code, so you know they are genuine and produced ethically.


Letter Writing Sets to help them stay connected


Letter writing can be such a great tool to help us feel connected to loved ones who might be far away, or in lockdown. Using a nostalgic form of communication, such as a handwritten letter, makes the gesture even more special.

By giving your loved ones a beautifully designed letter writing set, you are giving them the gift of connectedness. Encourage them to write you, or their friends and family letters! The excitement of getting an in-depth, handwritten correspondence is also something they can look forward to. Sometimes a phone call is great, but a letter can be more detailed and thoughtful! Choose from the ‘Darcy’ or ‘Anna’ design Letter Writing Sets by artist Anna Blatman and Koh Living.


Gift wrapping and personalized notes for extra ‘feel good’


Koh Living offer beautiful gift-wrapping on all orders and will include a personalized note from you to your loved one too! Making your thoughtful gift really stand out. At no extra cost! Koh Living’s delivery service will ensure your gift gets to where it needs to go. So, shop now and spread the love this lockdown!

Koh x