Essential stationery for your home office

Essential stationery for your home office

Working from home is the new ‘norm’

Unfortunately, with returning to work at ‘full capacity’ seeming more and more like a distant dream…it looks like working from home is here to stay. It’s not all bad though…I mean, you have the power to wear pyjama bottoms and slippers on Zoom calls, whilst still looking smart and professional on screen to your unsuspecting colleagues.

Excellent! But in the same breath, the lack of definition between work and home life can be a struggle! It is important to have a dedicated space at home that is ‘the office’ and it is important that this space is inspiring! A fantastic way to create an office space at home that actually motivates you and makes you want to be there…is to firstly make it look appealing! You may think this is a small and simple thing…but do not underestimate the power of appearances. No time or money for a complete home renovation? That’s fine! There are much easier ways to achieve a snazzy home office space!


Make it yours!

Your home office space should reflect your style! Is it minimalist, monochromatic, well organized…or perhaps inspiring, full of colour and motivating? Your stationery is a great place to start… When you look at a plain Spirax binder book…does it bring you joy? Probably not. “But why does it have to look nice so long as it’s functional?” you ask. Well to that I say, if everything in the world were only functional and not inspiring…the world would be a very boring place. Why shouldn’t your stationary be exciting? Here are a few gorgeous art-inspired stationary items to bring life back to your home office.


Writing Pad

These Australian made writing pads designed by Melbourne artist, Anna Blatman are an essential piece of stationary for your home office. Anna Blatman’s work is created with the purpose of bringing happiness to people though use of colour. Her infectiously joyful floral designs ‘Darcy’ and ‘Anna.’ Will brighten up any space! Enjoy 60 sheets of lined, high-quality paper (FSC and PEFC Certified.)


Market List 

Everyone loves a good list! The satisfaction of crossing another task off a ‘to do’ list is next to none. Let’s face it…staying focused in a home office can at times be difficult…you may have kids home-schooling and the thought of that pile of ironing in the laundry that nobody ever has time to do is tempting. A daily list to keep you on track and give you a sense of achievement is an essential stationery item for your home office.

Who says a market list has to be plain and boring though…why not choose from these 7 gorgeous designs at Koh Living? From the vibrant floral designs of Melbourne artists Anna Blatman to the blue oceanic hues of Aboriginal artist Melanie Hava…you’re sure to find one that will inspire you!




Journaling doesn’t have to be confined to just your personal life. Keeping a work journal is a really great way to reflect on your progress, set career goals and to keep accountable in making sure you’re striving towards those goals. If you are a small business owner, scribbling down ideas and growth aspirations is an absolute must! So treat yourself to a beautiful art-inspired journal to keep in your home office space, so that when inspiration hits, you have it close at hand!

Koh Living have worked with many Aussie artists to create stunning journals with beautiful covers, showcasing the artworks of amazing Australian artists. There is a style for everyone. These A5 sized journals with 85 lined pages of Eco friendly FSC paper, are a home office essential! If they weren’t beautiful enough on the outside, you will be delighted to find inspirational quotes and small illustrations scattered throughout its pages, from the artist to you. The journals also feature an elastic ‘stay band’ so none of your loose papers go missing. Plastic free packaging also means your purchase is treading softly on the Earth.


Mug and matching coaster

We all know that a day’s work would be pretty bleak without a nice warm cup of tea or coffee and maybe a cheeky biscuit or two if you’re like me. So why not ditch that old, tired mug for something that you actually adore drinking out of! And that comes with a matching coaster of course! Because who doesn’t love a matching coaster? Choose from an array of high quality fine bone china mugs at Koh Living. All designed by Aussie artists such as Anna Blatman, Kathleen Buzzacott and Melanie Hava. Coasters with matching artworks are available. All made from high quality ceramic, with a cork bottom to stop slipping or marks on surfaces.


Have your home office revamp delivered straight to your door

Of course, we would love nothing more than for you to visit us at our ‘bricks and mortar’ store, but until restrictions allow this…we have made sure that all of your home office revamping needs are met, with our online store! Choose your stationary and then have it delivered straight to your door. It’s as easy as that! Bring on the stationary, bring on the inspiration and bring on a reinvigorated sense of motivation in your home office space.

We can’t wait to see what you do with your space!


Koh x