Arty Lunchbags to keep food fresh this summer

Arty Lunchbags to keep food fresh this summer

Summer is on the way! And that means warmer weather…hooray! And we have created the ultimate art-inspired range of insulated lunch bags for you and your family to enjoy! They really are the best of the best…let me tell you why!

Looks cool…feels even cooler!

Koh Living is an Australian owned and run business that collaborates with local artists to create wonderful art-inspired gift and home wares. Koh Living’s ranges of insulated lunch bags were designed by none other than Melbourne artist, Anna Blatman.

If you are familiar with her works you will know that she is a colour wizard! Her artworks are a joyful explosion of hues that depict the friendly Aussie animals of the bush. You cannot help but smile when you look upon her pieces. Each of our insulated Lunch bags has a different furry or feathery friend peering out at you. The kids will absolutely love them, the adults too!  So yes they look cool, but knowing you are supporting Aussie artists and small business will make you feel even cooler! But enough about how gorgeous these Lunchbags are, and more about why they are better than any other lunch carrying container on the market!

Your yummies will stay fresher for longer

Because these babies are lined with insulation, your food will stay cold for 6-8hrs! Add an ice pack to the mix and you’re laughing! Your child’s lunches will stay fresh all day at school, making sure they are safe and get the nourishment those little bodies need! Take your lunch to work too…these arty Lunchbags will make taking a pack lunch to work seem very cool indeed; all your colleagues will want one!

BPA free

Ok, we have heard about BPA and that we should avoid it right? But what actually is it? BPA or bisphenol is a chemical used in manufacturing, to harden plastics. It can be found in hard plastic drink bottles, lunchboxes etc. It is relatively harmless at low levels, but over time with lots of use, these had plastic containers may start to leach the chemical into our food/water and potentially affect our health. This is why a lot of companies will advertise that their products are ‘BPA free.’ When these bottles inevitably break and are thrown into landfill, they will potentially start to leach their chemicals into the soil as well. It is probably best to avoid plastics completely when looking for a lunch bag or box, for you and your family’s health and for the Earth’s too!\

Reusable and Durable

Of course, maybe the most important thing when looking at a lunch bag is it’s longevity. I have a saying “Buy cheap and you’ll buy it x3 times over.” This is true, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get great quality for a very reasonable price. When I see how poorly and carelessly some of the mass produced school lunch items are, say from brands such as Officeworks, Big W etc.… it’s no wonder people are buying new ones once even twice a year! But a long lasting, high quality product doesn’t have to be oodles of dollars!

Koh Living’s lunch bags are reasonably priced, given how long they last and how durable they are. A few features that allow for this longevity include; the lining, durable stitching…and the snag-free material used for the outer bag. So many times I see lunch bags made of mesh…when will we learn? Mesh material will just catch and fray as soon as they are used by our little tykes for even just one term of school. No metals are used wither, unlike the popular bento box style lunchboxes, these will not develop rust spots! So not only will you and your family love these lunch bags, but you will have them for a long time!

Super easy to clean

This is an absolute MUST for busy family life. As I think you would all agree, the less time we spend washing up, the better. These awesome insulated Lunchbags just need a quick wipe and then bam…done, clean! No fuss, no mess, no compartments to clean…that is music to the busy parent’s ears.

Appropriate size

Something to consider when looking for the perfect lunch bag is size! This might seem pretty obvious but making sure they are big enough to fit enough food for your child, or for you…as well as fitting neatly into a schoolbag or workbag.

Easy to store

One of the best things about the Koh Living insulated Lunchbags is how small they pack down for storage when not in use! Because they are made of soft material, with concertina edges these babies will fold down flat, making for easy storage. Yay!

Care and maintenance for longevity

These lunch bags are durable as all get out and don’t need much TLC to keep them looking their best. However, here are some basic care instructions to get the most out of your Koh Living x Anna Blatman insulated lunch bag. For cleaning simply use a wet cloth with a mild detergent to wipe clean the inside, let dry completely before storing. To ensure it is completely dry inside, have bag completely open hanging upside down. If the outside gets dirty for any reason, use the same method! The great thing about these bags is that the non-porous material doesn’t get smelly like canvas no lingering unfavourable odours. They really are fantastic!

Where can I get my hands on one?

Go to and search Lunchbags. Alternatively, head to our store in Mornington, or your local Koh Living stockist! List of stockists also available on the Koh Living website! Happy shopping!

Koh x