Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Grandmothers

Looking for a truly special and impactful Grandmother gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Here at Koh our entire range has been created to celebrate love, connection, community and culture, making it a wonderful gift idea for Mum’s day this year.

Should you get your Grandmother a Mother’s Day gift?

Grandmothers hold a cherished spot in our families; they’re the matriarchs, the storytellers, and often, the glue holding everything together. Mother’s Day isn’t just for mums with young kiddos; it’s a day to truly celebrate all the mother figures in our lives. So, yes, here at Koh, we believe that if you have a relationship with your grandmother, or just someone special who’s played that role in your life, Mother’s Day gifts for your grandma are non-negotiable. It should be a celebration of who she is and how treasured your relationship is. Spoiling your Grandma on Mother’s day is a brilliant way to show her just how much she’s appreciated.

What is a thoughtful gift for grandmothers on mother’s day?

The most thoughtful gift for grandmothers on mothers day is something that says, "I get you, and I love you for who you are." Whether it’s a gift that celebrates her passions and interests, brings back fond memories, or adds a bit of joy to her daily routine, a personalised gift for grandmothers that you’ve chosen because it suits the person she is, will always be adored.

Our range of Mother’s Day gifts for grandma’s, nans, oma’s, granny, no matter your name for her, we know that she’ll adore the sensory joy of our hand poured scented candles, the warm glow of our Aboriginal art candle holders, or love the convenience and quality of our insulated travel mugs. Our gift choices are varied and affordable to make your gift shopping more enjoyable.


What are the best mother’s day gifts for grandmothers?

When it comes to the best gifts for mum or grandma, it’s all about quality and meaning. Here’s where Koh Living shines with its range of Indigenous art-inspired pieces:

  • Tealight Holders: These aren’t just any tealight holders; they’re like mini art installations in her living room, casting a warm, gentle glow that can remind her of the family’s love.
  • Fine Bone China Mugs: Perfect for her morning cuppa, these mugs feature stunning Indigenous designs that tell a story with every sip, making her feel connected and cherished.
  • Beautiful art journals: Whether it captures her daily to do or shopping list, the names and dates of birth of all of her grandchildren, or perhaps just thoughts and ideas she has, our stunning Aboriginal Art Journals celebrate culture and place with a refined design and beautiful pages made to create a writing experience that is all about joy.

How do you know what to buy your grandmother for mother’s day?

Listen and observe. Has she mentioned something she’s been missing or wanting to try? Maybe she’s taken up a new hobby or shown interest in a particular style, culture, musician? The clues are there, the real trick is being engaged and paying attention to the person she is, beyond just being your grandmother. When in doubt, something that enhances her comfort or indulges a passion is usually a safe bet.


What are some useful gifts for grandmothers for mother’s day?

Useful doesn’t have to mean boring. It’s about blending functionality with a touch of beauty or a dash of fun:

  • Aromatic Candles: Ideal for setting a relaxing atmosphere in her home. The scents can be calming or rejuvenating, depending on what she likes. Our candles are Australian made and our candle tins feature stunning Aboriginal art work that looks as amazing as the candle smells.
  • Kitchenware: Functional yet beautiful kitchenware that matches her style can make daily chores a bit more enjoyable. Our range of beautiful Aboriginal art tea towels will bring a smile to her face every time she uses her gift and thinks  of you.

Affordable gifts for Mother’s day for Grandmothers are in stock now and available for delivery from Koh Living.