Australian gift ideas for mums from Koh Living

How To Choose A Gift For Hard To Buy For Mums

Finding that perfect present for a mum who seems to have everything can be a daunting task. Especially when it comes to a special occasion like Mother's Day, which calls for choosing a gift that is as thoughtful and unique as your mum. At Koh Living, we specialise in gifts that are not just beautiful, but also meaningful, so we know a thing or two about finding a gift that's guaranteed to bring a smile to your mum's face. Of course, if you want to know the real truth, she'll be happy just to hear from you, get a surprise visit, or a big, cuddly hug.

Understanding Your Mum’s Interests: A Key to the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

The first step to choosing the right gift for mum, is to think about what makes your mum tick. What sparks joy in her days? What makes her eyes light up? Does she enjoy nature? Is she captivated by art and culture? Reflecting on her hobbies and passions can provide a great starting point.

Explore Art Gifts That Connect & Inspire

Art possesses a timeless appeal that can resonate deeply on a personal level. Consider giving your mum a gift that speaks to her soul. Our collection of art-inspired gifts includes pieces that are not only visually striking but also imbued with the stories and symbolism of Indigenous Australian art.

mother's day gift ideas for mums from Koh Living

Each piece tells a story, making it a thoughtful and profound gift for a mum who loves culture and history. Whether it's a decorative piece for her living room or a functional art item for her daily use, these gifts bridge the gap between utility and beauty, making them perfect for the mum who cherishes deeper meanings in her day.

We love connecting all things beauty and passion here at Koh, our latest range of gifts for Mother's day in particular, includes stunning pieces that celebrate the beauty of the natural world perfectly expressed with stunning cultural artistry. Our Aboriginal art range of gifts is perfect for mums who appreciate creativity and beauty in their surroundings.

Consider the Gift of Relaxation

Every mum deserves a moment of relaxation. Consider gifts that encourage her to take some time for herself. A set of calming, scented candles from our collection can be the perfect invitation for her to unwind and relax. These gifts offer a dual benefit—they enhance her living space while providing a serene atmosphere.

If she's a lover of tea or coffee, our beautiful art mugs or travel mugs will pair wonderfully with her favourite brew, offering comfort and joy with each use. By gifting her an item she can use regularly, you provide a regular reminder of your thoughtfulness and care, enhancing her everyday life with a sprinkle of joy even when you're not near.

Sustainable and Ethical Gifts Show You Care

When choosing a gift for your mum, consider the broader impact of your purchase. Koh Living is committed to sustainability and ethical practices, ensuring that every product you choose not only delights your mum but also contributes positively to the environment and supports the cultural heritage of Indigenous communities. Our Mother’s Day gifts are not just beautiful; they’re crafted with care, respecting both the environment and our artists’ communities.

Mother's Day Gifting Matters

That one day of the year when it's all about mum, and so it should be. Luckily, choosing the perfect gift for mother's day, is the same as any other special gifting event for mum. Make it all about her, whether it's a gift she'll use in the kitchen, in the garden, a gift of relaxation, or just something to make her days brighter and easier.