Australian Christmas Gift Giving Ideas from Koh Living

The Lost Art of Gift Giving

It is incredibly easy to wander down the confectionery aisle of a supermarket, pick out the most artisanal looking block of chocolate, and wrap it up in paper with a bow. Sure, it’s a present. But it’s not a gift. The difference is subtle, but it makes all the difference. A gift is something that is valued, treasured. It is something that prompts a little spark of joy, perhaps a small intake of breath as they pull back the wrapping paper. It is something valued, not just for the gesture.

This year, don’t give Christmas presents; give Christmas gifts. Koh Collective is bursting with festive ideas that will help you perfect the lost art of gift giving.

Christmas Gifts for her:

Art Coasters that are great for Christmas gifts

Peabody Ceramic Coaster

This stylised depiction of a finch-like bird is a little bit quirky, and fun; the perfect choice for a ceramic coaster. After all, who isn’t looking for good vibes when sharing a relaxed glass of wine with close friends? The cork base protects your table from spills, so it is the perfect marriage of function and form. If you’re after some Christmas inspiration, this is just right for the niece who marches to the beat of her drum.

Australian Collectors tea towels with Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Grandmother’s Country Cotton Tea Towel

Who says your kitchenware has to be bland and uninspiring?. This 100% cotton tea towel features the artwork of renowned artist Michelle Possum Nungurrayi, and it brings the stories of the dreaming into the heart of your home. When you aren’t using it to dry dishes, it could feature prominently within your kitchen, as vibrant as any framed artwork on your wall. This is a thoughtful option for the aesthetically minded mother or grandmother.


Artistic Candle Holders and Lanterns


Anna 30cm Lamp

We love what a lamp can do to a space. The warm light changes how you feel in that moment, and there is no more elegant or intimate lamp than this Anna Blatman design. The stylistic floral design is a reflection of her joy in life, which can be radiated around your house on a nightly basis or on special occasions to add to your xmas decor. This is perfect for sisters and aunts who love to switch off and slow down.


Australian design candle holder from Koh Living


Banksia Tea Light Candle Holder

There is something about the flickering glow of a candle that makes any room feel cosy and intimate. Our Tea light Candle Holders use that warmth to bask the entire room in warm yellows and gentle browns, and can be the perfect addition to a xmas table over dinner. Because these are handmade of clay and glass, no two pieces are ever exactly the same. It is as unique as the person who holds it. This is a wonderful option for the mum who loves to find moments of relaxation amidst the busyness of life.


Australian native table setting and design gifts


Australian Wildflower Placemat Set

This is the perfect way to add a dash of colour to your dinner table, with a uniquely Australian feel. Bring the natural beauty of the land inside with this set of six placemats which includes some of the most iconic native flora: banksia, flowering gum, desert pea, bottle brush, kangaroo paw, and flannel flower. It is a lovely gift for the person who loves to add beauty to what can otherwise be a mundane Christmas table.


Reusable Art Shopping Bag from Koh Living


Aboriginal Women’s Dreaming Recycled Plastic Bottle Bag

For tens of thousands of years, Indigenous peoples have been faithful custodians of the land. Their interconnectedness has continued in spite of the interruption of Europeans who did not share that same love and respect for Country. This reusable bag allows you to participate in that ancient custom of sustainable living in style, and is perfect for the environmentally conscious sister or aunt.

Christmas Gifts for him:


Stainless Steel Water Bottle For Women


Aboriginal Turtle Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The rich deep blues of this design are inspired by the waters of the barrier reef, and Melanie Havas, a proud Mamu artist, brings the tropics to you with this stainless steel drink bottle. May the water from this bottle refresh your thirst and your soul. It is a perfect choice to keep a brother or husband well hydrated in style.


Aboriginal Art Journals perfect for Christmas Gifts


Aboriginal Bush Medicine Journal A5

This is both a journal and a journey through the life of various Indigenous artists. Interspersed between the blank pages are snapshots of Indigeous storytelling, quotes or artwork to take you out of the humdrum of your own life and into the top end, that old country that still exists if you care to look. This is just the thing for the introspective and thoughtful uncle or grandfather who likes to chronicle their thoughts out on the page.


Art Travel Mugs featuring Aboriginal Artists


Aboriginal Kinship Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Growing up in the outback, artist Melanie Havas would witness the way that Emus would band together to protect each other’s chicks in the face of danger. This summed up her own experience of growing up in a mob, and she has captured this special act of kinship on this tea flask. It is just the thing for that protective father or grandfather who fiercely defends his own.

Each of these are the perfect gift for that special someone (even if that someone is you). Whether they be Christmas Decorations or just little pieces to perfect a living space, each of these pieces will be received as a gift; something that sparks joy for your loved ones.

Joy is a big part of the Christmas theme. Spread it around this year with these thoughtful gift ideas from Koh Collective, and reclaim the lost art of gift giving.