Connecting Cultures: Unique Aboriginal Gifts for Every Occasion

Connecting Cultures: Unique Aboriginal Gifts for Every Occasion

As the cool sets in and the sun becomes a less frequent friend, there is nothing better than adding colour and character to your home with unique décor items. Our collection of beautiful décor products is perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere… especially on those dreary, winter days. Here are some of our favourite gift ideas to inspire you.

Decorative Lamps to Illuminate Your Life

A special feature for any space in the home, these art-inspired decorative lamps light up with magnificent colours. Aboriginal Dreamtime stories or vibrant Australian scenes make these electric lamps both beautiful and unique. Each electric lamp in the Koh Living collection is hand-made from glass and a layer of clay. The globe within illuminates through the clay to shine and radiate the magnificent colours of the art. As with any LED light, our globes are energy efficient, providing more light and creating less heat, all at a lower cost. Experimenting with vibrant colour schemes and compositions, each electric lamp features artwork from our resident artists, including Jacinta-rai Ridgeway Maahs and Melanie Hava, and collections such as Sacred Country and Beautiful Journey. Vibrant florals, serene landscapes, and traditional Indigenous styles are all part of the collection.

Journals and Notebooks

Our eco-friendly journals are full of insights, quotes, and beautiful Indigenous artworks. Designed to inspire and bring joy, our Australian journal collection features embossed art covers in a convenient A5 size, making it easy to capture daily journaling, gratitude journaling, or simply your daily to-do list. We believe the perfect notebook should inspire you to write, offering a paper quality that makes every pen stroke a pleasure. A convenient notebook size is essential, and an A5 journal strikes the perfect balance between portability and space to write.

Beautiful Journey 6 Tier Lamp

There is no better way to showcase all of the gorgeous designs side by side than on our Beautiful Journey 6 Tier Lamp. This lamp is the perfect gift for someone special, and a stunning addition to any home. Featuring artwork by the talented Australian Indigenous artist Jacinta-rai Ridgeway Maahs, the Beautiful Journey Lamp comes with six demo tealights and LED globes, making it a practical and beautiful addition to any room.

At Koh Living, we celebrate Aboriginal stories and culture. We believe Aboriginal art is a vital connection to history and culture. We want you to know that each gift bought at Koh Living supports the artists and their communities. So, as you explore our home décor offerings, consider the impact of your gifts. Choose items that not only delight but also make a positive impact. Share the beauty of Aboriginal art and culture with your loved ones. Let these gifts be a testament to the richness of Australian heritage and the important Aboriginal culture that has made and shaped this land.

Illuminate your home with the vibrant colours and stories of the Australian bush. Explore our collection today and experience the natural beauty of Aboriginal art.

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