From Dreamtime to Your Doorstep: Aboriginal Gift Ideas

From Dreamtime to Your Doorstep: Aboriginal Gift Ideas

As the weather turns, there is nothing more delightful than cosying up for a night of pampering. Our collection of luxurious bath and body products is perfect for creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere at home. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas in the spirit of self-care to inspire and entice…

Scented Candle Tins: Immerse yourself in the calming aromas of our scented candle tins, featuring Aboriginal art designs. These candles not only fill your space with soothing fragrances but also bring a touch of cultural beauty to your home. Perfect for setting a cozy, serene ambiance during those chilly nights.

Votive Candle Set: These are beautifully adorned with intricate Aboriginal designs. Light them during a bath or while unwinding after a long day to experience a moment of tranquility infused. 

Soaps and Hand Creams of Lemon Myrtle, Wild Frangipani, and Coconut and Finger Lime: These scents will surely transport you to the heart of the Australian landscape, inspired by the natural ingredients found in the Australian bush.  Each tube of cream features beautiful Aboriginal art and will keep your hands soft and moisturized… before they find themselves wrapped up in that warm winter glove. Each bar of soap is crafted with care and will make you feel like you’re at the spa… which is exactly how you should feel. All of the time.

At Koh Living, we cherish Aboriginal stories and culture. We believe Aboriginal art is a vital connection to history and culture. We want you to know that each gift bought at Koh Living supports the artists and their communities. So, as you explore our bath and body offerings, consider the impact of your gifts. Choose items that not only delight but also make a positive impact. Share the beauty of Aboriginal art and culture with your loved ones. Let these gifts be a testament to the richness of Australian heritage and the important Aboriginal culture that has made and shaped this land.

Immerse yourself in the soothing scents of the Australian landscape. Explore our bath and body collection today and experience the natural fragrances that will transport you to the heart of the bush. Shop now.