Mother's Day gift ideas for new mums from Koh Living 2024

Mother's Day Gift Ideas For First Time Mums

Embarking on the journey of motherhood for the first time is an experience filled with unparalleled joy, boundless love, and a touch of overwhelming wonder.
The Koh Living Mother's Day gift range draws focus on the rich tapestry of Indigenous art, each piece tells a story, weaving the ancient wisdom and vibrant culture of Australia's First Nations peoples into the fabric of everyday life.These are not just gifts; they are tokens of love, imbued with the spirit of connection and the celebration of new beginnings. The perfect choice as a thoughtful Mother's Day gift for first time mums.

How To Choose A Great Mother's Day Gift For First Time Mums?

Welcoming a new bub into the world is a monumental milestone for any mum, especially if it's her first child. When Mother's Day approaches, it's your chance to show her love and pampering to celebrate her new journey, but to also offer her some indulgence and enjoyment just for her, as she faces what can sometimes be a rollercoaster of motherhood. Don't let picking the right gift be too much of a puzzle.
Here's what to keep in mind when choosing your gift for a first time mum:

  • Practicality: In between the nappy changes and the midnight feeds, first-time mums need things that make their lives easier, not stuff that'll just sit on a shelf gathering dust. Choosing a practical gift for her makes sure that your gift is not only appreciated, but it will also get a lot of use.
  • Relaxation: Anything that offers a bit of me-time or relaxation is a winner. Think about gifts that encourage her to take a moment for herself.
  • Personal Touch: A gift with a personal touch can mean the world. It shows you've put thought into it, acknowledging her unique journey into motherhood.
  • Supporting Her Interests: Has she taken up a new hobby or shown interest in something lately? Gifts that cater to her personal interests will show her that her individuality hasn't been overlooked.

What Are Good Gifts For First Time Mums For Mother's Day?

mother's day candle gifts Australian owned

We know we touched on this above, but good gifts for first-time mums blend practicality with a bit of pampering. Here are some special Australian gift ideas for new mums that will make her feel appreciated and enjoy her newfound motherhood journey:


  • Quality Time: Sometimes, the best gift is simply doing a bit of the heavy lifting for her. Taking care of the bub for a few hours so she can have some uninterrupted time to herself can be golden. Or, perhaps you can do her grocery shopping or run errands? Offering yourself and your time as the gift will be a guaranteed winner.
  • Spa Vouchers: A day at the spa can do wonders, helping her recharge and feel like herself again. Ask her partner or friends about her favourite spa services, or even better, a gift voucher for her favourite spa lets her choose.
  • Subscriptions: Whether it's for audiobooks, streaming services, or a meal kit, subscriptions can offer entertainment, convenience, and a break from the routine.




What Are Some Experience Gift Ideas For First Mums?

Experiences can be incredibly meaningful, offering memories that last a lifetime. Here are a few ideas:

  • Workshops: Look for local workshops that align with her interests. It could be pottery, painting, or even a cooking class – something that gets her out of the house and learning something new.
  • Weekend Getaway: A change of scenery can be refreshing. A weekend away (either with the bub or solo) can be a nice break from the daily grind.
  • Dinner Date: A nice dinner out (or a fancy takeaway if getting out is too hard) can provide a much-needed pause and a chance to reconnect as adults, not just parents.

What Are Our Favourite Koh Gift Ideas For Mums For Their First Mother's Day?

The team here at Koh Living, believe gifts should be as unique and beautiful as the stories they tell and the recipient they are meant for. Here are our top picks for first-time mums this Mother's Day:

  • Indigenous Art-Inspired Homewares: Our collection features stunning pieces inspired by Indigenous art that bring a touch of beauty and culture into any home. From elegantly designed candles that offer a warm and relaxing glow, through to our travel mugs or insulated drink bottles to keep her favourite beverages at hand and at temperature. These gifts not only beautify her space but can also offer a moment of peace and reflection.

  • Soothing Candles: Our range of candles isn't just about adding a warm glow to her home. Each scent is designed to uplift, relax, or invigorate. It's a simple way to help her create a sanctuary as she takes time out to soak in the bath or perhaps as she reads her favourite book. Of course, we all know relaxation can be hard won during early motherhood, so having beautiful aromas fill the room while she does simple tasks like tidying will be just as wonderful.

  • Artful Keepsakes: Consider our selection of art-inspired gifts that she can use daily, like a beautifully designed mug or a set of coasters. These items blend functionality with style, making everyday moments a bit more special.

Choosing a gift for a first-time mum on Mother's Day is all about showing her she's seen, appreciated, and supported. Whether it's a piece that adds beauty to her day, a gift that offers a moment of relaxation, or an experience that gives her a break from her new routine, it's the thought and love behind it that truly counts. At Koh Living, we believe in gifts that tell stories, spark joy, and make those first-time mum moments a bit brighter.