Meaningful Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Five Ways to Give a Meaningful Gift this Mother’s Day

Australians will spend over $730 million on Mother’s Day gifting this year, but recent research has shown us that a staggering number of presents are unwanted. Last year there were $600m of unwanted gifts given at Xmas and $148 million worth of un-redeemed gift cards. Here at Koh Living, we're experts at creating the perfect gift ideas for all occasions, and helping you spoil your mum with the ideal Mother's Day present for 2024.


At Koh Living, we are determined to change the way we think about gift giving. Every item in our artistic gift and home-ware collections has a story behind it, and each has been designed with purpose.


“Giving personalised gifts with sentiment and meaning is a way to strengthen relationships between family and friends. It shows how much you appreciate them, boosts their self-value and sense of belonging, and reinforces your bond. That’s why we’ve created products that matter,” says Tui Cordemans, co-founder of Koh Living.


In a world that is increasingly disconnected, it is important to give gifts that show intent. Here are the top Five Ways to Give a Meaningful Gift this Mother’s Day, one that doesn’t end up at the back of the cupboard or thrown in the trash.


Find What Matters To Mum Most

People surround themselves with objects that bring them joy and reflect their personality. If Mum owns cookbooks, perhaps she enjoys bringing loved ones together around the table. An abundance of house plants might reflect a connection to the outdoors. Wall art could display her favourite colours, her preferred themes, a favourite  artist  or style. Perhaps the used love candle lantern on her bedside table indicates mindfulness. Take note of things in her house and what they say about her values. This will give you a good indication of what type of gift will resonate the most.

How Does She Spend Her Spare Time?

What spare time? Mums are multi-taskers, always on the go! This makes her down time all the more important – and how she chooses to spend those hours will give you insight into her values. Perhaps she focuses on her inner self with meditation and yoga, or maybe she chooses to hit the gym for health and fitness. Does she unwind by switching off and watching a movie, or going out with her friends? Does she spend this time in the garden? This information is useful when choosing a gift that adds value to her lifestyle.

Gifts To Represent Your Relationship With Your Mum

Gift giving is one of the five love languages and speaks volumes about emotional connection and loving relationships. One of the most meaningful gifts is to choose something that characterises your relationship with your Mum. This could centre on ideas or hobbies you share, reflect how you connect with her, or be matching items that you can each cherish. Do you travel together? Do you enjoy going out into nature together?

The Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift

This phrase couldn’t be more destructive to meaningful gift giving. It implies that giving any gift, even if it isn’t liked or enjoyed, is okay. Hold yourself to a higher standard this Mother’s Day and give a considered, insightful gift that shows your Mum she is loved and understood. This will increase her sense of belonging and she will feel appreciated more than ever.

The Aspirational Gift For Mum

For the Mum who dreams big or little, knowing her aspirations for herself and her life is a sure way to give a gift that matters. Identify an area of her life that she is working on and seek a gift that will lift her up and help her reach her goals. This will not only be of great value to your Mum, it will also show your support of her aspirations and ambitions. For some great ideas on what to give mum this Mother's Day click here now to browse through our top Mother's Day picks. Koh X