Top 5 Anna Blatman Pieces for 2021

Top 5 Anna Blatman Pieces for 2021


Calling all lovers of colour

If you are a lover of colour and art like we are at Koh Living, you may have heard of a Melbourne- based artist called Anna Blatman. She describes herself as “A country girl at heart, living in a city girl’s body.” Her art attempts and succeeds, to bring the colours, landscapes and Aussie wildlife characters of the country, onto a canvas. Her pieces instantly bring a playful, joyous feel to a room and it was for this reason that Koh Living decided, we absolutely had to work with Anna on a range of gift wares! It wasn’t only our love of colour and art that lead us to Anna Blatman, but also our shared values. Anna has said of her art, “I accept that I can’t make it real, so I make it me! I’m spreading that simple message, just to have something that you can look at every day that makes you happy and I believe colour makes people happy.” We could not agree more! This is what we hope to achieve every time someone purchases one of our Koh living gifts. We want people to look at their chosen piece, or the gift they were given by a loved one and feel joy, every day!  So without further ado here are our top picks of Koh Living gifts for 2021, designed by none other than artist Anna Blatman.

‘Anna’ Glass Tea light Candle Holder

The self-titled design of ‘Anna’ is one of the most popular designs in Koh living’s newest giftware range ‘Florals’ by Anna Blatman. The ‘Anna’ glass candle holder in particular, is a gorgeous gift idea for a loved one. The bright pinks and splashes of orange blooms in the design create a gorgeous warm glow when a candle is placed inside. It will instantly make a room feel inviting, personally it makes me feel like I am nestled inside the soft petals of rose…so yes it’s divine! Whether you are decorating a neutrally coloured room, or a bright eclectic room, the ‘Anna’ glass tea light candle holder will be the perfect addition to any space. It can be used as a statement piece to bring a pop of colour to a neutral palette.  Or instead, it might meld effortlessly amongst other unique pieces in an already colourful home. All Koh living’s candle holders are made with love and care. A glass orb creates the structure, and polymer or ‘jewellers clay’ is placed around the outside to create the ‘Anna’ design. It is a truly unique gift.


‘Darcy’ Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug

I must confess, this is my all-time favourite product from the Anna Blatman Koh Living gift ware range. The joyful yellow sunflower design titled ‘Darcy’ brings a smile to your face as soon as you look at it. The Darcy mug itself is a beyond genius design! The stainless steel is high quality and will last forever, not to mention the double walled insulation that will keep your drinks hot for 12hrs and cold for 24hrs! This means you can use it in the AM for your coffee, and on hot afternoons down at the beach with a cold glass of vino! (Melbournians I know it may seem now like we will never see sunlight again, but I promise, our time will come again.) They are machine washable and being made from sturdy stainless steel means they won’t shatter or crack if dropped. If you have ever shattered a glass travel mug before, you will understand how incredibly epic the clean-up is, they quite literally explode upon contact with the ground! For those of you who haven’t experienced this firsthand, just take my word for it. Stainless steel travel mugs win hands down…they really are the bee’s knees!

Aussie Wildlife Insulated Drink Bottles

While I am on a roll telling you how FAB insulated stainless steel is for making travel mugs, I may as well tell you that it is even more amazing for drink bottles! BPA free, they keep drinks hot for 12hrs and cold for 24hrs, virtually indestructible, and your kids (or you, there is no age limit to living cute furry animals!) will absolutely fall in love with Anna’s fun Aussie animal art designs! Carry Kylie Koala, Wilma Wombat, Kenny Cockatoo, Kellie Kookaburra or Kirra Kangaroo around with you all day whilst staying hydrating! These cheeky Aussie animals are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Fantastic as a gift for a loved one, or as a gift to self. They will brighten up even the most uninspiring work or school desk!


‘Aphelia’ Coaster 4 Pack

The ‘Aphelia’ design by artist Anna Blatman is the newest addition to our family of ‘Florals ‘gifts. Though it is new, it is already fast becoming a Koh Living favourite. Perhaps it is the gorgeous blue hues in the design that catch people’s eye, or maybe the fabulous price of $19.95 for a 4pack of ceramic coasters, with a cork underside. That is incredible value! This nifty little 4 pack of coasters make the most beautiful gift, ready to start using in your loved one’s home straight away whilst you share a cup of tea and catch up. Coasters are a subtle way to add a dash of colour and art to a space, plus they are the perfect balance of useful and beautiful and this is exactly what you should be looking for in the perfect gift.


Anna Blatman Animal Journals

These journals feature all of the endearing Aussie animal characters I mentioned earlier in all their colourful splendour! The covers of these A5 sized journals are subtly embossed which really make the animal designs come to life. If they weren’t special enough already, you will find scattered amongst the pages some gorgeous quotes and drawings from Anna Blatman herself. Think of them as little treasures to stumble across as you or your loved one goes about their daily journaling, list writing or studying. It’s these small but thoughtful extra touches that make them so special and will make you fall in love with them!

Bring art and colour into your everyday life

So, there you have it, our top 5 Anna Blatman pieces for 2021! I think we can all agree that colour in art is a powerful thing, especially in how it can skyrocket our mood. These special gifts are the perfect way to bring some of Anna Blatman’s uplifting art into your everyday life, or perhaps to a loved one who could really use some uplifting. To browse all Anna Blatman designed gift wares simply visit and select ‘Anna Blatman,’ under collections.

Happy shopping

Koh x