The Power of an Appreciation Gift

The Power of an Appreciation Gift

Building a strong ‘appreciation culture’ in your business

The old argument of ‘I pay them for their time why should I give more?’ is not helping your business! Some of the most successful companies and businesses in the world openly advocate for a strong ‘appreciation culture’ in the workplace. Appreciation culture is a shared mindset that encourages loyalty, hard work and an individual’s efforts to be recognized through appreciation gestures or tangible rewards such as gifts. This ‘appreciation culture’ should start with you, the owner. As a role model for behaviour in the company, your actions should create a ripple effect, calling employees to do the same for their colleagues. Well known successful companies such as Google, credit a strong appreciation culture as one of the vital factors for a thriving business.

Why should you consider creating an ‘appreciation culture’ for your business?

The simplest answer to why appreciation gestures and gifts in the workplace are so effective is this... Surveys have shown that amongst Australian employees, ‘appreciation’ was overwhelmingly voted as the most important thing for them in achieving job satisfaction. Happy and fulfilled employees are the key to EVERYTHING…and I really do mean that literally. When employees are happy, a waterfall of positivity will flow through the different aspects of your business. Staff morale increases, productivity increases, job engagement increases, staff retention will increase…the list goes on! This happy little waterfall will then flow on to your customers. Now this is where the magic really happens, prepare yourself for glowing customer feedback and reviews and hopefully increased sale! ”Fabulous!” you might think. But don’t run out of your office right now and start hi-5ing people at random!  Cultivating a strong culture of appreciation in your business is not always as easy as a pat on the back and some generic praise like “great job Bob!” Though I don’t deny that verbal praise is a wonderful way to show you care something more personal and thoughtful will mean a lot more to your employee.  

Why are appreciation gifts such a powerful gesture?

The key to showing your appreciation sincerely is to make the gesture or gift specific to the individual. If you gift your employee something that they do not want or like, this communicates that you do not know them or have not taken time to ask about your specific interests…not a great feeling when it’s coming from your boss, the person leading you. When selecting an appreciation gift, think about finding a gift that has some extra meaning to it, perhaps a gift with a story behind it. Dedicating just a small amount of thought and care into the selection of your employees gift will go a long way. For example, instead of gifting them a generic, plain planner…choose an Australian art inspired journal with positive quotes throughout the pages!  The sincerity in the gesture will shine through, making them feel extra special. Which all employees deserve to feel!

Choosing your appreciation gift

As I have said, it is so important that your gift is specific to the individual. But apart from this, here are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect appreciation gift for your employee. Don’t get too hung up on the monetary value of the gift! People generally place less value on how ‘ritzy’ the gift is, and much more value on the sentiment behind it. Also think about the timing of your gift or gesture. Giving an ‘unexpected’ gift can be much better received than the predictable appreciation gift that comes with a big milestone of service or a promotion. These gifts or gestures can often feel like they’re given out of obligation rather than genuine appreciation. Surprise your employees by gifting them something out of the blue that will remind them how much you value their consistency in showing up and putting care into their work. So if we were to summarize what we’ve discussed already about appreciation gifting and gestures we could say that we have 3 main pillars to guide us. 1) Personal: Make sure the gift is specific to the individual. 2) Sentiment: Don’t get hung up on the price! It is the thought and care behind the gift that matters most. 3) Timing: Don’t wait for a special occasion to show your employees how much you value them. Surprise gifts are often much more meaningful.

Where to start looking for the perfect appreciation gift

For appreciation gifts that are truly meaningful, look no further than an art-inspired gift designed by well-known Aussie artists such as Kathleen Buzzacott and Anna Blatman! Giftware Company, Koh Living has teamed up with these talented artists to create a range of gifts that your employees will love! Choose from journals, stationery, mugs, coasters, candle holders and water bottles…all with fabulous artworks splashed across them. Each gift has a blurb explaining to the gift-receiver about the artist and the meaning behind each of the artworks. There is a range for every taste: Kathleen Buzzacott’s Aboriginal art is rich in earthy tones and pattern. Anna Blatman is renowned for her vibrant use of colour painting florals, foliage and adorable Aussie animals. There are so many gifts to choose from, you are sure to find something that your employees will love. Not to mention, at an affordable price! Because showing your appreciation shouldn’t break the bank, as we have discussed, it should be from the heart: personal, sentimental and well timed! Plus, when you order online with Koh Living, each gift will be expertly wrapped free of charge, and can be delivered to your workplace or employees address! Yay!

Show me the gifts!

Feel like making a positive step in your business today by building a strong ‘appreciation culture’? Say no more! Visit to browse thoughtful, wonderful gifts for your employees right now! Go forth…spread some appreciation!

Koh x