Why you should add wholesale stationery to your gift store

Why you should add wholesale stationery to your gift store

The lost art of the ‘hand’ written word

Who could deny that our lives are becoming all but digitalized now? We communicate with loved ones online. We log our lives on social media. We receive all of our information online. Weather forecasts, news, the name of that actor in the movie you saw years ago who kind of looks like Kevin Bacon but isn’t and you must find out their name IMMEDIATLEY because it will bug you all day… Yep, we have become pretty dependent on instantaneous information, but at what cost? Emails, texts and Facebook posts have become the ‘norm’ for human connection…especially with the pandemic restricting us from seeing loved ones. But I propose an alternative, one with more heart…it involves pens, pencils, paper and a little bit of slowing down.

Handwriting is making a comeback

In the current social climate, where we all are feeling a little disconnected…handwriting is making an epic comeback! Why? Let me tell you why! Handwriting shows you care: Whether it is a letter to a loved one, a note of appreciation to a colleague, or a motivational quote in your daughter’s lunchbox to take to school…handwritten shows you care. Though it may be a little messier, that is the beauty of it. It is unmistakably personal. The receiver knows you have taken the time to sit down and put pen to paper to express your gratitude for them. You’ve taken time to slow down and think about them. Anything handwritten will be far more memorable for the recipient too! Think of how many emails and Google docs we devour all day from our screens, it is mind numbing! 

A simple hand written note will stand out from the monotonous and be remembered. Handwriting also has a wonderful human quality that allows for deeper connection: Let’s say you receive a parcel from an online shop, and it has a beautifully hand written note inside thanking you for your business and telling you how much they hope you love their products. Would you be more likely to remember and purchase again from that company in comparison to a parcel with no note? I certainly would. Unlike the low rise jeans of the 2000s, handwriting is a trend I am glad to see making a comeback. So how can your gift store make the most of this movement?

Start by adding letter writing sets to your gift store

With the comeback of the written word comes the comeback of beautiful stationary with which to write! What can make a letter to a loved one, a note to a colleague or a message to a friend even more special is what it is written on! Do not discount the power of a gorgeously designed letter writing set, notepad! Koh Living understands this and has teamed up with local Melbourne artist Anna Blatman to create the most spectacular stationary that will uplift and inspire! Anan Blatman is known for her use of vibrant colour and slight addiction to capturing the most mesmerizing florals in her artworks. Imagine the smile on your loved ones face when they receive a letter from you on one of Anna Blatman’s writing sets. Choose from the happy yellow sunflowers from her ‘Darcy’ design, or the vibrant splashes of colour from her ‘Anna’ design. They are 100% Australian made, and are of the highest quality. Your customers will love the nostalgia of them! They also make for fabulous gifts as they are relatively inexpensive, but communicate such a beautiful sentiment.

Journals and notepads to brighten your workspace

Another great place to start when adding stationary to your gift store is journals and notepads. But not just any old plain journals and notepads, oh no…we can do better than that. Again, the answer is always art when you want to stand out from the crowd. Art can take a regular piece of stationary and make it special, give it meaning, and catch your customer’s eye. One place that the written word has never gone out of style is a personal journal. For those that love to journal, there is no alternative than the unedited scrawl of a pen. It allows us to transfer our thoughts straight to paper without editing, spellchecks, or the distraction of everything else that comes with a screen. This unrevised style of writing is very important for journaling. Koh Living’s Aboriginal art journals by Indigenous artist, Kathleen Buzzacott provide a beautiful canvas for this. If the earthy tones and mesmerizing patterns that Kathleen uses in her art didn’t already make these journals special enough, there are also quotes and drawings from the artist herself scattered throughout the pages.

OK I’m on board the stationary train! How do I stock it in my gift store?

Now is a fantastic time to start stocking wholesale stationary in your gift store. By making the most of the handwriting comeback you are helping to spread some love and thoughtfulness, which is exactly what the world needs right now. Be a rebel in this digital age and be an advocate for slowing down, writing your loved one an essay on the going on of your life,  or perhaps penning a love letter to your partner! So where do you even start when stocking wholesale stationary? Easy! Koh Living have the most wonderful wholesale team that will guide you, answer questions and help get you started on your handwriting crusade! Simply get in touch with one of the lovely team members via

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Happy handwriting!

Koh x