Gifts For Your Employees

Gifts For Your Employees

How to choose the perfect gift for your employee

I am a huge advocate for spreading some love and appreciation in the world; we need more of that in the world, especially at the moment. The workplace is one setting where a thoughtful appreciation gift can go a very long way. Think of how special you will make your employees feel when receiving a small gesture or gift of appreciation from you. It is hard to know where to start when finding the perfect gift for your employees. It needs to be thoughtful of course, something that that is specific to that individual. Are they active? Do they love all things green? Are they into their stationary and love to have a beautiful work area? Consider gifting them something that shows you have really thought about who they are as a person and what would make them smile. If you are still a little unsure, never fear! Koh Living, a giftware company that creates meaningful gifts for every taste and occasion have got some tips for you. Being somewhat of an expert in the art of gift-giving, Koh Living has put together their top 5 gifts for employees, to get you on the right track. So without further ado, here they are!

  1. Gifts for the organized employee

Consider some gorgeous stationary with stunning designs from many different Australian artists. Choose from journals, notepads, market lists and writing sets with all manner of colourful artworks on them. This employee is known for their organizational skills and usually has a neat and aesthetically pleasing workspace. The fact that you notice this aspect of their personality and got them a gift that speaks to that will make them feel appreciated. The ‘Darcy’ design notepad by Melbourne artist Anna Blatman can make a person smile just by looking at the happy yellow sunflowers splashed across the cover. All of Koh Living’s stationery is 100% Australian made too! So you can feel good that you are supporting both Aussie artists, as well as manufacturing, with your thoughtful gift.

  1. Gifts for the active lifestyle employee

There is a begrudging respect for this employee, they have probably been to F45, walked the dog and been to yoga all before work has even started! They usually have their runners under their desk to allow for a quick change, and are always on the go! These employees are happiest and function better at work when they have had a good sweat sesh in the morning. It follows then, that the perfect gift will fit with their busy active lifestyle. So why not gift them a colourful Aboriginal art design water bottle? These stainless steel water bottles are designed by Indigenous artist Kathleen Buzzacott. Her art is packed full of pattern and vibrant colours, making them such a fun gift. Because they are insulated stainless steel they are sturdy and will last a life time. These bottles will keep drinks cold for 24hrs and hot for 12hrs and are BPA free! Choose from 18 different water bottles designs! With such a wide range, you are sure to find one that they will adore.

  1. Gifts for the hardworking employee

All of our employees work hard and deserve appreciation, but perhaps you have noticed one in particular that is giving it their all and might be spread a little thin in other aspects of their life. You may even be able to relate to their plight. Juggling work, parenting and all the other commitments that come with that can feel impossible at times. Not to mention trying to find time for friends and family, and also that all important and elusive ‘me time.’ So why not gift them something to help them find some relaxation at home. A candle with a calming blend of essential oils would be the perfect gift for this employee. This gift tells them you see their hard work and that they deserve some R&R. Koh Living’s ‘Local’ candles are 100% soy, with pure essential oils for fragrance, meaning no nasties! They have a 60hr burn time, so your employee will get plenty of relaxation. You can choose from 5 wonderful fragrances; rejuvenation, meditation, purify, breathe easy and calm baby.

  1. Gifts for the employee who loves art

This is the employee who has decorated their desk or work space with all things art! Perhaps they have a planner featuring a famous artwork on the cover. Perhaps they are more of a creative type within their professional role or outside their work in their spare time. These employees will love anything featuring, you guessed it, art! Koh Living has worked side by side with Australian artists to create wonderful art-inspired gifts! Choose from a wide range of glass candle holders, decorated with artworks from artists such as Anna Blatman, Melanie Hava, and Kathleen Buzzacott. The glass orbs are completely wrapped in polymer clay (commonly known as jeweller’s clay), from which the artworks are recreated. When a tea light is placed inside, the artworks come to life and glow from within. They are truly mesmerizing and can make any space look warm and inviting. Any art lover will absolutely adore these candle holders! Add a scented local soy tea light to complete your gift.

  1. Gifts for the employee who loves colour

When you think of this employee, do you think of vibrant colours? Do they wear bright clothing, earrings or own a bright coloured phone case? More than likely, this person has a love of colour! I can absolutely relate to this. Whenever I see particular colours, especially greens and blues, my mood instantly lifts. So I try to surround myself with these colours in my day to day life. If you want to give this employee a gift that truly uplifts them and makes them feel appreciated, get them something in their favourite colour! It may seem very simple, but colour is a powerful thing. The fact that you noticed, or took the time to ask them what their favourite colour is, is a thoughtful gesture. Why not get them a colourful coffee mug, so they can have more elevating colour in their everyday lives. The insulated stainless steel travel mugs designed by artists Anna Blatman, are the perfect gift for these colourful employees! These babies will keep their drinks hot for 12hrs and cold for 24hrs! So they can go from coffee on a frosty morning, to a chilled vino on the beach in summer! They will absolutely love it!

Making employee gift giving easy

Now you might be thinking, but when do I have the time to go looking for something specific to each of my employees? Koh Living has made giving your employees a thoughtful individualized gift so very easy! You can browse the wide range of wonderful gifts online at

Simply select your desired gifts and we can deliver them straight to your desired address, with expert gift-wrapping at no extra charge! Imagine the smiles on your employee’s faces when they receive that beautifully wrapped gift! So go for it!

Koh x