The best wholesale Aboriginal art water bottles

The best wholesale Aboriginal art water bottles


Which Aboriginal art water bottles should I stock in my store?

When looking to stock any products featuring Indigenous art, a really important thing to look out for is that the company you are buying from has a certification by the ‘Indigenous Art Code’. This is a kind of stamp of approval which deems the product to be genuine Aboriginal art, not a rip off.

Sadly, it is quite common to see fake Aboriginal art pieces being sold at places like $2 shops, markets and a lot overseas. Sometimes these fakes even make it into more established retail stores, so be sure to always look out for the ‘Indigenous Art Code’ stamp. More than that, the ‘Indigenous Art Code’ stamp shows us that the actual production process was ethical. It means that the artist was paid fairly and had a voice throughout the journey and was happy with the finished product. This is very important too as for most of the artists, their work is their livelihood.

Koh Living’s entire Aboriginal art range is made under the ‘Indigenous Art Code’ and most products distinctly picture the stamp on the packaging. This includes a large range of stainless steel, insulated water bottles. By stocking Koh Living’s range of Aboriginal Art water bottles, you and your customers can be sure that you are supporting Indigenous Australian artists.


Quality matters to your customer!

Make sure your gifts last a life time! When looking to stock something like a water bottle, consider carefully the quality of the product. It has been proven, that consumers look for quality of product above most other things. Koh Living’s range of Aboriginal art water bottles not only look beautiful, but are made to last. The bottles are made of stainless steel which is heavy duty and of course BPA free! The bottles are also insulated and will keep drinks cold for 24hrs and hot for 12hrs. All of this information is available to your customers at first glance, as it is all detailed on the products tag. If they do not read the tag, this is information you will be able to communicate to them, to help make them feel secure in the knowledge that their purchase is going to last a long time.

The meaning behind the gift is what makes these bottles so special

But of course, when you are looking for new and exciting gifts to fill out your store, quality is important, but it is not the only attribute you are looking for. There has to be something special about it, something extra amazing that makes it stand out from all the crappy $3 plastic bottles at Kmart! This is the beauty of Indigenous Australian art gifts! Perhaps it is because Australia’s landscapes are so unique, and so the art of its first peoples reflects this. When you look at a piece of Aboriginal art, you can’t help but feel connected to the land and that sense of ‘home’. Australians and visitors alike are instantly attracted to the deep colours and captivating stories that are communicated through the art. It is for this reason that Koh Living has worked with Indigenous artist Kathleen Buzzacott to create these incredibly beautiful stainless steel water bottles. These bottles have serious ‘wow’ factor…see for yourself!

Who is the artist behind these water bottles?

Kathleen Buzzacott is the incredibly talented mind behind the art used on Koh Living’s Dreamtime stories water bottle range. Her style is colourful, vibrant, and is a perfect example of how Aboriginal art can tell a story. Kathleen uses traditional symbols in her art. She uses her art as a tool, to tell us of her childhood memories, growing up in outback Australia.

Some titles of her work include, ‘Families Hunting Perentie’ and ‘Desert Waterholes.’ Each water bottle designed by Kathleen, comes with a description and picture of the artist as well as the story behind that specific artwork. It’s these small personal touches that make Koh Living's Kathleen Buzzacott’s range of Aboriginal art water bottles so special. They are the perfect addition to your store! The bright eye-catching colour and pattern of these bottles will stop people in their tracks when they walk past. You will know exactly how to merchandise them to catch people’s interest too because Koh Living provide all their stockists with training on visual merchandising if requested, as well as access to so many education resources around this topic, video tutorials galore!

Choosing the wholesaler that holds your values

It is so important when choosing a wholesale company to work with, that you are not only making sure their products are the right fit for your store, but also that the wholesale company has their hearts in the right place too. Be sure to choose a wholesale company that provides a personal, genuine service and will go that extra bit further to help you because they actually care!

Koh Living is one of these companies. All of their dealings, whether it is with customers in their flagship store, with their retailers, or online, come from a true place of care. You may have heard people ask the question, what is your ‘why’?  You might have heard this in discussions referring to an individual or a company and their reason for doing what they do. Well, Koh Living’s ‘why’ for providing people with beautiful giftwares is simple! It is because they see the power a meaningful gift can have in creating genuine human connection, they want people to feel special and loved when they receive one of their gifts.

Nothing says ‘I love you and I care about you’ more than a truly thoughtful gift. If this resonates with you, then you would be the perfect fit to become a stockist of Koh Living goodies, including Aboriginal art water bottles, and so many more unique gifts! If you decide to become part of the Koh Living family, you will also be provided with product knowledge training, merchandising training and resources, as well as a huge professional product imagery Google Drive folder and of course the wholesale team is always happy to chat or visit your store to answer your questions.

How do I become a Koh Living stockist?

Easy! Simply register your details by clicking on this link and someone will be in touch. 

Heres to creating some wonderful opportunities for human connection, through meaningful gifts!

Koh x