Ways to bring meaning to your gift store

Ways to bring meaning to your gift store

Human connection

Think about the current climate we live in. Not even considering the societal aloneness we have all felt during the Covid pandemic, there are still so many aspects of life that deprive us of our human need for genuine connection. Without sounding too much like I am rattling on about ‘the good old days,’ you can’t deny that this modern age leaves us wanting for a little bit of community. So much of our lives are online now, shopping, our work, the news, to name just a few. Retail shops are actually in a wonderful position to remedy this, and we can do it by providing our customers with human connection.

Meaningful customer service

There are a few ways we can do this. Realize the power of meaningful customer service. I purposely didn’t use the words ‘good customer service’ because it needs to be so much more than that. Good customer service can mean doing everything right, but if there is no genuine care behind the actions, it will translate. When you greet each customer and ask how their day has been, have you actually made time to be still, to listen and to care about the answer? to have a meaningful conversation? 

It may seem simple but trust me, you have no idea how much a genuine smile and cheery hello can mean to that person who has walked into your shop. Further to that, being dedicated to help that person find exactly what they are looking for.

Meaningful product selection

How can I be sure I have what they are looking for? Simple…Just as it is important for your customer service to nurture human connection, so must the products in your shop. Filling your retail space with gifts that have meaning and a story behind them will ensure that your customers always find what they are looking for. When they are looking for a birthday gift for their Mother or best friend, they are not looking for a material item, they are looking for something that holds meaning to that person.

For example, a organic cotton Anna Blatman Anna Darcy teatowel might hold meaning to that person because it reminds them of sunshine or sunflowers that grew around their childhood home. You see? All of the gift ranges from Koh Living offer just this. With all manner of gifts from Tea towels to glass candle holders, all with stunning designs from Australian artists such as Anna Blatman or Indigenous artist, Kathleen Buzzacott. Each design has a story to tell, which is detailed on the packaging for the recipient to read.

Communicating just how special your shop’s gifts truly are is all that is left. Anyone can walk into a store, see a nice looking mug, but decide to keep looking. But when you can tell them the artist’s name that created the artwork on that mug, where she lives in Alice Springs, her stories. That is when it becomes the perfect gift. So my greatest advice to you, is to know your product. I don’t just mean what the price is and what it’s made out of. You need to know what makes it meaningful.

Build a community

Building a community in your retail store will help it thrive. Doing all the above will hopefully see you getting some repeat customers. But there is more we can do to nurture these customer relationships. There must be new products on offer every so often. It doesn’t need to be a crazy turnover of new products every month, but bringing in new exciting ranges of giftwares is so vital to keeping people coming back. You want your customers to believe that each time they come into your store, they will find the perfect gift. Koh Living pride themselves on continuously working with local artists to create new ranges and products to launch alongside their already extensive range of giftwares. They also provide training on product knowledge, and how to merchandise their gifts to make them look absolutely stunning in your shop!

Which brings me nicely to an important point: How your shop looks is the key to not only bringing in new customers, but also retaining old ones. The customer service does not end with the shop assistant; it is inclusive of the entire shopping experience. From the second that person walks in the door to when they leave. This means how the shop is set out, looks and even smells is part of the customer service! Wholesale gift companies such as Koh Living provide extensive resources and training for all of their stockists to ensure they are maximizing their potential!

Show you care

This goes without saying, but going to that extra effort to make people feel cared for and special is the cherry on top! Consider providing services like free gift wrapping. It might cost you a little money for materials, but think of the value you are adding to the customer’s experience. You have just made their gift look incredible, and they now do not have to go hunting around bargain bins for wrapping paper that isn’t Christmas themed!...and then find the time in their already busy schedule to wrap the gift. You will be a saviour in their eyes!

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Happy gift hunting! 

Koh x