Why you should stock Aboriginal Art gifts in your store

Why you should stock Aboriginal Art gifts in your store


Australia has a unique and rich culture – Let’s celebrate it!

Australia’s Indigenous Aboriginal art is truly distinctive. Perhaps it is because Australia’s landscapes are so unique, and so the art of its first peoples reflects this. When you look at a piece of Aboriginal art, you can’t help but feel connected to the land and that sense of ‘home’. Australians and visitors alike are attracted to the deep colours and captivating stories that are communicated through the art. It is for this reason that Koh Living have worked with Indigenous artists Kathleen Buzzacott and Melanie Hava to create our ‘dreamtime’ giftware range.



If you have considered selling Aboriginal art or maybe you already are, then read on. We are passionate about celebrating Australia’s culture, and do so in a responsible way that benefits the artist who created the works. We want to share not only why you should be stocking Aboriginal art gifts in your store, but how to do it ethically.

The real deal

A really important thing to look out for when buying or selling Aboriginal art is the ‘Indigenous Art Code’. This is a kind of stamp of approval which deems the product to be genuine Aboriginal art, not a rip off. Sadly, it is quite common to see fake Aboriginal art pieces being sold at places like $2 shops, markets and a lot overseas. Sometimes these fakes even make it into more established retail stores, so be sure to always look out for the ‘Indigenous Art Code’ stamp.

Ethical production

Aside from telling us the product is genuine Aboriginal art, the stamp also tells us that the production process was ethical. It means that the artist was paid fairly and was involved in the production process. This is very important too as for most of the artists, their work is their livelihood. This is why all of Koh Living’s Aboriginal art range is made under the ‘Indigenous Art Code’ and each product distinctly pictures the stamp on the packaging. This way, your customers can be sure they are supporting Indigenous Australian artists.

Our relationship with the artists

Our relationship with the Aboriginal artists we work with has grown and thrived over time. By working together, we are able to help these artists reach a larger audience, and for their work to be purchased and loved by so many more people. Being a wholesale company, Koh Living also has the capacity to transfer these stunning designs onto a range of beautiful gift products. Our Aboriginal art range has everything from mesmerizing candle holders, to cotton Tea towels and amzingly unique journals. Further to that, we are able to create these wonderful gifts at a fair price, so that customers can enjoy some genuine Aussie culture in their homes, or to give as a gift, without breaking the bank.

The tradition of storytelling

Probably one of the most important reasons for our close working relationship is the telling of stories. In Aboriginal culture, storytelling is a tradition that has been passed down for generations. Their art often tells a story, through symbol and colour. By visiting one of our artists, Kathleen Buzzacott at her home just outside Alice Springs, we were able to hear first-hand, the wonderful stories of her childhood that her artworks depict.

Meaningful gifts make great gifts

The meaning and stories behind her art are, we think, what makes them so special. All of our Aboriginal art products have a small description on the packaging or inside, to tell the customer about the story of the artwork. Koh Living also provides training to retailers, so that you know your products and can communicate this beautiful deeper meaning to your customers too. Not to mention, our stockists are granted access to a huge resource of professional imagery of the products to add to their websites if they desire. To really take your store to the next level, Koh Living have available to stockists some beautiful merchandising stands, light displays for the candle holders and so much more.  Your store will look amazing.

Ongoing relationship with the artists

Koh Living is always in the process of imagining new and exciting products and ranges for you to droll over too. The relationships we have with the artists we work with are ongoing. So you will always have something to be excited about in our range. It brings us joy to bring you joy with amazing gift ideas for your store. And speaking of joy, here is a wonderful little video for your viewing pleasure, of Aboriginal artist, Kathleen Buzzacott, showing us her home and where she creates her art. You can see where she gets the inspiration for the vibrant colours in her artwork

Click here to meet our artists Kathleen Buzzacott. 

How to get involved

If you think you would like to become part of the Koh Living family and bring some beautiful Indigenous Australian art into your shop, or if you just have some burning questions, simply contact the Koh Living team on 1800 811 598 or you can register your business by clicking on this link and one of our team wiill be in touch. 

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