The Cultural Significance of Aboriginal Giftware in Corporate Gifting

The Cultural Significance of Aboriginal Giftware in Corporate Gifting

At Koh Living our philosophy is simple - to ensure all gifts are meaningful. In Corporate gifting this philosophy has multiple angles; Meaningful gifts have greater impacts. Working directly with Aboriginal Artists we provide a channel to directly give back to the Artist behind each design on our products. Behind every design is the Artist's personal story, which often carries deep cultural significance and reflects their connections to the land, community, country.

The Cultural Significance

1. Connection to Heritage

Aboriginal art and giftware are deeply rooted in the cultural traditions of Indigenous peoples. By choosing these items as corporate gifts, companies acknowledge and respect the rich cultural heritage of Aboriginal communities. This is particularly significant in Australia where Indigenous cultures have long histories and deep connections to the land.

2. Promoting Indigenous Art and Artists

Corporate gifting of Aboriginal giftware supports Indigenous artists and their communities. Many artists rely on the sale of their work to sustain their livelihoods. When corporations choose these items, they contribute to the economic empowerment of Indigenous communities and promote the preservation of traditional art forms. We ensures all Artists we work with are fairly compensated, and return a percentage of every item sold back to the Artist behind the design. We are deeply proud of the sustainable and respectful partnerships we have with our Artists.

3. Cultural Awareness and Reconciliation

Incorporating Aboriginal giftware in corporate gifting can be a step towards cultural awareness and reconciliation. It shows a commitment to understanding and honoring the histories and contributions of Indigenous peoples. This is an important gesture, especially in regions where there has been a history of colonization and cultural erasure. Koh Living emphasises this by providing information about the artists and the cultural significance of their work, educating recipients about the importance of these gifts.