Australian gifts to send overseas to friends

5 Gifts That Your Foreign Friends Will Love

Finding gifts for our friends that are not from Australia doesn't have to be daunting. Don't we all know how daunting finding the perfect gift can seem, especially when you don’t know the person very well, or you need to get the gift thousands of miles away to an overseas destination. Or, perhaps you've made a lovely friend who's just here visiting for a short time and you'd like to gift them a special Australian keepsake to take with them on their journey home. We understand that it might feel difficult to choose something that's lovely and yet convenient, but it's our job to help you find the perfect gift with ease.

Just like all other gifting occasions, choosing a good gift for overseas friends is easy when you break down some simple strategies. 

What Makes A Gift From Australia Meaningful?

One of the most effective strategies for gifting something that will be special to foreign friends is to choose something that is meaningful. What makes a gift meaningful? Meaningful means that it has a story, a connection, a special reflection of the place or the person it comes from.

Maybe the gift is artistic, it might be hand-made, it might be a gift that is giving back to the community in some way, it might be something sustainable that won’t harm the environment. All of these things could make a gift meaningful.

Aboriginal Art Australian Scented Candle Tins

Our range of Australian scented candles are meaningful not only because of the stunning artwork, but also because of the connection to Australian aromas and ingredients. Our Lemon Myrtle Candle Tin features the zesty joy of Australian Lemon Myrtle, in an inspirational tin adorned with stunning Aboriginal artwork. As an extra bonus, our candle tins can be re-used after burning the candle, making this a wonderful keepsake idea.

Aboriginal Gifts From Australia To Send Overseas

What Are Some Practical Gifts From Australia For Overseas Friends?

Another strategy for choosing the best gifts is to choose something that is practical. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone use a gift you have given them! Gone are the days of people buying gifts that sit around without being useful. Most people are sick of clutter in our homes and knowing that our gifts are going towards landfill, which is also harming our environment does not make anyone feel good. 

Here are a few of our favourite practical gift ideas to send overseas, we're sure your friends will adore. 

Recycled Plastic Bottle Bag: Give them the ultimate gift of practicality with our Recycled Plastic Bottle Bag. Not only a wonderful gift for the beautiful Aboriginal artwork from renowned artist Pammy Foster, but also a wonderful eco-friendly gift idea for those who care about the environment. This is a lightweight gift for posting too.

Insulated Drink Bottle: Our stunning stainless steel drink bottles feature beautiful designs that keep drinks hot or cold for hours. A great gift idea for friends who are active and on the go.

Aboriginal Wild Flowers Travel Mug: This gorgeous travel mug is great for those on the go to take their favourite brew with them. They'll be thinking of beautiful Australian wildflowers with each sip.

The Most Popular Australian Gift Ideas

Another strategy that is absolutely unique, is to get something unique or different and that's something very local to Australia. While all of our gifts generally fit that vibe, by featuring Aboriginal art, for something a little more fun, how about one of our candle carousels.

Add a candle to this koala carousel  and the heat from the flame will spin the koalas. Did you know that after gorging on food, Koalas can sleep up to 22 hours a day in the crooks of branches of the eucalyptus tree? 

Koala gift from Australia