Conscious Giving

Conscious Giving

Are you someone who practices conscious giving? In other words, are you one of those people who cares about how you choose a gift? I occasionally feel a pang of envy when I see someone buying a gift on the hop, seemingly not caring whether it´s perfect or not. They must be saving a lot of time and frustration. I have come to accept that I am who I am. This means that gifts for my special person are purchased all year around, ready for when that special day comes. I adore this way of purchasing gifts. When I stumble across something unique or amazing, I think of someone for whom it is perfect fit; I purchase that unique gift and store it in my gift cupboard for when the time is right.

I practice conscious giving. And, let´s admit it … buying gifts just before Christmas or birthdays is just too stressful! How do you know when you have nailed that perfect gift? It is hard to describe that feeling, but, I can assure you that there is no better feeling than knowing you have nailed it. The look of pleasure and surprise on the receiver´s face goes right to my heart. It is even more amazing when that special person expresses appreciation and places that gift in a special place or starts to use it.

There is a sense of satisfaction knowing you have got it right! Each year millions of dollars are wasted in Australia with people buying gifts that are thrown away or gift cards that are never used. So how much thought goes into purchasing a gift? We know it takes time and time is of the essence in this day and age. I totally get this. Why would I spend time going from one store to the next, only to be confronted with the same unimaginative stuff - it all looks the same to me! I need something that is not only suitable for the people I care about, I need a unique gift.

What is are unique gifts? They are gifts that are different, gifts that speak, that have meaning, fly off the shelf. This is why we created Koh Living - we wanted to make things easy for you by creating an array of art-inspired gifts that are unique, gifts that your loved ones will love and to get you to think about conscious giving. We get gifting. We understand that, for some of us, it is an immense buzz to know we have brought joy to someone. We feel good just knowing that the thought we put into choosing that gift has contributed towards someone´s feelings of well being and happiness. The receiver will be aware that you have put a lot of thought into the gift that is ‘just perfect for them.´They will know that you care. It is satisfying knowing that a gift, for example our best-selling candle holders, is hand-made.

Koh´s candle holders represent authentic Australian art. Art does not date; it is not about following trends. These gifts will be used and they will be cherished. And look how amazing they look lit up, you will be mesmerized. We have customers who collect our candle holders, they are candle holder addicts! You will also be delighted to know that through the sale of our Aboriginal candle holders, Aboriginal artists and communities are being supported.

What is Conscious giving? - It´s all about being conscious throughout the process buying and giving. Is this something that they will love? Will they use it? Will they appreciate it? Do you know someone who loves candles? Do they love (Aboriginal) art? Perhaps they love the Northern Territory because it connects them to their memories - nostalgia. How wonderful would that be? Aboriginal gifts are beautiful, they are meaningful. All of Kathleen Buzzacott’s designs are a depiction of her childhood memories. Just check out this video to watch her painting. Australia is a beautiful country with so much to offer. We are sure that most people you know have a precious item that is truly Australian. Most Australians also love to travel, how can you not with a country that has so much to offer? How about Australian art, Australian cities, Australian animals?

Do you know someone who is particularly fond of wombats? Wombats are one of those animals that people just plain love! Not everybody does, but when someone loves a wombat, they LOVE them. This is why we asked one of Australia’s most celebrated artists, Anna Blatman, to paint a wombat for us, and boy did she do a beautiful job! Check out the amazing impact her wombat adds to our new organic cotton zip bags. If you know someone who loves wombats, this will make the perfect gift, and it´s truly Australian. It is also an added bonus knowing that we have used organic cotton which is right in line with our desire to make our products environmentally friendly. With organically farmed products, we know that we are contributing not only towards the sustainability of the earth, but also towards the health of the farm workers. Doesn't that feel good! You've also practiced conscious giving!

You cannot go past our gorgeous journals, one of my favourite new additions to our 2020 range of products. Add a piece of art to your desk at work or at home. As you turn the pages, take a journey into the artist’s world, their personal insights, quotes and drawings. This unique journal represents incredible value. You will take real pleasure in recording your daily thoughts, plans and dreams in this true work of art.. Once again, Koh Living has taken a stand in supporting sustainability, in this instance by using FSC certified paper; the material used to fabricate each page has been harvested in a responsible manner. And we have gone one step further by eliminating the use of plastic packaging. Whether you are buying for your mum, a distant friend or a colleague you are sure to find something in our collections that will pull their heart strings. Koh Living prides itself in putting in the love and care that each gift needs to ensure that the recipient feels special and important. There is something special about finding a unique gift. Art will achieve this outcome because art is, itself, UNIQUE. Koh X