Gratitude Minikin Lantern

Finding gratitude in difficult times

Gratitude is the expression of thankfulness for all that life brings. It is represented in the symbolic pose of the lotus flower when it spreads its petals in a show of appreciation for the gift of life. Gratitude enables one to slow down in a busy world and feel a real connection with others and one´s inner being. It engenders positive emotions and a sense that life´s challenges are surmountable and opportunities are infinite. However, gratitude is easy to express when your life is humming along and the future looks good. But, when we encounter major setbacks and the future looks bleak, being grateful seems an anomaly. But, this is, in fact, the most rewarding time to express gratitude.

Gratitude is essential for overcoming adversity. Life today is much more turbulent than say even 30 years ago - unemployment, small and large business failures, increasing rates of illness and addictions, an uncertain future and so forth. Hard times bring a whole new perspective to survival. But, studies show that while it is not easy, it can be done. One way is to shift your mind away from living in the painful situation to becoming the observer. Recall traumatic events from your past. Remember how life did become improve and how grateful you felt.. Maybe this happened several times. Now observe the present tribulations and ask, “How can I learn from this. What can I learn? How can I overcome it?” Separation from the pain is important and allows one to observe dispassionately and make balanced decisions. This is where gratefulness plays an important role. Divorce, separations, natural disasters or chronic illness are all tragic events, but, gratefulness can provide a coping and survival mechanism. The more that gratitude is expressed the more and better we are able to cope. Experience show that effect of positive or right attitudes is amplified in our universe. We practice not just for ourselves but for everyone and everything. It seems that positive attitudes with no intent will attract positive energies. You may find that many of your problems resolve themselves - the right job opens up or your relationships may improve. Or, you may decide to take an entirely different path.


Continue to look for and express gratefulness for the other things that are still part of your life - your family, the roof over your head, the checkout operator, the weather or the clean air. It is hard to think about in the vortex of suffering, but if life is always perfect, how can one possibly learn and grow! Living critical moments shows us just how fragile life is and that nothing should be taken for granted. The chance to live is too precious. Koh x View more here